Nazar 13th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Madhu tries to kill Palak

Nazar 13th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Palak asks Appu are you still mad? See I got your favorite milk. She looks at Appu. His eyes are gleaming. Palak calls Pandit ji and tells him his eyes are gleaming. Pandit ji says you have to go and stab him. Palak says I can’t do that. Pandit ji says there’s a reason behind it. Do it fast. Palak goes towards Appu. He’s asleep. Palak is about to stab him. Appu gets up. Palak hides. He goes back to sleep. Pandit ji says Appu is a Davansh.

Madhu says that idol is hurting me. I tied a witch protection. Why isn’t it working. Who could mess with it? Pandit ji might know about me. But? Pandit was trying to break my witch protection circle. How did he break it because he left right after. Someone else did it for him. But who? Pandit ji asks Palak to do a vidhi. Palak says how would I do it? He says you have to. You have to save Appu.

Scene 2
Hema and Malani get ready. Urwashi says where is maa ji? Hema says there. Dadi is doing Pooja. Dadi says where is Appu? Madhu says I made him sleep. Dadi says let’s go for Pooja. Madhu says you all go I will stay with Appu. He might get scared alone. Everyone leaves for Pooja.

Palak makes a rangoli outside the house. Pandit ji asked her to make it to stop Madhu. Palak creates it in a hurry. She says I have to do it before moon rises. Madhu is asleep in her room. Palak comes to her room and makes a circle around her bed. Appu comes there. He whispers what are you doing here? Palak says let’s go from here. No one should know I am here. Madhu wakes up. Appu and Palak hide. Appu starts laughing. Madhu finds them. She says so it was you who was helping that world. You should have been sent away from the world not this house only. I will do that now.

Madhu throttles Palak. She says you’re lucky I am not killing you like I kill others so no one doubts the witch is alive. But I will shove you off this balcony. It will look like an accident. Palak says why are you doing this? Appu is your brother. Madhu says Appu is a davansh. A davansh is a lot more powerful than a witch. I never let him realize his powers. Palak shoves Madhu. She screams and falls down. Madhu says maa ji and dadi won’t let you live here. They will send you to jail. Palak says I will tell everyone you’re a witch.

Urwashi and dadi come upstairs. Urwashi says Palak what are you doing here? Appu screams save me. He’s behind the wall. Appu breaks the wall with his powers.

Precap-Palak and Appu celebrate the holi together and dance on dhol bajay.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Great episode,finally it is revealed to palak that apurv is daavansh,I hope palak and other family members soon realizes that palak is a daivik. Love the way this story progress and chemistry between palurv is so cute????.
    Some questions are still unanswered ??but that’s okay because I think slowly slowly all our questions are being answered(I hope so??). I thing is that I am waiting for madhu’s identity ( that she is a daayan)to be revealed infront of his family especially apurv what will be their reaction?

    1. Compared to the last season it’s progressing slowly at some parts it gets boring

    2. @Rebecca
      Yeah the current story seems to be slow as compared to previous season,one of the main reason is that nazar 1 was supposed to be a finite series so the story progress in season 1 was fast as compared to season 2 and later got an extension.
      While in season 2 it is not revealed that if this season is finite series or not so I think that’s why you think the progress of the story is slow and even though it’s slow the story is interesting and both the leads are doing there roles very well?☺?☺.

    3. keeping the storyline slow is fine,only atleast like ansh piya and mohana they knew their powers and who is who and potential story line appu might be cured but also forgets palak and only remember madhu being a good sis

    The way Apurv uses his powers does remind me of Ansh!???
    Good job ??? by the actor!
    I never liked the way ROSHAN enacted out their supernatural abilities???, their ACTING was not up to the mark ???
    But here Apurv is doing well ???
    Even the way he brings out the expressions of a mentally retarded person is SO NATURAL!❤️??
    He has already done it before in “Ek tha Rani ek tha Raavan”, maybe that’s why he’s a pro in it.???
    I’m waiting to see how Palak is going to expose her DAIVIK abilities???, coz till now she twice showed used khanjar and trishul???, once to stab fake Apurv and other to break Daayan shield but she didn’t use “Jai ho Maiya ki” like Piya???, so I am excitedly waiting to see her powers.???
    And day by day, PALURV are just growing cute ??? together, loved the precap❤️❤️❤️ and waiting for the next episode with them together.???

    1. Yes but they are taking it way to slow..pita was at least a revawanshi but palak is just human and there is no daayan rahasya

    2. @Rebecca
      Yeah, but even though it’s slow???, it’s turning interesting✌✌✌ and the actors are doing well ???and they haven’t yet revealed Palak’s parental identity so I guess there is something which is hidden there which makes her a DAIVIK?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

    3. and they didnt even reveal about appu or mohana as how are they dayan and davansh coz davansh is son of human and dayan so was his father also davansh or his mom dayan?

  3. @Petal
    I still have doubt! ???
    In the precap wasn’t it shown PALURV playing Holi together??? and now since Apurv’s powers have unleashed???, then y din’t his eyes glow while touching Palak???????

    1. @Lisa
      You are right, how can I forgot this to mention, I also have the same doubt about how apurv eye does not glow when he touches palak. Thx for pointing this??,I almost forget about this??. And I also have another doubt that how madhu attach its braid itself ,because as per season 1 it is said that a daayan cannot attach its braid itself??,she needs another daayan to attach its braid.
      By the way precap seems to be cool????.

    2. It’s all fiction if you see naagin then many theories of previous season don’t match current season writers forget their on writing

    3. @Rebecca
      Maybe you are right,but what I think that if theory of current season does not match with previous season then the show is surely made by ekta Kapoor??, I am saying this because I used to watch ekta Kapoor’s fictional shows and I observed this.
      But this thing does not happen in nazar coz apurv eyes did glow when he stop drinking that milkshake made by madhu and when palak touches apurv his daavansh power react and his eyes glow??.
      Plus ekta Kapoor’s fictional shows are totally ridiculous, no sense at all for ex all season of naagin was just a repeatation of one another only season 1 was good,and talking about gul ma’am shows that are quite different and story and plot was really awesome. In other words gul ma’am fictional serial are much better than ekta kapoor fictional shows??.

    4. @Petal
      Yup the precap is really cool!✌?? Even the inverted feet of Daayan is not shown??‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
      No really about Daavansh glowing eyes??? coz Apurv’s eyes did glow when his powers got activated in the beginning and Palak touched him???

    5. Because his powers a dormant because of madhu

    6. @Rebecca
      Not any more now, Rebecca, his powers have GOT ACTIVATED!!!???

  4. And what my sis think is that,there is two possibilities why his eye does not glow when he touches palak first is that due to technical issues or by mistake and second the makers forget to show the gleaming eyes of apurv??.
    What do you think about my sis point of view??,I want your opinion about this issue(doubt).

    1. @Petal
      Sounds funny???

    2. @Lisa
      Yeah its sound’s funny,when my sis told me this then I can’t stop myself for laughing??,so I post my sis opinion,It surely a weird possibilities??.

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