Narcolepsy (My first TS on Dr Veer) part 2 last part

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In Sanskar’s room.

Sanskar keeps his hand on his chest and feels his heart beat.

Lucky: “Who is she?”

Sanskar turns back.

Sanskar: “She!!!”

Lucky: “Who is sleeping in ur arms.”

Sanskar: “I don’t know.”

Kavita: “Don’t make us fool we know u know her.”

Lucky: “She is perfectly fits for u. Made for each other.”

Sanskar: “Guys please.”

Lucky: “But I saw smile in ur face.”

Kavita: “U don’t like her, tell me yes or no.”

Sanskar: “Yes, but I know the reality. Now I don’t want any discussion.”

Next morning.

Sanskar comes out of washroom. He is only in towel. He stands before mirror.

Sanskar: “Sanky u r looking very smart. I’m feeling so jealous of u.”

He hears some giggling voice. He turns back and finds no one. He wears other clothes. Then Sanskar hears some voice. He comes outside. He see a man is holding Swara’s hand.

Swara: “Leave my hand.”

Man: “Shut up u theif.”

Sujata: “What happened Sharma ji?”

Man: “I saw her watching something inside ur home. She is thinking to steal something.”

Sujata: “What?!!”

Swara see Sanskar. She goes towards him. She holds his hand.

Swara: “See Sanku what rubbish this uncle is saying.”

Sujata: “U know him.”

Swara: “Ya mummy ji.”

Suajta smiles after hearing mummy ji.

Man: “But she…”

Sanskar: “Uncle u please leave. It’s our personal matter.”

Man leaves.

Sujata: “Come beta inside. Tell me ur name.”

Swara: “Aunty ji I’m Swara Boss. Sanskar didn’t tell u about me.”

Sanskar(smiles): “Mom u please go. Mom don’t think too much. U go inside.”

Sujata leaves.

Swara: “I know u r shocked to see me here? I’m very smart see I find ur address.”

Sanskar: “Wao, Swara u r so intelligent.”

Swara: “Yup, I’m. But if u will live in company u will also become intelligent.”

Sanskar: “It would be my pleasure.”

Swara continues blabbering. Sanskar smiles seeing her non stop radio.

Sanskar: “Swara u talks too much.”

Swara(thinks): “Hmm how to ask him? Yrr I want to know how he know my name.”

Swara: “Coffee.”

Sanskar: “Sure.”

In the coffee shop.

Swara: “Do u work with Dr Veer?”

Sanskar: “No.”

Swara: “Offo I’m so stupid how did u know Dr Veer. I never introduced u. Actually Dr Veer is my Friend and he is…”

Sanskar: “He is very good person and that day u r riding his scooty.”

Swara mouth opens in U shape?: “How do u know?”

Sanskar: “Same way, as u know my address. Result of ur company.”

Swara (thinks): “Now I’m dam sure. Swara Sanskar knows u and tries to impress u. I think Sanskar loves me. In hospital he acted to be faint. That’s why when I hugged him his heart was beating very fastly. Oh now I know the truth. Wao how clever u r swara. Clap for u?.”

Sanskar: “Ahem ahem. U want to say something. Or shall we leave.”

Swara: “There is something in ur lips.”

Sanskar tires to removes it but Swara holds his hand.

Swara: “Let me do it. (She cleans it. As her thumb touches his lips, his heart starts beating little fast. He holds her hand.)”

Sanskar: “I’ll do it. (He cleans it.) Now OK.”

Swara: “Ya, let’s go.”

On the way.

Swara: “Sanskar what u do?”

Sanskar: “I sleep. And don’t wake up even if bomb will blast…”

Swara: “Haha? same like me. Anyways I’m asking about ur job.”

Sanskar: “Hmm, I rejected from 27 jobs all credit goes to my sleep.”

Swara: “That’s very sad. U don’t feel low.”

Then a group of boys come there.

Boy 1: “Oye Sanskar. Who is she? Ur girlfriend.”

