Nazar 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruby fools Ansh and others

Nazar 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scee 1
Kajal’s dog attacks Ruby, Ruby hides behind Ansh, her witch nails start growing, she hides it and says I am scared of dogs sugarlips. Chitali says there is no shame in this age, they all leave from there. Ansh looks at Ruby and recalls how Mehdeshwi said that Ruby has devi’s mark. Ruby says exams are starting so I went to mandir and she saw my birth mark, Ansh says no problem I will talk to Maa. Ruby says I have to go to doctor and leaves.

Piya is still locked in college art room. She sees from window that guards have locked the doors and are leaving, she screams but they dont hear her and leave. She cries.

Ruby is leaving Ansh’s house but sees police and their dogs. Dogs are trying to attack her. Ruby gets scared at first but then smirks. She grows her nails and climbs on tree. Avi comes there and asks why these dogs are barking at tree? he looks around but doesnt find anything.

Ansh gets message from Mehdeshwi about wedding clothes. Mehdeshwi comes there and says you both know each other, she is your GF, she has devi’s mark too, just say yes for marriage. Ansh says I dont want to marry and leaves.

Avi asks officer to take dogs away. He turns to leave. Ruby is hanging upside down on tree, Avi looks around but doesnt see her and leaves.

Mehdeshwi prays that girl says yes. She blows smoke on Ansh and says please say yes for marriage, he says I am going and leaves. Shekhar says to Mehdeshwi that who marries in this age? Mehdeshwi says girl with devi’s mark has come in our life, if Ansh doesnt marry her and something happens to him them.. no we have to save Ansh, what happened with his father, I cant let it happen with Ansh.

Scene 2
Ruby sits on tree and recalls how she faked devi’s mark by applying fake skin on he shoulder. She says Ansh will marry me, he is 200 years old witch’s son and I am a witch, we will bring destruction together.

Avi says to Ansh and others that try to remember anything weird that happened in college, Preeti was killed, do you remember when you talked to Preeti last night? Rishi recalls how they tried to talk to Preeti’s soul. Avi says first we found her body in jungle then it went missing from morgue and then found again in college. Neha says she was a normal girl, we dont know much about her. Kajal says deadbody went missing and then brought to college and threw her in pool, a normal person cant do it. Ansh gets tensed hearing it. Avi asks Ansh if he has any theory? Ansh doesnt answer him and starts leaving. Rishi says if you want theory then listen to the girl who says that a witch killed Preeti. All are shocked. Chitali asks what he is saying? Neha says a girl in our college says that the way Preeti was killed, only witch can do it, all are shocked.

Neha brings a file to Ansh and says I stole Preeti’s file from Avi’s room. Ansh checks it. Neha says you didnt kill Preeti, why would you take Preeti’s body from morgue and throw it in pool. Ansh says there was a shoe mark in jungle whose size is 9 and I have 9 shoe size. Neha says many people have nine number shoe size. Ansh says I have to find out, he leaves from there.

Ruby is coming down from tree, she sees Mehdeshwi coming out of house with aarti plate. She tries to run from there but her bracelet gets stuck in a nail on tree. She is tensed.

PRECAP- Ansh asks Mehdeshwi to leave him alone. Mehdeshwi says danger is coming near you.
Ruby sits near mata’s sign on door and it turns black, she calls Mehdeshwi and shows it to her. Mehdeshwi says to Ansh that evil eye is following you, you have to marry. Ansh gets angry and says why do you care so much about me? you are not my real mother. Mehdeshwi gets hurt and slaps him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Mona146

    ansh should not have said that in precap. I thought he doesnt know it at all. Also yesterday precap they showed ansh saving piya but nothing happened till now.

    1. Mona146

      anya track must start soon. niyati plzz wear somethign better.

    2. hahahaha right

    3. Ooshi


  2. This week, some of the questions were answered but added questions to existing ones. Overall it going good, main leads acting is improving which is good sign. But i would like writers to explore ansh’s dark side and piya’s family dynamics.

    P.S : they really should cut down on their usage of fan.

    1. Mona146

      P.S : they really should cut down on their usage of fan. what do u mean by this radhika?

  3. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba

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