Nazar 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Piya takes Mata’s avatar

Nazar 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Monster is beating Ansh. Mohana thinks that I dont care if they know about me bring a witch, I will save my son. She is about to go to Ansh but Piya comes infront of her and takes Mata’s avatar. Vedsheree says seems like Piya’s devik has woken up. Chitali says it looks like Mata gave her powers. Piya starts throwing powers at monster. Monster glares at her. Vedsheree says he is not affected. Mohana says he will not be stopped like this, we have to use something, Vedsheree asks her to tell. Mohana says to attack in middle of his head. Vedsheree asks Piya to attack on middle of his head. Ansh holds Piya and raises her in air. Piya uses her power stick and attacks in middle of his head. Monster breaks and vanishes. Piya falls down and faints. Saanvi and Sushant comes there too. Saanvi

thinks that Piya’s powers can hurt her as she used them. Saanvi says Piya is devik. Sushant recalls how his daughter had devik mark, he says she is my baby? Ruby is tensed. Mohana glares at her and thinks that I am sure Ruby is behind all this. Saanvi says to Sushant that Piya will be our weapon to fight witches. Naman sees them and thinks witch hunters here?

Neha asks Ansh how he got powers? He says I dont know, I will ask Mohana.
Mohana says to Ruby that Monster brought patal liquid because he wanted to attack davansh Ansh? you told him about Ansh being a davansh? Ruby says I didnt want him to attack Ansh. Mohana glares at her and traps her in a water circle, she says I made you marry Ansh to solve my problems but Devik is here and saving Ansh. Ansh knocks on door. Mohana opens it. Ansh says I want to ask how I got powers when monster attacked me? I dont know what is happening with me, I cant worry mom as she is already worried about witch, can you tell me why this is happening with me? Mohana says yes, this is happening with you because you are davansh. Ansh says what? Mohana says you will understand on time, go to sleep. She closes door. Ruby is still trapped in water circle and being spun. Mohana throws her on floor and says you are useless to me.

Scene 2
Naman looks around and says wow Ansh have a good life. Nurse comes there and says Guru Maa is getting better. She leaves. Naman says this Amma is not leaving, I have to marry Piya at any cost but how to make Amma silent? Mohana comes there and says I can make it happen, I know you have tried to kill your Amma, I can help you as enemy’s enemy is a friend, tell me if you need help. Naman stops her.

Chitali says to family that its proven Piya is devik. Shekhar says Vedsheree is right, Piya can save this family. Avi says but she is about to get married. Vedsheree says devik is born for a davansh, they have to get together. Shekhar says Piya thinks Ansh tried to kill Guru Maa, we have to wait for Guru Maa to wake up and tell truth. Avi says Ansh said that Naman tried to kill Guru Maa, he can try again.

Saanvi thinks that Sushant is not ready to accept Piya as devik so I have to get more proofs on her. Neha stops her and asks she here? Saanvi says I am here to get notes from Kajal. Saanvi comes to Kajal and tries to take notes. Rishi comes there and doesnt let Kajal give notes to her. Rishi says to Saanvi that you can take my notes, I am senior. He goes to find his notes. Saanvi thinks that I can use Rishi to find information on Piya.

PRECAP- Piya is ready as bride, Ansh says Piya? She says I am getting married to Naman. Ansh says you are not going anywhere, Piya says you cant stop me, she tries to leave but Ansh grabs her and pulls her closer, he leans in to kiss her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. One o the best episodes, so far. The realizations have made this even more interesting.

    1. Ikr…. And precap💕
      Piya was looking super gorgeous in her devi avatar😍
      And ansh after haircut😘

  2. I don’t know why Piya is agreeing to marry Naman in such a hurry. OK, I understand that it is her Guru Maa’s wish as Naman said to her, but her Guru Maa is still alive & in subconcious mode. She can be wait till her recovery & can be marry in front of her. If Naman is showing such a hurry then she can be understand that there is some problem with Naman also as being a son, he is also not caring about his own mother and only wish to marry ASAP. It treated that Piya is so dumb..

  3. Piya acts like a silly little fool. So many people around her and yets she acts scared and waits for lonf before she can act on what she should do.

    I get annoyed when they show each persons reaction…takes forever

  4. Like dis episode…

  5. Riana

    Omggggg it was one of the best episode of nazar !!!… Soooo divine !! 😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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