Nazar 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Piya plans to kill Dola

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Nazar 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohana is lying in casket. Dola comes to family and says I like this, she was my sister so I am sad too but its good that she is dead. Piya sees Mohana moving and whispers to Vedsheree. Vedsheree murmurs that if Dola knows that she is alive and we fooled her then we are dead. Dola says Mohana’s power were useless. Piya covers Mohana and cries, she says forgive me Saasu Maa. Dola says your husband is safe now. Piya says I had to kill her, she is my mother in law after all. Dola says she was part of family so cry. Naman hides and hints Piya to come to him. Naman comes out and says mom I have a good idea, lets cook. Dola says yes. She asks Chitali to go with them. Chitali says no go with Ruby, I dont want to go. Dola says you have tell us where things her, dont move dayan from here, she leaves.

Piya comes to room and sees Nishant awake. He says I am fine. Vedsheree says we have less time. Nishant says we have to kill Dola, she is powerful so we have to be clever, we have to make teams and do this before morning.

Dola is cooking in kitchen with two faces and hands.

Nishant shows seeds from swarp lok and says they can kill Dola but we need some others things, Vedshree says Mohana will wake up after sun is up so we have to finish her before that. Nishant says we have to wait when these seeds are most powerful and we cant lose that chance, I will tell you guys what I need and you will all bring those.

Vedsheree comes near kitchen and thinks that Chitali can bring Dola’s hair which we need but how to call her out. Dola asks her to come inside. Vedsheree says did you find everything? Dola says Chitali is helping me. Vedsheree deliberately throws spoons on floor. Chitali helps her, Vedsheree whispers to her that bring Dola’s hair. Chitali is scared. Vedsheree leaves.

Saanvi tells Shekhar and Avi that we have to get dayan’s kajal, it can be of any dayan, they look at Mohana and smirk.

Ansh and Piya put swarp seed under moonlight. It becomes flower and is about to fall down from balcony, Piya runs and catches it, she is about to slip but Ansh holds her hand and pulls her back.

Shekhar sees Mohan getting less poisoned. Avi says her casket is sealed then how we will get kajal? Avi says we can break it. Avi brings gun and says I will not shoot her. Shekhar says I will keep an eye on Dola. Avi shoots on casket glass, it beaks. Saanvi takes kajal from her eyes.

All family members gather with their things. Chitali comes there and shows them Dola’s hair. She says only I know how I got it. Shekhar says what more to do? Piya says we have to mix them with flower. She puts them with flower. Flower start lighting up. Dola is coming there. Ansh says she can see this light, we have to stop it. They put it in bowl and hide it with rice. Dola comes there and says lets have food. All are tensed. She asks what happened? I made good food. she is about to take rice bowl but all stop her. Dola eyes them.

PRECAP- Mohana and Dola run to Piya and glare at her. They team up against her. Mohana and Dola throw poisonous liquid at her to finish her but Piya takes Durga’s avatar and a big lion come there to help her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba.

  2. Ooshi

    How much more?

  3. If mohana and dola are twins, how can dola is 251 yrs and how can mohana only 250 ..

    1. Because dola is a dokayaan. She has double face n double lives leading her to live for 251 more years

  4. There is nothing in this serial now…stopped watching it long time ago…just written updates sometime BT thinking 2 stop that too

  5. U may stop dear not us..

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