Boy 2: “Arey buddhu (hey stupid) how she can be his girlfriend.”

Boy 3: “But Y Bhai?”

Boy 2: “This Sanskar haven’t gut. (He looks towards girl.) U know mam u r wasting ur time. This Sanskar even can’t able to kiss a girl. How one can stay with him.”

Swara slaps him.: ” Don’t say a word against my boyfriend. And he know how to kiss. He daily kisses me morning, afternoon, evening, night.”

Sanskar is just looking towards blabbering Swara. Who is defending him.

Swara: “Now get lost else I’ll kick u out.”

They leaves.

Sanskar: “Thanks.”

Swara takes his hand and keeps it on her waist.

Sanskar: “What r u doing?”

Swara: “sßsßssh they r still Staring us. Just do as I’m saying.”

Sanskar tries to remove his hand but Swara doesn’t allowed him.

Boy 1: “Yrr this girl is so pretty then how She.”

Boy 2 :”Ya, how Sanskar kissed her.”

Boy 3: “Leave it friends.”

Sanskar: “see we reached home. I think u should leave.”

Swara: “OK, then… (At least say something).”

Sanskar: “Wait… Swara.”

Swara: “Yup.”

Sanskar: “I’m very pleased to meet u. Thanks for ur help…”

Swara: “It’s ok. (She is about to departs. Then she turns back.) Sanskar, Shall we meet again.”

Sanskar: “Depends upon God.”

Swara: “If we really want something then God will definitely help us.”

She leaves.

Sujata: “She is right.”

Sanskar turns back: “Mom.”

Sujata: “Sanskar have u seen her eyes when she looks towards u. It’s something different.”

Sanskar: “But it’s worng mom.”

Sujata: “Sanskar please give it a chance. Think about it.”

As soon as Swara comes inside the house she directly went inside the room and closes the door. Then she Stand before the mirror. It is a long mirror. She keeps her one hand on her waist and another on her heart and closes her eyes.

Swara: “Oh, Now nothing happened then what happened when Sanskar touched here. This heart started beating so fast. Similar like I heard Sanskar’s heart beat in the hospital.”

She smiles remembering past few incidents with Sanskar. She calls Dr Veer.

Dr Veer: “Hello Angry Bird how’s u?”

Swara: “I’m good.”

Dr Veer (thinks): “What happened to her. I called her angry bird even she is answering calmly.”

Swara: “Dr Veer I need ur help. I mean my friend need ur help.”

Dr Veer: “Tell me.”

Swara: “U know my friend. (Yrr he knows my all friends.)”

Dr Veer: “Who? Ragini.”

Swara(If he ask about it to her, what to do… Hmm idea). : “No, kavya.”

Dr Veer (thinks): “Brain eater kavya. I hate her.???”

Swara: “Actually, she is in a dilemma. There is a boy in her life, she met him few days ago. But whenever he is near her she feels something different. Like when he holds her hand. Today he kept his hand on her waist. She feels butterfly in her stomach and don’t ask about her heart.”

Dr Veer(thinks): “Is swara talking about herself. (He reminds a incident when Dr Veer keep his hand on her waist.
Swara: ” Don’t tickle Dr Veer.”
Dr Veer: “I’m not tickling.”
Swara: “But if anybody touches me there I feels he is tickling.”) No Swara can’t tolerate anyone’s touch.”

Swara: “Offo Dr Veer Y r u silent. Tell me solution of her problem.”

Dr Veer: “Ask her to stay away from him for few days then also if he is in her thoughts then…”

Swara (innocently): “Then what Veer?”

Dr Veer: “Then I’m sorry to say. Ur friend is in love.”

Swara: “LOVE? (her heart starts beating.) Really it’s a love.”

Dr Veer: “Ya, our body responds to the touch of the person to whom we love. Beating of heart is the signal. Sometimes it’s infatuation. But sometimes u find its ur true love. Now bye I have to see my patient…”

He disconnects the call.

Swara: “Am I really in love? No first I’ll confirm. From now onwards not thinking about Sanskar, not Saying his name.”

