Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar(Few Shots) shot-15

shot 14

Sanskar cme room nd sees ragini who was holdimg siddarth malhotra photo(instead of sanskar)..
Sanskar:now what is this..
Ragini:u only told go nd marry siddu in tries..
Sanskar:do whatever..
Saying he sits nd bsy in his wrk..
Ragini:my hottie..
Sanskar widened his eyes..

Ragini:im sry i ignored u frm past few days..kya hei na..i concentrated on someone else..but no i cme back to u soo much..ummah..
Sanskar tries to ignore her..
Ragini starts singing holding siddaryh photo..But looking at sanskar..

Ishq bulava aave jab aave..
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta baitha kol tere..
[I don’t know when the call of love will come,
I have to be with you,
I sit with you only..]

Sanskar turns to her ,ragini immediately turns to siddu..nd continues.

Tainu takda ravaan
Baaton pe teri hansda ravaan
Pagal main khud nu banaanda ravaan
Tu hansdi rave, main hansaanda ravaan
Tenu takda ravan…
[I keep looking at you,
I keep laughing at your talks,
I keep making a fool of myself,
[as in, to make you laugh]
You keep laughing, and I keep making you laugh..
I keep looking at you..]

Sanskar(who feels irritated):stop it..
Sanskar:im getting disturb
Sanskar:bcz ur stupid songs..i hav wrk..dont disturb..
Ragini:ok..i wont sing..

Ragini:ok hottie..good night..
What..u want kiss..
Sanskar looks at her like what the..
Ragini kissed on his cheek..
Ragini:what u want another one on lips..u..naughty..
Sanskar:did he talked to u
Sanskar:i didnt hear
Ragini:i can..we r talking with hearts..u wont understand..
Sanskar fumes..ragini leaned towards photo to kiss…
Sanskar:enough..what is this nonsense..huh..stop all this nd sleep..

Ragini lie on bed smiling…
Sanskar:shut ur eyes..
Ragini immediately closed hee eyes..
Sanskar looks at siddu photo nd throws it frm Window..
Ragini who sees this with corner of her eyes smiles..

As soon as ragini wakes up nd asks about siddu photo..
Sanskar:y r u asking me..i dont knw..
Ragini:really dont knw..
Ragini:ok..i will get another one

Sanskar:no..u cant
Sanskar:bcz im
Ragini:y cant u admit that u r jealous.. not
Ragini:i can see..
Sanskar:dont think too much..
Saying he goes to washroom..leaving smiling ragini..

Sanskar comes frm office nd sees ragini who sits on bed with bandaid on her leg..
Sanskar(concerned):kya hua
Ragini:fell in washroom
Sanskar:cant u take care of ur self..u only knw 2 things..1 how to play pranks to talk as bak bak..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar:did u get medicine
Ragini nodded
Sanskar:is it paining
Sanskar:i will get painkiller for u

Ragini:no use by that..
Ragini:give me a will be fine..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini:give na..(she shows her lips)
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar:wait here i will get dinner for u..
Ragini:no..i will come..
Ragini:u should take me..

Ragini:ok..i will go myself..its paining but its ok(dramatically)..
She about to get up..sanskar stops her..nd lifts her in his arms..ragini smiles nd encircled her hands around his neck..he walks..ragini stares at him lovingly nd kissed on his neck..when sanskar looks st her she looks away..
Sanskar:what r u doing
Ragini:i didn’t do anything
Sanskar:keep quite
Ragini nodded but she again kissed him in his cheek..
Sanskar (glares at her):if u do like this i will leave u here only..


Both comes to dining…

Laksh:here is the romantic couple..wahh..what a scene..
Sanskar:bhai plzz stop..her leg got
All r concerned:what happened
Niana:laado..kya hua..y u didnt told me..
Ragini:its just small will be fine..(ragini winks at naina)
Naina understand nd gives a impossible look to ragini..
Suji:u should have take care of ur self..
Ragini passes a smile..
They had dinner..

