Nazar 17th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohana injures Vedeshree

Nazar 17th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piya brings the torch. Mohana says I knew you would come. Vedeshree is trying to fix the fuse. Mohana makes her fall. She is hanging from the balcony. Mohana says how did she come in Piya’s place? But I don’t care now. Vedeshree sees Pari and says please help me Pari. Pari says sorry chutki. She shoves her. Vedeshree falls down. She is injured. Everyone comes to Vedeshree. Shekhar says how did this happen.

Ansh comes to Patmayan. He says my powers aren’t working. Patmayan says why would I return your powers and your wife’s? Ansh says because she is my wife and your DIL.
Piya comes to that place where Vedeshree fell from. Piya says I saw something there. Mohana says you saved but Chutki is hurt now. My revenge has started.

Vedeshrre gets checked by the doctor. She says there’s a temporary coma. Patmayan says you have two ways. If you choose the green one you will get both your and Piya’s powers but after some days. If you take the yellow one you will get yours only immediately.

Scene 2
Piya comes to Pari’s room. She says I see skates marks. I saw the same near the fuse where Vedeshree fell from. Piya says Pari were you playing with skates? She says no these are Adi’s. I don’t even know how to play with skates. Piya asks Adi. Adi says I didn’t take out my skates. Piya says are you sure? He says yes. Piya says how did they come there?

Avinash tells Piya a criminal fled from his jail.
Vedeshree wakes up. She says this can’t be true. She recalls what Pari sid. Vedeshree says Piya.. She opens the door. It’s Pari. She turns into Mohana. Vedeshree is scared. Piya hears Vedeshree’s voice. Mohana says did you recognize your sister? Vedeshree says why are you doing this? Mohana says that trap was for Piya. Piya sees footprints. Piya says what if it’s the same criminal. Mohana says thank God I came there. And Piya is safe. Mohana says no one can save any of you from me. No one will know how are these accidents happening.

You will blame each other. No one will blame me? She turns into Pari and says I am the youngest right. Vedeshree is scared. She says Mohana why are you doing this. Mohana says to take my revenge. I will take everything from you people.
Piya and Chetali see the criminal there. He says give me the jewelry. Piya says it’s in my room. Piya shoves him. Chetali calls Avi and tells him. He says I am coming. The criminal says don’t dare to outsmart me. Piya fights with him. Her powers aren’t working.

Patmayan says to Ansh, you don’t have time. Choose a ball. Ansh picks the green ball. Avinash comes home. Piya’s powers start working. She shoves the criminal. Mohana throttles Vedeshree and says now you know I am in Pari’s body, you have to tie. She tries to takes her life. She sees the criminal. Mohana says how is this now.

Scene 2
Naman says Dubli where are you? They hear someone crying. Savi says let’s go there.
Piya says to Avinash that criminal is in this house. Mohana pulls the criminal in from the window and takes his life. He dies. Mohana says they think they have taken my powers but Pari’s powers are mine now.

Naman enters a house. He says how did Dubli come here? Savi sees many kids. Naman says how will we recognize her? Savi says you can’t recognize your own daughter? The caretaker says who are you? Naman says my daughter is missing. She says this is a caretaker. Nishant calls Savi and says is Naman crazy? He left his daughter here at my place. Savi says let’s go dad has Dubli.

Naman says why do you do this Dubli. How will I answer your mom.
Precap-Ansh says what if ma didn’t fall and someone shoved her?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The only thing I like in this serial now is Naman and his ???baby girl.???
    Gulky is really cute ???
    I have one doubt, didn’t Dilruba take over Sanam’s body during her marriage using a bat bite???
    If that is the case I wish at least Sanam comes back and unite with Naman and the baby????

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