Nazar 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ansh leaves Piya

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Nazar 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohana comes on roof and sends blood ball to find Ansh.

Ansh and Piya are in jungle. Ansh is thirsty but says I have to keep water safe for you and baby. Piya says my happiness with you.

Mysterious man hides Saanvi’s body in house. Ganga says brother food is ready.

Mohana come sin jungle following ball. Ansh hears Mohana coming and ends fire. He says lets go and runs with Piya.

Saanvi wakes up and tries to come out of casket. She takes knife from leg.

Mohana says they are running but till when?
Ansh and Piya are running from Mohana’s ball. Ansh asks her to leave, this smoke ball is telling our location to Mohana. Mohana sees them running and smirks.

Saanvi cuts ropes around her, she comes out of casket and hides in house. She

starts leaving but says I will handle this man later. She starts leaving but mysterious man comes there.

Ansh sees Mohana coming near them. He says to Piya that I wont let anything happen to you. Mohana comes infront of them.

Saanvi is running from man. He comes infront of her on road.

Mohana says to Piya that I wont spare you today. Ansh stands infront of Piya and says you have to cross me before going to her. Mohana tries to attack him but Nishant comes there and grabs her. Piya smiles seeing him. He hides behind and hints Piya and Ansh to leave. They leave.

Man grabs Saanvi and makes her dizzy. She follows him.

Nishant says to Piya that we have to run before Mohana comes behind us. Ansh says she is following us because of me, Nishant says he has blood relation with her so she can find him anywhere. Ansh says I have a solution.

Scene 2
Naman comes to Saanvi in house and says where were you? you came to help Piya. Saanvi says I was not here? then where was I?

Ansh says to Piya that we have to separate till our baby is born. Piya says you are going to leave your baby? Ansh says this is the only solution, I am fulfilling promise to protect you and baby.

Mohana twirls and frees herself from Nishant’s trap.

Nishant leaves Piya and Ansh alone. Piya cries and hugs Ansh. Humdard plays. Ansh moves away from her. They both try to leave but run to each other. Piya kisses his face. Ansh kisses her forehead. Rain falls on them. Ansh moves away from her. She cries and tries to stop him but he leaves. Piya weeps. She turns around to leave.

Family is worried about Ansh and Piya. Vedsheree says we shouldnt have let them go. Rishi says I am sure they are safe. Shekhar says Nishant is not here too. Neha shows her diya burning. Vedsheree says it means they are safe.

PRECAP- Mohana asks Ansh where is Piya? He says I wont tell you, she is where she is away from you and safe. Mohana says you will go to her soon, you will run to her as soon as baby comes in this world and I will wait till then.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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