Nazar 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Will family know that Piya is Devik?

Nazar 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ansh ties Piya dupatta with his chest and start climbing his house building…
Mohona hold vedashri and ask shekhar to neel down and ask for forgivness. Shekhar neel down and say sorry and ask for forgivness inculding avinash and chaitali. Shekhar ask mohona to leave vedashri. She leave her down. Vedashri start falling when, avinash and shekhar use floor mat and hold her from hurting. Mohona warn them not to try to fool or take stand against her. Ansh is still climbing building wall…
Shekhar blame himself for messing with mohona. Chaitali and avinash console him and ask him to wait for devik. They think where is ansh?

Villagers reach rathod house and shout and ask them to bring ansh as he ran away with piya. Shekhar ask them to stop.. Naman reach there and do his act saying

its ansh who hurted him and took my dulaniya… No-one believes them.. But just than ansh walk with piya in his arms. He make her lie down on couch.. Naman do his joke giri stating, please get up, I told you he is not human but demon.. Mohona is shocked to see Piya and remember how she hurted her…

Sarpanch demand to take piya away and punish ansh.. Mohona act to good and with her fake tears fold her and say let him say his side of truth… Naman says that he took my dulaniya from mandap, as you are mother and i understand your pain, I shall give him one chance… Everyone ask ansh about his doing… Ansh think about his promise to vedashri, her condition..and say I can’t explain you but reason is really big.. Naman say we gave him chance but he is failed…now we shall punish him.. Sarpanch and villagers say yes, but shekhar and avinash try to control their anger… Ansh finally speak more and say that my mother is turned into stone, and we need piya… Villagers say you think use fool… Avinash say its the biggest truth just believe us… Villagers say if its true, then why you need piya.. Ansh say because only devik can save my maa… Mohona think if they come to know that piya can cure vedashri and she is devik, then they will never let go her..

Mohona remember how she took cloth from vedashri saree and she try to fool people but cloth piece slip.. Villagers and Naman tell them to call vedshri.. Mohona uses her hair to pick that piece. Mohona think if she will free vedashri, none will believe their talk and none will know that piya is devik… She pick that piece and touch piya hands.. Vedashri get free from stone.. Avinash say we shall bring vedashri out, and you all believe.. Vedashri come out.. Everyone hugs her and ask about her well being.. Vedashri hug ansh and both get emotional.. Vedshri infrom that she filled someone filled her life again.. Mohona think I never ever wanted you to free vedashri but I can’t let devik stay here..

Vedashri see piya and think about guru maa words that piya is devik.. Naman tell that they were lying and ask rathod to give him his dulaniya.. Ansh denies saying no.. Piya get concious and ansh and naman goes to her.. Piya get shocked seeing Ansh..

Precap: Ansh hold Piya hand and feel spark.. He ask to stay for maa as she think that you are devik.. Piya get scared seeing mohona.. Ansh inform her that Mohona is his mother..

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I am really very sorry to all readers of nazar, i just forgot to sent draft to team for uplishing the episode as I was unwell, it just slipped from my mind…. I am really very sorry

    1. Hey..😊 GET WELL SOON😘

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Thank u for ur wishes…

  2. Hy..Get well soon..

  3. Hey get well soon. I was the one who asked you about the episode. Sorry if you felt bad

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Thank you for your wishes… Its ok I didn’t felt bad.. Actually it was my mistake, I completely forgot about that..even after draft was ready.. So sorry from my side…

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