She sleeps but, it’s not so easy. Whenever she is trying to sleep Sanskar is coming before her eyes. She hides her face under the pillow. Again no use. Full night she did this changing side. Keeping pillow. But result is neutral.

Days passed like this. Now Dr Veer is happy because Swara stops talking about Sanskar but now-a-days she is lost in herself.

Dr Veer: “What happened my cahtter box? Y r u unhappy.”

Swara: “Nothing (she tries to smile.) See I’m smiling. Hehe?.”

Dr Veer holds her hand: “I know u better than u. When u r tense u solves this suduko puzzle… Swara is there any problem then ur Dr Veer is here for u.”

Swara: “I know but I don’t know Y I’m unhappy. I’m not feeling good.”

Dr Veer hugs her: “Swara, I don’t feel good whenever u r sad. I have only one Best friend that’s u. This Dr Veer can do anything for u.”

Swara still hugging him: “Dr Veer what is love.”

Dr Veer becomes silent.

Swara: “For love u need to know that person since long time or in few meetings u can love someone.”

Dr Veer: “Love need a second to happen. Sometimes we realise it late. (Like me Swara don’t know when u will see love in my eyes.) No matter how much u try to escape it happens. More u ignore more u will became desperate of it. There is no life without love. (He continuous his talks.) Do u love someone.”

He breaks the hug and looks towards Swara. She is sleeping. He lifts her in his arms and places in the bed. And holds her hand.

Dr Veer: “Swara, ur eyes says u love someone. These days u r so low. If this love is for me I’ll be most happiest person in the world. (He kisses on her forehead.) I love u Swara.”

In Sanskar’s home.

Sujata: “What happened to him these day? Neither he is eating properly nor responding to my questions.”

Lucky: “Even I don’t know aunty.”

Kavita: “U don’t worry I’ll talk to him.”

As soon as Swara wakes up without informing Dr Veer she goes to meet Sanskar. She peeps inside the room through window.


Kavita keeps her hand on Sanskar’s hand.

Kavita: “Sanskar, tell me.”

Sanskar: “I’m fine.”

Kavita: “U can’t lie to me. Till then I’m here u need to worry.”

Sanskar hugs her.

Sanskar: “I need peace Kavita. I can’t…”

Kavita: “Sßsßssh I’m here, lucky ur mom.”

Swara feels bad seeing Kavita so close to Sanskar. As if she took her place in his life. But how she confess her love. What he would think that she falls for him in few meetings. Love is not a joke. “Swara if u love him then let him go.”

She goes inside the coffee shop. Whole evening she spends there. When Dr Veer calls her she simply disconnects it. Dr Veer becomes very tense. But Swara is lost in her own thoughts. Everything she wants either Dr Veer or her father brings that thing for her. But Dr Veer can’t gives her medicine of this pain. Her thoughts breaks when she hears the sounds of horns. She comes out of cafe.

A boy is lying on the road. She finds he is Sanskar.

Swara: “Sanskar Open ur eyes…”

She takes help from others and brings him in her farm house. She places him on the bed.

Swara (while doing his dressing): “U know, most of time I meet u u always in unconscious state.”

Dr Veer calls her. She switches off the mobile.

Swara cares Sanskar’s hairs: “Sanskar, is she pretty than me? I’m not jealous. She is good. And I’m happy. She is taller than me and…”

And Swara hugs him and starts crying.

Swara: “Please leave her. Sanskar I tired very hard to Stay away from u, I tried not to think about u, not to love u. But I failed.”

She looks towards his face. She kisses on his forehead.

Swara(in crying tone): “From the day I saw u. My one part of heart is attached with u. I want to be yours forever. U would think how I could love u in just few meetings. But I don’t have answer. In these day I was just thinking u only u. I thought u love me that’s why u know my name but after seeing u with that girl.”

She cries.? Her tears falls in his cheeks.

Swara kisses him. : “I love u… I love u Sanskar. I can’t love u enough to let u go… I’m selfish. I… I can’t live without u.”