Ap:ragini take care..
Ragini nodded nd gives her both hands to sanskar as asking lift her..
All gives a teasing smile to sanskar..
Sanskar avoides nd lifts her nd takes her to room…
Ragini:sanskar i want to go on has beem so long.
Plz take me there…
Sanskar:no..chup chap sleep..

Ragini:ok..i will go myself..
Saying she stands:ahhhh(screams)
Sanskar(comes to her nd holds her):y cant u hear..
Ragini:leave me i can go myself.
Sanskar:shut up..
He lifts her nd walking towards terrace..ragini smiles..
Both sits on terrace..
Ragini:wheather seems so romantic r u feeling..
Ragini:talk something na..

Sanskar:i dont want..
Ragini murmurs buddu..
Ragini nodded..again sanskar lifts her..ragini stares at him lovingly nd says in mind i alway want to be in urs arms sanskar..

Sanskar was bsy in wrking.
Ragini was bsy in staring at him..suddenly she hears naina who called her..ragini immediately gets up frm bed nd goes to open d door..sanskar lookd at her nd shocked..
Ragini:kya dii..
Naina:milk..give it to sanskar..good nt
Ragini:gd night dii..
She closed d door nd comes to sanskar who was fuming..
Ragini:dii got milk for u
Sanskar:i think ur leg was not well na..

Ragini(bites her toungue) becme fine..suddenly
Sanskar:stop it…u again..
Ragini:sanskar plz dont misunderstand..listen to me once..
Sanskar(angrily):enough..therw is nothing left to hear..u will never change..
Saying he turns to go..ragini holds his hand nd pins him to wall..
Sanskar:what r u doing..leave me..

Ragini:where r u going..huh..i wont leave u tday..
Sanskar(he tries to escape):leave me..
Ragini holds his hand tight nd makes him sit on chair using her full strenghth..nd tied him with her dupatta..sanskar mouth opened as O..
Sanskar:what the heck is this..

Ragini:i told u na..i wont leave u tday..u have to listen what im gonna say..
Ragini:u hv no option…
Sanskar:untie this yaar..its hurting..
Ragini:sry..i will untie..but u should not go..
Ragini untied..sanskar sits glaring at ragini..
Ragini:now tell..y r u over acting..
Sanskar:over acting???me

Ragini:ha..u…im trying to make all normal..but u r not ready for telling sry u r showing an attitude..
Ragini:shhh..dont talk..only listen..i love u..u have to believe..
Sanskar:r u threatening me
Ragini(moves close to him,sanskar gulped,but her expression changed into emotional) begging u..i really love u..i married u for my dii..but i realized im in love with u..when u brought swara to home..being jealousy i made her called u bhai..u didnt saw my love in that..i got ready to give myself to u…but u r mistaken..u didnt find how much i loves trying all thr ways to get close to u nd to get ur attention..but u r misunderstand..i dont knw how to proove my love..i love u so much..
Sanskar kept silent.

Ragini:still r u not believing me na..ok..without giving any channce to speak sanskar..
Ragini takes the kife beside table nd cuts her nerve(small cut)..sanskar hell shocked by this..
Sanskar(rushed to her nd tied his kerchif):r u mad..what u did..i knw u r pagal..but i dont knw u r this much dare u to do this..
Ragini smiles as she noticed his moisty eyes..
Ragini:did u forgiven me..

Sanskar:no..i cant forgive u what u have done 2min before(cut)..
Ragini:then what should i do..u r not trusting me..its paining .
Sanskar immediately hugs her tight while crying..nd says im really sorry..plz forgive me…
Ragini(dramatically):teeke..i have forgiven need to cry..
Sanskar smiles through his tears..nd says i love u..he kissed her hair..
Ragini(brks d hug):now tell..can i marry siddarth malhotra
Sanskar:i will kill u..

Ragini smiles..both hugs eo…

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