Narcolepsy (My first TS)

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The concept is from a South Indian movie.


Outside the movie theater a girl is waiting for someone. The girl is too much angry?.

Girl: “let him come. I’ll kill him ?. Since 10 minutes I’m waiting for him.”

Just then a boy comes and closes her eyes.

Boy :”Guess who am I?”

Girl removes his hand :”Don’t talk to me.”?

Boy holds his ear: “I’m sorry Swara.”

Swara: “Huh? u always do this.”

Boy: “I was ready to come but then a patient came and she…”

Swara:”Oh she. Now I got it Dr Veer got a new girlfriend and he is ignoring his old friend.”

Dr Veer holds her hand. :”Nothing is important than u.”

Swara:”Ok OK stop ur buttering. U spoiled my mood let’s go back.”

Dr Veer and Swara r good friends. Dr Veer loves Swara but can’t able to express his feelings because he fears to loose her.

They moves towards parking.

Dr Veer: “Shona, Yrr u r still angry. I said sorry na.”

Swara tries to start the Scooty but Dr Veer holds her hand.

Swara irritates: “Now what?? What is ur problem?”

Dr Veer: “Miss angry bird. U r very angry. And being a doctor I’m very much concern for people whose life might in danger.”

Swara: “I know driving.”

Dr Veer: “I know but when ur anger is on peak u don’t know what u can do. So, kindly give me keys.”

Swara starts Scooty.

Swara: “R u coming or I leave u.”

Dr Veer sits behind her. On the way Dr Veer tries to make her laugh. But she is still angry on him. This is not the first time Dr Veer know her. She everytime becomes angry on him but when she needs his help she forgets her anger.

Dr Veer (thinks): “Swara u don’t know u look too cute with angry face. I love ur every look. I wish one day u would see this love in my eyes.”

Just then a boy over takes Swara.

Boy: “Mam buy a Bullock cart. It’s suits u.”

Dr Veer: “No Swara.”

But our Swara is Swara… Her ego is everything for her. She increases the speed. And she over takes that boy.

Swara: “Little boy u buy a Barrow.”

Dr Veer: “Swara please slow down else u will hurt anyone.”

Swara: “U boys thinks we girls r good for nothing. But I know…”

Just then a boy who is crossing the road, comes before her Scooty.

Swara (shouts): “Aww.”

She applies breaks. Scooty just stopped a inch before. But boy faints down. Swara leaves the Scooty and moves towards the boy.

Swara: “Please… Please don’t die… (She tries to wake him.) R u OK? ”

Boy gives no response.

Dr Veer: “Miss boss u killed a innocent soul.”

Swara checks his breaths.: “He is alive. (Swara gets relief.) Veer help me.”

They takes boy to Swara’s home.

In Swara’s home.

Veer is examining him. Swara is tense praying to God he may be fine.

Swara: “Tell me how’s he.”

Dr Veer: “He is fine. No serious injury.”

Swara:”When he will wake up?”

Dr Veer: “I seriously don’t know. U stay with him.”

Just then Dr Veer gets a call. He goes outside. Swara moves towards the guy. She looks towards his innocent face. She notices some dust on her hairs and cheeks. She cleans it. Swara sits beside him on a chair.

Swara: “I know u r not listening but Mr xyz sorry Yrr. It was just a mistake. Please wake up soon.”

She holds his hand.

Swara: “Please don’t complain against me. Because it’s Veer’s scooty. He us nice guy. It was me egoistic girl.”

She notices a little injury on his hand. She applies medicine on it. Whole time swara is just staring the guy. She realise sometimes ego can becomes dangerous for others.

After sometime Dr Veer comes. He notices that Swara is holding his hand.

Dr Veer: “Swara eat something.”

Swara (still looking towards the boy.): “I don’t want to eat.”

Dr Veer: “Swara, what happened to u? U never behaved like this before.”

Swara: “Look at him Veer. He is so innocent. And I’m feeling bad for hurting him.”

Dr Veer (thinks): “It’s not just guilt. Offo Veer don’t think too much. U know ur drama Queen.”

Dr Veer: “Eat something. (Swara nodes no.) OK then I have to feed u.”

Dr Veer forcefully feeds her but still she is holding that boy’s hand. And Dr Veer doesn’t like it.

In the evening, boy gains conscious.

Swara becomes happy: “R u OK? I mean fine.”

He looks towards his hand which swara is holding. Swara leaves his hand.

Swara: “Sorry. How’s u feeling now? Feeling hungry. Wait let me bring something for u.”

She is about to go but he holds her hand.

Boy: “It’s OK Swara. I need to go.”

He leaves. Swara also goes behind him. Dr Veer who is busy in reading newspaper see him.

