Nazar 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ansh admits Adi in day care

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Nazar 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohana frees herself from rope and says they make me lose everytime, I wont spare them this time.

Ansh comes to balcony and imagines mountains.. he hears Karan’s voice that he is near them all the time. Ansh jumps from balcony.. it turns out to be Ansh’s dream.

Piya tells family that her exam dates are near, what about Adi? They see Adi starting fire using his toys. All look on.

Naman says to Guru Maa that you were dancing like a chudail.. maybe Saanvi did all this, she was making some potion and used it to make me believe there is a chudail here. Saanvi says there is a chudail here and its your wife. Naman says you are jealous of her. Saanvi says she must be sleeping because of my potion. Naman says lets go and check.

Ansh says to family that I will take care of Adi. Piya says its not easy. Ansh says we can give him in daycare. Shekhar says we can take care of him. Ansh says Adi will enjoy with other kids, he has powers but he is a kid and should enjoy with kids. Vedsheree says what if he uses his powers infront of other kids? they will get scared. Ansh says Adi is clever, I will take him to day care today and will see how he behaves. They turn to see Adi climbing on wall. Vedsheree says look at him.

Naman says if she is not sleeping then she is not a chudail. He starts going with Guru Maa and Saanvi. Dilruba is sleeping in air in room. Naman enters there but there is no one. Saanvi says she must be sleeping in other room. Naman shows Saanvi greeting guests. Saanvi comes there. Sanam says I am serving food to everyone. Naman whispers to Saanvi that see she is not a witch.

Ansh sits in car with Adi. He sees Mohana in mirror but doesnt see her when he looks out. He drives away.

Saanvi shouts at Sanam that I know you are a chudail. Sanam cries and leaves. Naman shouts at Saanvi that dont scream at her, she cried because of you, he leaves.

Ansh brings Adi to day care and meets manager.

Sanam is crying. Naman comes there and says dont cry, Saanvi doubts everyone, lets go to eat something. She says imli chaat?

Ansh says to manager that Adi is a little different. Manager says kids are different, we take care of them. Ansh says can I stay here with him? Manager says we dont have that policy, dont worry, we will take care of her.

Naman says to Sanam that lets go to eat imli chaat. He turns and sees chalayans there. He tells Sanam that they suck life out of you, he tells her to not worry. Naman ask them to fight him. Chalayan move back. Dilruba eyes them evilly. They keep moving back and leave. Naman says they got scared of me. He turns to see Dilruba in her real avatar. He is shocked and faints.
PRECAP- Ansh is falling from building. She holds a balcony and sees Adi in care from window. He sees Adi going towards balcony and asks him to move back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Aditya got angry just hearing about Piya exams, normally parents are possessive, here Aditya is possessive?????????????

    2. Finally Naman knows that sanam is Chudail Dilruba…????

    3. Naman over acting drama infront of Chalayan was laugter dose??????

    4. Aditya Spiderman mode on?????????

    5. Precap I think now Ansh will have Karan powers and aditya escaping mode on??????

    6. Ansh is wrong on part of sending Aditya to Day Care: after all Aditya is not Normal child??????

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