Then she feels his increased heart beat. She keeps her hand on his heart.

Swara: “I know u love me. (She kisses on his chest.) Ur heart only beats for me.”

She hugs him tightly.: “U r my everything. I won’t give u to anyone. U r only mine, mine Sanskar. Swara’s Sanskar.”

She sleeps in his arms.

Next day.

Swara wakes up and finds Sanskar is missing.

Swara: “Was I dreaming?”

Then her eyes falls on suduko puzzle. And Sanskar solved all the puzzles. She smiles thinking about her confession now her heart is feeling light.

Swara: “Yeppiiiii I love him. (She starts dancing.) Oh I forgot to tell this to Dr Veer.”

She calls him.

Dr Veer: “R u OK Swara? Where were u? I called u. I was very much worried. I thought…”

Swara: “Wait Dr Veer let me speak. In my company u started to talk too much.”

Dr Veer smiles to see back old Swara.

Swara: “Dr Veer I’m soooooooooooo happy…”

Dr Veer: “May I know the reason.”

Swara: “Not like this, I’m coming to meet u.”

Dr Veer: “OK I’m in Savitri Devi college and Hospital. U come here.”

Swara: “OK.”

In the Savitri Devi college and Hospital.

Swara immediately hugs Dr Veer.

Swara: “Dr Veer… Dr Veer… I’m happy happy…”

Dr Veer: “Relax my bullet train. Now tell me what happened?”

Knock knock.

Boy: “Sir, ur lecture. He is ready.”

Dr Veer: “U go I’m coming. (Man leaves.) Swara u tell.”

Swara is in 9th cloud.

Swara: “Dr Veer I’m in love. (Her eyes glow in happiness.) I can’t believe I’m in love. I took few time to realise it.”

Dr Veer (thinks): “Thank God finally she realised. Thank u so so much.”

Dr Veer: “Swara… I.”

Swara: “Dr Veer if u will meet him. U will surely like him.”

Dr Veer’s heart breaks in to pieces.: “Swara who is he?”

Swara: “He is Sanskar. My Sanskar.”

Dr Veer: “What? How? I mean did he said he loves u.”

Swara: “No, but what happened? I have heard his heart beat. He loves me. Now I want to marry him. Me, Sanskar our Sweet family.”

Dr Veer: “This can’t be possible. He didn’t told u.”

Swara: “What r u talking about?”

Dr Veer holds her hand.: “Come with me.”

Dr Veer takes in the lecture. Swara see Sanskar is also there.

Dr Veer: “Swara u sit here.”

Class: “Good Morning Sir.”

Dr Veer: “Good Morning class. Meet this guy Sanskar Maheshwari. (Swara looks towards Sanskar but he tries to escape.) Few days ago I was supposed to take this lecture but due to some problems it couldn’t happened. Sanskar come near to me.”

Swara: “What Dr Veer trying to show?”

Dr Veer: “Our today’s topic is narcolepsy and cataplexy. Before going far I’ll give u live demo. (Sanskar looks towards Swara with guilty eyes. He wants to cry but can’t. Dr Veer takes duster. With full force he hits duster in table. Due to sudden loud noise. Sanskar faints down before Swara.)”

Swara immediately runs towards Sanskar: “Sanskar, open ur eyes. Dr Veer see what happened to my Sanskar.”

Dr Veer: “Swara clam down. (He places Sanskar in the chair.)”

Swara: “He is not opening. Dr Veer see na. (Her eyes fills with tears.) Sanskar.”

Dr Veer: “Swara u sit back. Trust me. U believe me. (Swara nodes yes.) Go back.”

Student 1:”Sir what happened to him? How he faint down.”

Dr Veer: “He is not unconscious. Actually he is sleeping.”

All students: “What?.”

Dr Veer: “Yes, Narcolepsy is a sleeping disorder that causes excessive sleepiness and frequent day time sleep attack.”

Swara is shocked.

