Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar(Few Shots) shot-9

Shot 8

When sanskar Kissed ragini belly ragini jst got froze in that place..sanskar starts nuzzling her waist with his nose being lost..ragini feels some unknown sensation through her body..she closed her eyes tight..both cme to sense when they heard knock on their room door..sanskar immediately gets her down..ragini feel awkward..sanskar dont what to tell her for what he had done..they hears again knock…ragini looks at him nervously nd goes to opens d door..
Naina:im knocking frm past 5min..what r u doing
Ragini was lost somewhere
Naina:laado..kya hua..r u here here only
Naina:ok come with me..Saying she takes ragini along with her..
Sanskar in room cursing himself for his sudden stupid act..but he consoling himself saying how can i control being heavinly beauty infront of how..

Ragsan comes to their room after having dinner..
Sanskar:ragini.. sry for that..u told me we have to stay away eo but i could not able to control really sry..i promising u…i will not touch u untill ur exams got over..plz dont keep a days im missing my bhabi ki behen..
Ragini smiles wkly,excuses herself nd goes to washroom…she stands infrong of mirror nd talks to herself..what happened to u ragini..really im not liking u..u r not talking much ,u r not playing any pranks nd u becme dull….y u changed like Missing ragu dont think so much be urself forget about eveng friendly with sanskar then only u can talk with him..she closed her eyes nd took a deep breath..nd comes out of washroom..
Sanskar:r u still angry on me..
Ragini:nope..if u try to do this again i will punch u..
Sanskar:fine..still 1wk he na..i have to wait..but after no one can stop me..he winks at her..
Ragini gulped but gives a faint smile..
Sanskar:ok..sleep now..good night
Ragini:good night..

1wk passed…Sanskar happily comes home frm office as ragini exams got over,they will start their married life which for he was waiting frm 1mnth..he was so excited..he opens d door nd sees ragini who was sleeping on bed..he looks at his watch ,its 7pm…he gies to her nd toches her forehead to check is she fine r not..ragini opens her eyes..
Ragini:sanskar when did u cme
Sanskar:now only..what happened..r u fine..
Ragini:vo..vo..sanskar im having terrible headache..
Sanskar:can i call doc..
Ragini:no..i had medicine..i need some rest..
Sanskar:fine..did u had ur dinner not hungry..
Sanskar:wait..i Wil be back..
Saying he goes nd comes with food..
Sanskar:have it nd sleep..
Ragini:sanskar but i dont want eat..
Sanskar:u have to..
Ragini had food..sanskar makes her sleep..ragini says in mind im sry sanskar..

Sanskar (asks ragini whi jst woke up):r u fine
Sanskar(smiles):k..go nd get fresh..ragini nodded nd goes to washroom..

Sanskar getting ready for office..ragini cme to call him for bf..sanakar pulled her ,she landed on hia chest..
Ragini:sanskar..what r u doing..all r waiting for us down..
Sanskar:we will go..i wanna talk to u..
Sanskar:ur exams got over..u have hollidays too.can we plan a honeymoon to somewhere..
Ragini:vo..i dont want to go anywhere leaving our family..
Sanskar:u want to do our honeymoon here only na.(he winks at her)Ragini gives a wk smile..He leaned her to kiss..ragini pushed him nd says mr ragini ka pati all r waiting for us so stop ur romance nd come..
Sanskar:ragini ka pati???
Ragini:ha u got a promotion frm jiju ka bhai to ragini ka pati.. u too got..sanskar ki patni..
Ragini( smiles):fine..chale
Sanskar nodded no while looking her romantically..
Saying she holds his wrist nd drags along with her taking sigh..sanskar smiles seeing her hand which holds his hand..

Ragini comes to naina..
Naina:kya laado
Ragini:vo..tdsy i wanna sleep with u
Naina:kyun..did u fought with sanskar..
Ragini:no di…it has been so long..i want to be with u this night..plzzzz..
Naina:now what
Ragini:u only tell this to sanskar..
Naina:why..what will i tell
Ragini:vo..that im going to sleep with u..
Naina:laado..u r not hide anything na…

Before ragini could speak sanlak came..
Laksh:what is going on bw u sisters..
Naina:kuch nay..vo laksh ji can u sleep with sanskar today..
Then both look at eo nd smiles nervously..
Naina:tday we want to sleep u..sanskar do u hav any pblm.
Sanskar(in mind yes):no bhabi..y would i..i feel very happy to sleep with bhai..
Laksh lifted his eyebrow nd looks at sanskar…
Sanskar:bhai chale..
Laksh nodded..both turns to go..ragini who observed sanskar sad face ,she feels bad nd calls him..
Sanskar:kya ragini
Ragini(with sweet smile):good night
Sanskar(smiles):good night..
They leaves..before naina could ask anything to ragini. Ragini says di im getting sleep,will u sing Lori..naina smiles nd sings Lori ragini sleeps..

Sanskar who was in washroom calls ragini..
Ragini:kya sanskar
Sanskar opens d door..
Ragini:do u need something
Sanskar nodded
Saying he drags ragini into washroom which is shocked by ragini..he pins her to wall..
Ragini:sa..san..sanskar what r u doing..leave me..
Sanskar:u r testing my patience
Ragini:sanskar plz..if i got wet i would have to change my saree..then all will tease me..plzz leave me
Sanskar:let them
He looks at her lovingly nd kissed her forehead. Ragini closed her eyes..he kissed her cheek..
Ragini:sa..san..sanskar plz
Sanskar kissed another cheek..he about to kiss on her lips..knoc on door..
Ap:ragini beta..ragini beta
Ragini pushed sanskar nd says badimaa cme..
Sanskar makes a sad face..ragini about to go sanskar again holds her wrist..
Ragini:sanskar plzzzz..
Sanskar left her hand..ragini comes out nd takes a sigh nd thinks she has to talk with sanskar thinks about ragini behaviour…

Today our prince bday..
Wish him a very happy birthday to our dashing hot nd cute varun kapoor..?????

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    Awesome lahari dii…. I wonder wht rag must be hiding….. I missed u so much di …n I’m so sorry for not commenting….

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  18. Amazing beautiful update pity on sanky

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