Nazar 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Family kills Dola

Nazar 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dola is about to take rice but all stop her. Dola asks what happened? why did you people scream? Vedsheree says dont eat these rice. Dola asks why? Chitali says dont eat, they make you fat, it will destroy your figure. Shekhar says thats why I dont let Vedsheree eat it too. Dola says dont worry. Ansh says they are simple rice, eat something else. Ruby says they are right, you have put on weight. Dola says you mean to say I am fat? Chitali says no you are slim. Ruby says dont lie. Dola says Ruby you are wrong. Ruby says then dont listen to me, I will make you eat these rice only. Dola says leave it, I will eat something else.

Nishant asks Saanvi to bring glassy things from room. Saanvi goes to bring them. Nishant says its going to be morning soon, why didnt they bring seed with things till now?

Dola sit down to eat. She goes to wash hands.

Family members bring flower to Nishant. It lights up. Dola is passingby room and sees light. Ruby says its nothing. lets go.

Nishant says how will we bring it infront of Dola? Chitali says lets make it something. Nishant says we have to wait for sometime. Chitali makes laddos to hide flower inside.

Dola sees Mohana’s casket broken. Ruby says I mistakenly threw my heels on it.

Ansh and Piya ties ropes near balcony.
Dola sees light again and says its from swarp seed. She comes to balcony. All family members hide arrows behind their backs with swarp lok flower laddos on end. Sunlight comes up. Nishant hangs mirror on ropes. They all turn arrows to her. Dola says you all cheated me. She does mantra and makes mirror move down, light goes back. Nishant says we have to do something, we have to make it back up again. Dola says to Vedsheree that you cheated me. She grabs Vedsheree and Chitali and starts eating their lives. Ansh sees mirror being held by witch tree. He punches it and throws it back. All family members take their positions and throws arrows at Dola. She starts becoming of dust. Piya says now see my family power. Dola becomes into bubbles.

Mohana wakes up and is in casket.

Piya washes her face. Ansh comes there and says you saved us. He pulls her closer and romances with her. Rishi comes there and says lock your door, family is calling you both, he leaves.

PRECAP- Mohana and Dola run to Piya and glare at her. They team up against her. Mohana and Dola throw poisonous liquid at her to finish her but Piya takes Durga’s avatar and a big lion come there to help her.
Update Credit to: Atiba


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