Dr Veer: “It’s due to loss of hypocretin. 70% of narcolepsy patient suffers from catalepsy Basically Sanskar is a patient of catalepsy.”

Student: “What is cataplexy?”

Dr Veer: “Cataplexy is a medical condition in which strong emotion like laughter, anger… Causes person to sleep ie., sudden collapse.”

Student: “How this can be possible?”

Dr Veer: “Only 0.05% person suffers from this disorder. A sudden shock, too much laughter, instructs his mind to sudden sleep. Even though he is sleeping but he can hears us, he can sense what is happening around him.”

Swara reminds how he calls her Swara.

Student: “So sir he can’t do that thing also.”

Dr Veer: “Unfortunately yes, he can handle any emotion. He falls in love but can’t give love to his partner. And this reason for most of the patient suicide, they hardly survives. He lives emotionless life.”

Dr Veer is continuously looking towards Swara who is not in the condition to react.

Student: “Sir any cure.”

Dr Veer: “Narcolepsy and cataplexy are life long disorders. There is no cure.”

Till the end of lectures Swara remains same posture. After the lecture.

Dr Veer: “Swara, R u OK?”

Swara: “Dr Veer I want to be alone. (She looks towards Sanskar and leaves. She cries.)”

Swara remembers each and every incident.

In Sanskar’s home.

Sanskar reaches home and directly goes inside the room.

Inside the room. Sanskar keeps hand on his chest.

Sanskar: “God doesn’t want that we will meet again. And now she will come for me. For her I’m just like a page in her life. But she doesn’t know How I felt when she hugged me. This heart was ready to come out when she confessed her feelings. Yes she is right my heart only beats for her. (His eyes filled with tears. He wipes his tears.) Sanskar don’t think too much it will hurt u only.”

He looks outside. Feels the breeze. He reminds Swara’s words. “If we really want something then God will definitely help us.” Sanskar smiles.

Sanskar: “See Swara even God doesn’t want that we would be together.”

“Who r u to decide?” Sanskar turns back and finds Swara is standing there. Tears r clearly visible in her cheeks.

Sanskar: “Swara u r here.”

Swara: “U r just shut up. Don’t say a word I hate u.”

Sanskar: “I’m sorry. I want to say but.”

Swara: “What u think Mr Maheshwari, I’ll not love U after knowing truth. I’m hurt because u didn’t believed in my love u thought I’ll leave and that’s u left me. Heard everything, u heard how much I… (She cries?.)”

Sanskar cups her face: “I’m sorry Swara but.”

Swara: “I hate u. Hate u so much.”

Sanskar holds his ears: “Sorry, please forgive else I’ll sleep.”

Swara hugs him. :”Before u could sleep I have something for u.”

Sanskar: “What?”

Swara stands in stool to match his height and cups his face. And kisses him. And our Sanskar sleeps on her shoulder. She smiles. She places him in bed. She kisses on his cheeks.

Swara: “I love my sleepy boy. I know u r hearing everything. I’m going to talk baba about us. So be ready to meet my baba soon. (She kiss on his forehead.) Good Night.”

Sujata see all this. She becomes happy. Swara blushes.

Swara: “Bye mummy ji.”

In Swara’s home.

Shekhar: “What rubbish u r talking Swara. How can u marry him?”

Swara: “Baba, I love him. Please atleast meet him. U will surely love him.”

Shekhar: “OK.”

Swara becomes very happy.

Next day Sanskar comes.

Swara: “Baba, he is Sanskar.”

Shekhar: “Sanskar my daughter loves u a lot but I don’t want u to marry her.”

Swara: “Baba, what r u saying?”

Shomi: “U keep quite Swara. Let ur baba speak.”

Shekhar: “See Sanskar I’m talking straight. Let u keep yourself in my place would u allow ur daughter to marry a person who doesn’t have control over his sleep. I’m not against any religion but I can’t give my daughter to person who can’t able be give her all happiness.”

Swara: “Baba, I love him don’t talk him like this.”

