Nazar 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Divya unites with Mohana against Ansh

Nazar 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piya says to Ansh that you were right in doubting Divya, I am sorry. Ansh says its your mother. Piya says Mohana can do anything. Mohana comes there with sword. Divya comes there too with her sword. They glare at Ansh and throws sword at him but he dodges it. Mohana says these are fake, where is real sword? Ansh says I have hid real sword because I knew you both would try to get it. I knew Divya had put Nishant under spell so I hid it from her too. Mohana says where is that sword? Ansh says you both will never find that sword.

Saanvi wakes up and sees Nishant there. Nishant shows her tablet which Divya used to put them under spell, he says I dont understand her, she used us. Saanvi says why she would do it?

Divya says to Ansh that you have to tell me where that sword is. Ansh says I even dont know where that sword is, I have given it to priest and only he knows where that sword and nobody knows where priest is. Divya laughs and says its easy to find him. Mohana says we can find that priest. Divya says we just have to deal with witch and I am ready to do it. She joins hand with Mohana and glare at Ansh. Mohana says we are together and nobody can stop us from getting that sword. Ansh is stunned. Divya and Mohana leaves from there.

Scene 2
panna comes outside Naman’s house and says I know chudail have other two manis. She uses her mani to find other two manis.
Dilruba sees her manis lighting up and says it means third mani is nearby which means Panna is here too.

Piya tells Nishant about Divya. Ansh says priest have that sword. Vedsheree says Mohana and Divya are searching for him. Nishant says why did you tell them that? Ansh says I lied to them, real sword is in this house. Flashback shows how Adi had hid real sword built in wall. Nishant says they will find out soon. Ansh says we will find a way to deal with them till then. Nishant says you are right.

Ansh sees Piya sad and asks what happened? Piya says what if there a war between witches and witch hunters? We will have to on otherside, what if I have to choose between duty and love? fate cant ask me to choose between my mother and husband. Ansh says you will do what is right, close your eyes and follow the path which you think is right. Piya says its difficult to do, I cant tell you what I am feeling. Ansh says I dont need words, I know your heart by reading your eyes. Piya says then promise me if we have to come infront of each other and I have to attack you then you will fight me like an enemy, promise me? Ansh promises her. Ansh says promise me that you will not make our love lose. Piya says our love can never lose as we have lost ourselves in love, I promise as your wife, as your Piya. They hug each other.

Panna is coming in Naman’s house. They hear her foot sound. Panna sees door opened and says why they kept it open? Naman sees no one and says where is she?

PRECAP- Divya and Mohana use their powers to bring up witch tree. Mohana says this will help us in finding palai sword. Nishant tells Ansh that most dangerous people are together so its not good.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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