Swara: “Wait… I mean. Please don’t be…”

Swara plays with her fingers.

Boy: “I’m not anger at all. That’s was my fault.”

He turns to leave.

Swara: “Wait… I mean. Please Don’t…”

Dr Veer is continuously looking towards Swara’s weird behavior. The way is playing with her fingers in nervousness.

Boy turns back: “I’ll not complain against u.”

He again turns but Swara again stops him.

Swara: “Wait…”

Boy: “Anything left.”

Swara extends her hand. :”I forget to introduce myself. I’m Swara Bose.”

They shakes hand.

Boy: “Nice to meet u Miss Swara.”

Then he again turns to leave.

Swara:”Wait… (He turns back.) Woh u didn’t tell ur name.”

Boy(Smiles?): “U didn’t asked.”

Swara:”What’s ur name?”

Boy: “Sanskar Maheshwari.”

Swara: “Hi Sanskar. Nice to meet u.”

Sanskar: “Now if u give me permission. Can I leave?”

Swara: “Sure.”

Sanskar finally leaves. Swara smiles☺. Dr Veer comes towards her.

Dr Veer: “Swara, he is gone.”

Swara’s phone rings.

Swara: “Hello baba.”

Shekhar: “Shona beta save me.”

Swara: “What happened baba?”

Shekhar: “Ur ma is making Bitter Gourd.”

Swara: “yuk…”

Shekhar: “Come soon and save me.”

Swara(thinks): “If I’ll go home then ma will force me to eat Bitter Gourd.”

Swara: “Sorry baba, actually Dr Veer planned a dinner so I can’t come. Bye.”

Dr Veer looks towards Swara: “Someone was angry on me and now they.”

Swara with puppy face: “U r my best buddy. I’m not angry on U.”

Dr Veer: “OK I’ll make something for u, Miss Drama Queen.”

In Sanskar’s house.

Sujata: “Where were u? I was worried.”

Sanskar: “Ma, I’m alright.”

Lucky and Kavita comes.

Lucky: “Aunty ji, don’t worry he is not a little boy.”

Sujata: “U know his condition then also u r saying this. Lucky u should always with him. (She looks towards Sanskar.) Be careful next time.”

Kavita: “Sanskar tomorrow we need to go Savitri Devi college. They r giving 30 thousand rupees.”

Sujata: “Sanskar don’t do this job. I don’t like people make fun of u.”

Sanskar: “Mom, I’m happy with this work. It’s suits me. I’m not doing any worng thing. I just want to earn money for my Mom happiness.”

Sujata: “Sanskar u please marry someone. Only then I’ll be happy.”

Sanskar (smiles): ” Who will marry me mom? I’m happy like this.”

Sujata: “Everyone needs a companion. God has decided someone for his children.”

Sanskar: “But he forgot me. Mom I have no complaint from anyone.”

He goes inside the room.

Suajta: “Lucky, Kavita do something. I don’t want him like this.”

Lucky: “Don’t worry aunty ji we r alive.”

Kavita: “He will not die alone. I know God has made someone especial for him.”

In Dr Veer’s home.

Swara is continuously talking about the Sanskar.

Swara: “U know what Veer, everything that I wanted to say him don’t know how he got to know.”

Dr Veer: “Hmm…”

Swara: “I mean, is he genius or he know brain reading.”

Then she reminds Sanskar’s words (“It’s OK Swara. I need to go.”)

Dr Veer is hell irritated by it.: “Actually Swara.”

Swara: “U know he knows my name.”

Dr Veer: “Obviously he knows u told him.”

Swara: “No actually in the room he called me swara. That’s mean he know me before…”

Dr Veer: “Enough yrr. Sanskar Sanskar… I mean forget it. U must be mistaken in hearing. And if knows u then who cares.”

Swara: “Hmm… Ok thanks for the Dinner. Meet u tomorrow.”

She leaves.

Dr Veer: “Who is he? He left his impression on Swara. Veer u r thinking too much. But I’m happy because of him Swara forgot her anger.”

Next day…

Swara is waiting for Dr Veer outside the Savitri Devi college.

Swara: “Uff this Veer is too much. Only work work. I’m dam sure today I also missed this movie.?”

Just then her eyes falls on Sanskar who is talking with Kavita and Lucky.

Lucky: “Sanskar, u didn’t tell me where were u yesterday.”

Sanskar: “Lucky, I need to go washroom.”

He leaves for washroom.

Swara: “Oh, Sanskar is working here. Come on Swara let’s give him a surprise.”

Swara hide besides the door.:”I’ll give him a big shock.” She giggles. ?

As soon Sanskar comes out Swara immediately comes before him. And produce a sound.


All of this was soo sudden that Sanskar’s gets a shock.

Swara: “how’s it?”