Shekhar: “My daughter is very stubborn. But baby is necessary for carry out generations. I fixed her engagement with Dr Veer. Sanskar I know u r wise enough..”

Swara (shouts): “Baba.”

Sanskar: “Swara ur father is right. Dr Veer can give which I can’t. U r beautiful dream of my life which I can’t get.”

He leaves. Swara tries to go behind him but Shekhar holds her hand.

Shekhar: “Shomi take her to her room.”

In the room.

Swara: “Ma I love him. I can live with him without this.”

Shomi: “Now u r saying but in future u will carved for this. Every women need this. This is the basis of a relationship.”

Swara: “Only s*x. Is this necessary mom. Love is not necessary.”

Shomi: “Swara, s*x is a part of love. It’s necessary beta. Dr Veer can give u This happiness. Think about it.”

She leaves.

Swara: “No I can’t give Dr Veer that right. How could he said yes to marry me. I’ll not leave him.”

Dr Veer is very happy.

Dr Veer: “I’m very happy.”

Swara comes like a Strom.: “Dr Veer. Come out… Dr Veer.”

Dr Veer: “What happened Swara?”

Swara slaps him.: “How dare u? U know I love Sanskar. Then Y said for this marriage. Do u know the meaning of love. I hate u… I hate u…”

Dr Veer hearts breaks ??. He holds her hand.: “Sorry.”

Swara: “What sorry? U can’t understand it.”

Dr Veer: “Swara I seriously don’t know. Shekhar uncle said u want to marry me. From lecture u went without saying anything. I’ll say Shekhar that I don’t want to marry u. But don’t hate me.”

Swara cries.? She breaks down on her knees.

Swara: “I love him. I love him a lot he is my life.”

Dr Veer hugs her.: “I can understand.”

Swara: “U can’t understand Dr Veer. Because U never loved anyone. U can’t understand the pain of separation.”

Dr Veer: “Ya I can’t understand.”?

Swara: “I want him. Please help me. Dr Veer promise me. U solves my every problem. U please give me my Sanskar. Baba said if he could give me that happiness then he will allow me to marry him. (She holds his hand.) Dr Veer I’m begging u. Please do something.”

Dr Veer hugs her: “U need not to beg u just need to order. Dr Veer can do anything for his chatter box. I promise I’ll give ur Sanskar. U will get all happiness in ur life. But u please don’t cry.”

Swara: “Thank you Dr Veer. I promise if u need me to impress any girl I’ll help u.”

Dr Veer: “Sure. Now don’t cry.”

Swara: “Dr Veer when u will fall in love then U will realise this pain, this happiness. This feeling is beyond everything. But how u will know u don’t love anyone.”

Dr Veer: “Swara now u take rest. I’ll find solution.”

Swara: “Thanks Dr Veer.” She leaves.

Dr Veer went inside the room and cries. A lot. He takes his dairy.

Dr Veer: “Swara u said I don’t know the pain of separation but do u know how’s it feels when u get to know u will never get the person to whom u love the most. U r right this feeling is beyond every happiness. I love you enough to let u go.”

Here Sanskar is also unhappy.

Swara: “Sanskar, Y u left me alone.”

Sanskar: “Swara ur father is right. Dr Veer is perfect for u. U should be with him.”

Swara: “Arrey buddhu. Dr Veer doesn’t love me. He will find solution. Everything will be alright. U don’t take tension.”

Sanskar: “But Swara.”

Swara: “I know u won’t listen like this.”

Swara kisses him, Sanskar’s emotion rises. And he sleeps on her shoulder.

Swara: “U know what is the best about u Sanskar, is that. It’s easy to make u quite. Whole life u will listen to me. I know how to close ur mouth.”

She hugs him.: “I know Dr Veer will definitely find some solution. (She kiss on his cheeks.) Love u my cutiepie.”

Next day.

Swara: “Dr Veer tell me. Did u find anything?”

