Naughty Billo (SwaSan ff) Season 2 Shot 12 by Marsuu

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Naughty Billo (SwaSan ff) Season 2
Shot 12:

Recap: Swara listen to radio and she believed that sanskar has affair with his colleague doctor. Sanskar was not aware of this and he came at night in room and saw swara sleeping with hazzy( her kitten).

Next morning;
Sanskar wake up and saw swara is still sleeping. He didn’t disturb her as she has holiday today. He got ready and went to hospital. After an hour, swara got up and look around but she didn’t found him. ” he didn’t came yesterday night in room” she talk to herself. Her eyes again got filled with tears thinking about sanskar’s affair. She didn’t know that he came at night. Swara got up and fresh up. She went downstairs and spend some time with sujata. Her whole day passed but she was not happy. Swara told sujata about sanskar affair. Sujata is same like swara and she he believed what swara said and got angry at sanskar.

At night;
Sanskar came home and saw sujata in the hall. “hello mom” he said smiling at her. ” huh!! Don’t call me mom” she make faces and said angrily. Sanskar was totally confused like what happened to her. ” mom what happened??” He asked. Sujata glare at him and went to kitchen. ” strange ” he thought. Sanskar look for swara and when he didn’t saw her in hall he went upstairs. Sanskar reached the door of his room and it was close. There was board hanging infront of the door, ” No Entry” was written on it. He know it is swara’s hand writing. ” swara you are inside??” He asked knocking at the door. ” no” she said. Sanskar roll his eyes. ” open the door swara” he said. ” i will not open, go to your girlfriend ” she shouted from inside.

” what is happening in this house??” He ran his hand through his hairs frustratingly.
” swara you are crying?” He asked tensely as he heard her weeping. ” okay open the door first” he said. Swara opened the door as he was saying again and again.

” swara” his hands reach her wet cheeks. “What’s wrong ??” He asked. ” i will never talk to you” she said moving back. ” why are you angry??” He again asked. ” because you cheated on me” she said wiping her tears. Swara ran downstairs before sanskar can say some thing. Sanskar went after her.

Swara came downstairs and she started crying after hugging sujata. Ram was also there. They were giving angry looks to sanskar who just came in the hall. ” i didn’t expected this from you sanskar” kaveri said giving a sad look. ” but atleast tell me what i did and swara please stop crying first” sanskar almost pleaded as he was totally unaware of what’s happening. ” how can she stop when her husband is doing such shameless things” this time sujata said furiously. ” shameless” sanskar shouted. He is losing his patience.

” dad atleast you tell me” sanskar requested ram. ” swara has a doubt that you have an affair with some doctor at your hospital” ram told him. Sanskar was relieved that finally he got to know the reason behind the drama but the reason shocked him to the core. ” WHATTTTTT!!!” He roared and all got scared. Swara tightly closed her eyes. “See now he is shouting to cover up” swara said wiping her tears. ” shut up swara” he said and moved close to her. Sanskar held her hand and said ” first i want to talk to swara and then she will explain everything to you all” he started moving towards their room but swara shouted ” mom he will kill me i have seen in serial husband kill his wife for his new girlfriend” sanskar give her unbelievable look. She is next level and he is stuck with her for his whole life and definitely he don’t regret it.

Sanskar closed the door when swasan stepped inside the room. ” are you out of mind swara??” Sanskar shouted. Swara again started crying. Sanskar rub his forehead and mumble ” don’t know what to do of this girl”. He cooled himself and took deep breathe. ” okay tell with whom i have affair.?” He asked. ” doctor anita” swara whisper. ” and why you think so??” He raised his eyebrow. ” because he picked your call yesterday and you are always with her in hospital and on radio one man was telling if your husband ignores you then he must be having affair” Swara said all at once. ” you are so childish” he signed and pull her closer. ” I’m not” swara roll her eyes. ” okay” he chuckles.

” well Mrs Maheshwari, i don’t have any affair with dr. Anita and she is marrying with her fiancee in couple of months” sanskar said. ” really?” Swara asked for confirmation. ” trust me swara and i will never break it” he said politely. ” i will trust you and I’m sorry” swara blinked her teary eyes. ” its okay” he said and wipe her tears.
“You know i can never have affair with anyone” sanskar wrapped his arm around her waist and join his forehead with her.
” why ?” She asked. Sanskar smile and lean towards her ” because i love my wife” he whisper in her ear. They already expressed that they love each other but now sanskar can’t hold himself from confessing that he loves her. “You love your wife not me” swara widen her eyes. Sanskar has to be very patient for living with this little girl. ” who is my wife??” He asked. ” me..” swara said and then suddenly she realized that he just confessed his love. ” you means you love me???” She gulped her saliva and asked.
” yeah” he smiled naughtily. ” don’t you love me??” He asked. Swara can feel heat rushing through her cheeks. ” i don’t know” swara mumble shyly. “no problem take your time” he said and rub her cheeks. He softly peck her lips. ” swara please tell everyone truth otherwise they will throw me out of the house” he requested her. ” okay” swara smile and went down. She explained everyone and said sorry to all.

To be continued……

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