Nazar 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohana is Singha’s target

Nazar 18th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone is doing the dinner. Angad holds Mohana’s hand. Pari says uncle and dadi why are you eating from one hand only? Piya says Pari, eat. Angad says the kheer is delicious. I am sure, Piya made it. Ansh says yes it’s so good. She says it’s from ma’s recipe. He says I will take it again. Ansh says I will take it again too. They both pick the bowl and it falls. Ansh spills it on Angad’s arm. Angad cleans it. Mohana says you ruined his shirt. Ansh says I did it by mistake. Piya says Ansh I have to talk to you.

Piya says to Ansh you are overreacting. Ansh says I doubt him. He is here for a reason. Piya says do you have a reason? Ansh says I feel like Ansh is here for you not Mohana. Piya says are you jealous? Ansh says I knew you would say that. That’s why I wasn’t telling you. Piya says so is this the reason why you don’t like him? Ansh says obviously. Why would a man want to marry a witch? Piya says was I crazy? I married a witch’s son. So I had a reason? I only loved you. When you love someone, you don’t see what they are. Ansh hugs Piya and says I am sorry Piya. I know you married me because of love. But I have a doubt on him. Piya says it can affect Angad’s relationship with Mohana. I don’t want that.

Savi calls Piya. She says I have to tell you something important. Did you notice something weird around you? Piya says no everything is good here. Savi says there is a creature. It kills all black powers. He leaves his sign. We were worried he might come there for Ansh and Mohana. Please be careful. Don’t let anyone go out.
Ansh says what happened Piya? Angad is leaving. Piya says don’t leave. Ansh says how can we stop him if he wants to leave? Piya says it’s late.

Scene 2
Naman says there’s nothing about Singha in it. Savi says if Dilruba knows about him why no one else does? Dilruba says he is clever. He doesn’t leave any proof behind him. We all tried to find out about him. We could only get to know a little bit and I told you that. Nishant says with the help of that horn, we can find out who would be his next target?

Piya says Ansh why are you not sleeping? He says I am not sleepy. Piya says are you worried because Angad is staying the night? Ansh says he is going to be the part of this house. He is marrying a witch, but he can’t go out at night? Piya says you look cute when you’re jealous. He holds her close. They hear a weird noise. Ansh says that sounded like an animal. Piya recalls what Savi said. Piya tells Ansh about the creature.

Mohana comes to Angad’s room. He is covered in the quilt. Mohana says I couldn’t sleep. She takes off the quilts, there are pillows under it. Mohana says where did he go?
Ansh and Piya look for the creature. Ansh says to Mohana what are you doing here? She says I went to Angad’s room. He isn’t there. Ansh says we were looking for an animal that we heard. But Piya went somewhere. She can be in trouble. Mohana says so can be Ansh. Let’s look for them. Piya and Angad come laughing. Ansh says Piya what are you doing here? She says I saw a shadow, it was Angad. He was looking for water. Ansh says water is there in the kitchen. He leaves. Piya laughs and says you’re so jealous. Ansh says I am not. She says won’t you ask what were we talking about? He says why would I ask. But won’t you tell me? She says Angad was telling me a joke. Do you wanna hear it? He says no, I am sure his jokes are stupid like him.

Scene 2
Savi makes the liquid. Nishant says once it’s blue we will add the horn in it to know his next target. They add the horn in it. Dilruba says nothing is working. An image forms. It’s of Mohana. Nishant says Singha’s next target is Mohana?
Singa is in the house. Mohana hears a noise. She says who is it? Mohana looks in a room. Angad comes and says what happened? Any problem? She says I felt like someone was here. But don’t worry. I have faced problems all my life alone. Angad says you’re not alone anymore. All your battles are mine. I can face anything for you.
Precap-Savi calls Piya and says Singha’s next target is Mohana.Piya says what? Mohana falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Piya is RIGHT!!!!??? Ansh is so CUTE when he is JEALOUS!!!! ???Harsh Rajput’s acting is great, especially when he was acting JEALOUS seeing Angad praise Piya’s Kheer, seeing them together and the STARE he gave to Mohana, when she said she will help Angad get water, so funny!!!???
    As Piya said, Ansh is truely a JEALOUS HUBBY AND OVERPROTECTIVE SON, ???
    Piyansh romantic moments were awesome!!! Loved it,???
    Only one doubt, are Mohana and Ansh the only dark powers in Rathod house, isn’t PARI also a DAAYAN, so she is also a DARK POWER right??? So isn’t she also in danger??????

    1. Same doubt abt pari.. she is also dayan vanshi.. she is also in danger

  2. Poor mohana.. how she will escape from that Singha..

    Her hair was so amazing..

    Hope it will not affect ansh and Piya relationship..

    Very enthu to know upcoming track..

  3. Piansh ki diwani

    I loved this episode…full of Piansh scenes..just what we needed after the leap… excited about this track..hope to see more of jealous Ansh??

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