Dr Veer: “Don’t know it will work or not. See Swara instead of finding the state when Sanskar sleeps find a single activity or state when he doesn’t sleeps. Utilize that opportunity. I know uncle will be angry but once u will succeed he will definitely accept it. He only wants ur happiness.”

Swara: “Thanks Dr Veer. U r so good. Soory for my rude behavior.”

Dr Veer: “It’s OK my chatter box. Now go get ur love.”

She leaves.

Swara: “Sanskar tell me, there must be a time I mean anything when u didn’t slept no matter what happens.”

Sanskar: “Swara, I can’t control over my sleep at any condition.”

Swara: “Please…” She becomes sad.

Sanskar: “Wait… Swara. I might sleep inside the bathroom but I never slept while bathing. I mean no matter what happens but if I bath I can’t sleep.”

Swara hugs him.: “Thanks Sanskar. (She holds his hand.) Come with me.”

Swara takes Sanskar in her farmhouse. She takes him inside the bathroom and turns on the shower.

Sanskar: “Swara what r doing?”

Swara: “Swara, this the only solution. (She starts removing her clothes.)”

Sanskar holds her hand: “It’s worng. Ur baba.”

Swara: “I can do anything for my love please Sanskar make me urs. Trust me baba will definitely agree for our marriage.”

Swara starts kissing Sanskar. ?

Swara: “If u love me then make me urs. Please.”

Sanskar cups her face. Smoothly smooch her lips. With more passion. He undoes their dress. He entangles his fingers with her.

Sanskar: “I love u Swara. I can do anything for u.”

Swara hugs him: “I’m urs Sanskar.”

Here consummate. And other side Dr Veer cries.? But he did what he promised to Swara.

Dr Veer: “It’s hurting God. ?”

After making love Sanskar takes Swara in the bedroom. She sleeps. Sanskar takes her in his embrace.

Sanskar: “Thanks for coming in my life Swara. U gave me all happiness. I promise to love throughout my life. I’ll try my best to keep u happy.”

Things gets shorted. After a week Dr Veer tells everything to Shekhar.

Swara: “Sorry baba.”

Sanskar: “It’s my mistake u beat me but don’t be angry on Swara.”

Shekhar raises his hand to slap Swara.

Swara (closes her eyes.): “Baba I’m pregnant.”

Shekhar keeps his on her head.: “Don’t know what should I do. Should I slap u or to appreciate ur dedication. Sanskar my daughter is really mad she made impossible thing possible.”

Sanskar: “Uncle u r not angry.”

Shekhar: “First of all now I’m ur baba. Yes I’m angry. Swara did wrong but it was because of me. I should give ur relation a chance. Always keep my daughter Happy.”

Swasan gets married. Swara gives birth a beautiful girl.

Nurse: “Congratulations Mr Maheshwari. It’s a baby girl.”

Nurse is about to give baby to Sanskar but he sleeps. Dr Veer holds him.

Dr Veer: “He won’t change.”

Swara smiles. After that Dr Veer shifts to another city.

After 3 years.

Swara: “Dr Veer u came yesterday now u r leaving tomorrow.”

Dr Veer: “I have lots of work. I just came to meet Rimjhim.”

Sanskar: “Swara… Swara.”

Swara: “He is calling me. Good Night Dr Veer.”

In the room.

Swara: “Rimjhim, u please sleep.”

Rimjhim: “Mumma, Veer uncle bought colors for me I’ll make my family pic. Give me paper.”

Swara: “It’s too late u sleep.”

But Rimjhim is very clever. When all sleeps she searches all over the house. Finally she finds Dr Veer’s dairy. She makes pic in it.

In night Swara wakes up. She find Rimjhim is missing. She searches Her.

Swara: “What r u doing here Rimjhim? Dr Veer is sleeping.”

She brings her in the room.

Rimjhim: “Mumma see I made our family pic.”

Swara: “OK I’ll see. U please sleep.”

Rimjhim sleeps. Then Swara smiles seeing her drawing. She smiles. She reads name in dairy.


Swara: “Dr Veer what u write in this dairy never shows me. I think u have a secrete love.”

