Nazar 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Start all over again

Nazar 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everything goes in past before Piya and Ansh’s wedding. Ansh’s mehndi ceremony is starting.
Vedsheree comes to Ansh and says get ready for your mehndi, what happened? Ruby is the girl you like, everything will be fine, she is a devik and will save you. Ansh says to Vedsheree that I will do anything for your happiness.

Ruby enters Vedsheree’s house and is an evil witch. Vedsheree does her aarti. Vedsheree sees all flowers turned black nearby and thinks how did this happen?

Ansh is getting ready and gets wound on face. He uses his hand to make it fine, he thinks how I have this power?

Vedsheree shows black flowers to priest, he says evil powers are in this house. Vedsheree says we have to make Ansh marry devik girl fast. Shekhar says but we cant hurry this much. She says I dont want wait more.

Piya’s earring falls from his pocket. Rishi and Kajal comes there and asks whose earring is that? He says I dont know.

Vedsheree says to family that we have to marry Ansh to a devik otherwise Mohana will wake up and come here, we will be in danger then. Priest comes there and says we can find who is a witch here by one way.

Rishi says to Ansh that you are ready to marry a girl who Vedsheree chose? Ansh says she did everything for me so this is nothing. Rishi throws Piya’s earring and says we dont know who it belongs to. Ansh looks on.

Priest throws liquid on floor and says once witch comes in vicinity then her real face will come out.

Ruby says to her fake parents that you cant meet your daughter till I get married to Ansh.

Ruby is coming in lounge. Priest’s liquid is there. She steps on it and current flows throw her. She runs from there.
Ruby comes to her room and tries to talk to Mohana using her ring. Mohana takes out sword from her stomach that she stabbed herself with to go back in past. She wakes up and says I cameback to past. She hears Ruby’s message and says I have to get Ruby married to Ansh and stop him from meeting Piya, I got another chance so I wont let them meet and destroy me again. Ruby says to her that I am in my real avatar, help me. She turns to see Ansh there. He is stunned. Ruby says I am witch, its nothing serious. Ansh says mother was right, you are a witch that is behind me. Ruby says you are Davansh, witch and human’s first born thats why things are happening with you and davansh-witch are made for each other. Ansh says I will never marry a witch.

PRECAP- Priest says to Vedsheree that witch went in that room, when she comes out we will know who is she. Ruby comes out of room and her turned away feet marks fall on powder on floor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. i like piya and baby both are so cute

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Seriously again show will repeat, and what will happen to Panna truth which was about to come???

  3. Writers have gone mad seriously ?

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