Nazar 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruby fools Mehdeshwi

Nazar 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ruby’s arm get stuck on tree. She sees Mehdeshwi coming there, she breaks her bracelet and hides. Mehdeshwi sees birds dead near tree, she thinks that when a witch touches a tree then bird dies, it means some witch touched this tree. She turns and sees Ruby there.

Ansh and Rishi comes to college. Ansh looks at shoe mark of Preeti’s killer. He feels Piya asking for help, he feels her presence and goes.

Mehdeshwi sees diya blown off near tree, she gets tensed and says to Ruby that you should convince Ansh to marry you, danger is near him. Ruby says dont worry and starts taking her from there. Ruby turns blasts diya. Mohana is seeing this from her mirror and smirks.

Ansh hears Piya’s pleas for help, he goes to art room and sees her unconscious on floor. He goes towards her but recalls how he electric shock when she touched him, he turns to leave but Piya murmurs help.. Ansh uses his powers and lifts her in his arms, he breaks the door and takes her from there.

Mehdeshwi is tensed and says to Ruby that birds died, this is a hint that witch is near. Ruby says there are only you and me here. Mehdeshwi says she is here, we have to save Ansh from her, this is all a danger on Ansh.

Ansh brings Piya to hall and makes her lie on table, she is unconscious.

Mehdeshwi says to Ruby that you have to make Ansh understand, Ruby says Ansh doesnt believe in all this, Mehdeshwi says you have to believe in all this for him to believe, you dont have faith in all this right?

Ansh leans in near Piya but then moves away, his bracelet gets stuck in Piya’s hair.

Mehdeshwi says if I make you believe that Ansh is in danger then will you marry him? Ruby says if you prove me that Ansh is in danger and I can save him then I will marry him. Mehdeshwi nods and leaves, Ruby smirks.

Ansh breaks off his bracelet from Piya’s hair and leaves. Ansh comes to shoe mark and sees it gone.

Scene 2
Mehdeshwi is making rangoli of lemon. She says if witch is in this house then these will turn black. Ansh comes there, Mehdeshwi asks where was he? Ruby says Ansh we need to talk, Ansh doesnt answer her and leaves. Mehdeshwi asks Ruby to not feel bad, I will talk to him, she leaves. Ruby looks at lemon’s sign, Mohana sends her message to do for what she was sent. Ruby comes to aquarium and uses her power to kill all fishes and blacken the water, she smirks.

Ansh comes to Rishi and says you removed shoe marks? Rishi says no. Ansh says you didnt want me to check the mark, I just wanted to match those shoe mark with me. Neha says there are many people who wear same size shoes. Ansh says it could have proven that I went to college last night and did something.

Ansh is going to his room but Mehdeshwi comes there and says danger is near you, Ansh says please leave me alone, Mehdeshwi says I am your mother, you have to marry Ruby, he says I dont want to marry, Mehdeshwi says you have to marry her at any cost.
Ruby turns lemons black and burns them, Mohana says that Ansh has to marry Ruby as then I will comeback.

PRECAP-Mehdeshwi says to Ansh that evil eye is following you, you have to marry. Ansh gets angry and says why do you care so much about me? you are not my real mother. Mehdeshwi gets hurt and slaps him.
Mehdeshwi cries sees black lemons. Ruby says if you think that danger will go away by me marrying Ansh then I am ready.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    hero kuch zyada hi attitude maar raha hain. heroine ko ek jagah uta kar dusri jagah daal diya. He shud hv woken her up. almost wala moment kya kar raha tha.

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