Dr Veer: “It’s nothing like that. I write about my daily activities. Nothing more.”

Flashback ends.

Swara: “Let’s see what Dr Veer wrote.”

Page 1

“Swara, doesn’t know how much she speaks. Chatter box. But I can handle this chatter box.”

She smiles.

Next page.

“Today I was late. And my angry bird. She becomes angry her she looks too cute. Oh god she almost killed a boy. Sanskar, but I don’t like when Swara hold his hand. How can I like I love her. Yes I love Swara.”

Swara becomes shocked.

“Swara u said I don’t know the pain of separation but do u know how’s it feels when u get to know u will never get the person to whom u love the most. U r right this feeling is beyond every happiness. I love you enough to let u go.”

Next page.

“It’s hurting God. Today I lost my love completely. Swara becomes Sanskar’s completely. I just want her happiness. Sanskar is very good boy. I wish they will always remains happy.”

Next day.

Dr Veer is ready to leave.

Swara: “Dr Veer Y u didn’t marries yet?”

Dr Veer(thinks): “How can I marry Swara when I love u.”

Dr Veer: “Leave it Swara. Now I have to leave. Don’t know where is my dairy.”

Rimjhim comes with dairy.

Swara: “Dr Veer what is written in this dairy.”

Dr Veer: “I told u na. About my work activities, people, appointment. Nothing else.”

Swara: “U didn’t write anything about me.”

Dr Veer: “little bit… Like.”

Swara: “Like what?”

Dr Veer: “Like u speaks too much.”

Swara: “And.”

Dr Veer: “And u becomes angry and…”

Swara: “And…”

Dr Veer: “Offo, what and and u r asking like I only wrote about u. Now let me go I’m getting late.”

He turns back and tears started flowing from his eyes.

Swara reminds her words. “U can’t understand Dr Veer. Because U never loved anyone. U can’t understand the pain of separation.”

Sanskar: “Dr Veer u left ur hanky.”

He even doesn’t turned back because he doesn’t want to show his pain.

Sanskar looks towards Swara she is also crying.

Sanskar: “Swara…”

She hugs him.: “He loves me Sanskar. He loves me enough to let me go.”

Sanskar hugs her tightly.


Dr Veer doesn’t get his love but he gains respect in Swara’s heart. She can’t able to love him but never forgets his sacrifice.

This is my TS on Dr Veer hope u guys liked it…

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  1. Sus

    omg mast dialog like always
    he always sleep or he again sleep
    wonderful story i would like to watch if it is in hindi or english

    1. NDSG

      Hindi version name “pyar reloaded ”
      Actor Vijay

  2. Raina

    awesome!! just tooooooooooooo good!!!

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      Thank you dear?????

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    Feeling sad for dr.veer anf i loved his character..each dialogues was superb..amazing.
    Super se upar tha..loved it alot
    Write more on our HEAVENLY COUPLE SWASAN
    Actually i m little mood off..but aftr readng ur ts my enrgy cm back..hehe..
    Loved this ts..
    Is it the same story as d film???or u made any changes..and ppls were sayng ki dont let anythng happn to swara..why??in film what happend to heroin??i m really curious to knw..
    Plz dia tym plz reply to ur readers dat too cute sa lovely readers

    1. NDSG

      Aww thank uuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooo much dear… I’m cute SA reader… Sorry I was busy that’s why I didn’t replied…

      I made changes in it… Actually in movie the heroin is brutally rapped by 4 people… And hero takes revenge of it… And heroin went in coma…

      But this OS is mainly about Dr Veer on-sided love

    2. NDSG

      Or in movie there is no Dr Veer… ???

      Take care cute reader??????

  8. Shiksha

    Good story… The love has 3 views here…. The unconditional one sided love is the wonderful love which is capable of surviving in any condition.. Though it hurts at the same time it heals too… It has the pain but also the happiness within…….

    1. NDSG

      So well said dear… Unconditional love of Dr Veer…

      Thanks for ur lovely comment?

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