Sanskar faints down on her shoulder. Swara shocks.

Swara: “What u did? How one can faint just by a noise. May be… May be he is a heart patient… Oh no if he got heart attack.”

She manages to hold him. And brings him outside. She hears Lucky and Kavita’s voice.

Swara: “If they him like this they would definitely kill me. What to do? (She see a room.) Ya it’s good idea.”

She takes him inside the room and make him lay down on the hospital bed.


Lucky: “Sanskar…”

Kavita: “Call him.”

Swara hears this. She takes Sanskar’s phone from his pocket and switches off it.

Lucky: “His phone is switched off.”

Kavita: “Where is he? Now what I’ll say to Sujata aunty.”

Lucky: “U check inside all rooms and I’ll check in the washroom.”

Kavita: “OK.”


Swara: “Now u gone. (She eats her nails.) Now what to do?”

She immediately takes and covers herself and Sanskar with sheet. She hugged him tightly.

Kavita Opens the door: “Sanskar, r u here? (She looks towards the bed.) Who is inside this.”

Swara hugs Sanskar tighly: “God please save me… Please.”

Kavita is about to remove the sheet but Lucky stops her.

Lucky: ” What r u doing Kavita?”

Kavita: “I thought Sanskar might.”

Lucky: “Look at the size of person. And what u think Sanskar would come here to sleep. Yrr it’s hospital. Might be some patient is sleeping. Come out we will search him somewhere else.”

Lucky gets a call.: “Hello.”

Person: “Sir Mr Sanskar Maheshwari.”

Lucky: “Oh, tomorrow meet him in his house. (Lucky tells him the address and disconnects the call.) Kavita now search him.”

They leave.

Swara gets relief. She tries to get up but she hears something. She places her ear on his chest. And listen his heart beat. It’s beating very fast.

Swara: “He is OK. But his heart is saying something. (She again keeps her head on his chest and listen his heart beat.)”

Swara lost listening those beats. She feels something new, seeing the way Sanskar body is responding to her proximity. And she hugs him. She doesn’t know when her eyes gets sleep. Swasan peacefully sleeps in each other arms.?

In the evening. Swasan doesn’t know that whole hospital is searching them.

Dr Veer: “Where r u Swara?”

Lucky: “Sir my friend Sanskar is also missing. He doesn’t go outside.”

Dr Veer: “U don’t worry I’ll search them.”

He calls Swara and hears the phone ring is coming from a room. They come inside the room. Dr Veer removes the sheet. He is shocked to see the scene. Swara is peacefully sleeping with Sanskar. Lucky and Kavita smiles seeing this.

Dr Veer: “When Swara sleeping even if bomb will blast she won’t get up. Lazy girl.”

Dr Veer slowly removes swara’s grips from Sanskar’s body and lifts her in his arms.

Lucky: “Thanks doctor.”

Dr Veer: “No worries.”

He takes swara. And Kavita and Lucky takes Sanskar.

In the night.

Swara wakes up. She feels no heart beat.

Swara: “No heartbeat.”

Dr Veer: “Whose heartbeats?”

Swara: “Sanskar’s…”

Dr Veer: “What???”

Swara finds what she said.: “Hehe? I mean. Everyone have heart beat… U have heartbeat, I have Heartbeat and Sanskar has heartbeat. Hahaha?.”

Dr Veer checks her head: “R u OK Swara?”

Swara: “I’m fine.”

Dr Veer: “Swara What were u doing with Sanskar.”

Swara(thinks) :”What to say? He will be angry on he for troubling Sanskar.”

Swara: “I don’t know Veer. U please don’t ask me anything. Can we talk tomorrow, please.”

Dr Veer: “OK, take care.” He leaves.

Swara: “What can I say? Even I’m not understanding anything… There is something different about Sanskar. Uff don’t load ur mind with too much.”

In Sanskar’s room.

Sanskar keeps his hand on his chest and feels his heart beat.

Lucky: “Who is she?”

Sanskar turns back.

Sanskar: “She!!!”

Lucky: “Who is sleeping in ur arms.”

Sanskar: “I don’t know.”

Kavita: “Don’t make us fool we know u know her.”

Lucky: “She is perfectly fits for u. Made for each other.”

Sanskar: “Guys please.”

Lucky: “But I saw smile in ur face.”

Kavita: “U don’t like her, tell me yes or no.”

Sanskar: “Yes, but I know the reality. Now I don’t want any discussion.”

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      Hey Shree!!!
      If u don’t like Swara what are u dng here?
      Obvio no offense!

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        Hey dear I don’t like swara..but according to the movie the heroine is brutally raped and she slips into coma and I just said don’t do this to Swara…for every girl this is the biggest pain…that’s why I commented…

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