Namak Issk Ka 3rd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Yug shows worry for Kahani

Namak Issk Ka 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kahani asks Yug to give her money for the grocery. Saroj says you are so shameless. Kahani says I have the right to ask for money from my husband, she asks Yug to give me money. Dadi says just dance for some people and you will get money. Kahani tells Yug that I don’t care about what they say. Saroj tells Yug to not give her money. Ronak says if she gets addicted to money then she won’t leave. Yug glares at Kahani and takes out money but he gives it to Gunjan. Yug tells Kahani that you are right, the wife has the right to my money but I accept Gunjan as my wife, you can be my compromise but you can never be my wife. Gunjan tells Kahani what she will do now? Kahani says don’t worry about me, I have been an orphan since I was 4 so I will handle myself. Saroj tells Kahani that just leave us alone and do what you want to. She tells everyone to leave now. Iravati asks Patanga and Dolly to prepare food. Kahani takes kids from there. Yug looks on.

Rupa is working in the kitchen with Dolly and Patanga. Ronak comes there and asks them to go and roam around, I will help Rupa. Patanga says there is a lot of work. Ronak says it’s fine, I will help Rupa. Patanga takes Dolly from there. Ronak tries to help Rupa and holds her hand. She pushes his hand away and says you would have helped me before but now I am fine in working alone. Ronak says till when you will live a black and white life? You should have colors in your life, just bring me to my room and I will set everything. He holds her hand and says you are forgetting that I am still your legal husband, I can hold your hand. Rupa says I will scream and call everyone here. Ronak brings her closer and says we are married so no one will care. Rupa says I will call everyone here. Ronak says I am not worried about your threats. Rupa says if you knew me then you wouldn’t be doing this, leave my hand alone. Ronak moves closer to her and says it’s my right to do this, he is trying to kiss her, Rupa calls out to Saroj. Saroj comes there and slaps Ronak. She asks what he was doing with her? Ronak says she is my wife, I can do anything with her. Saroj says now you remember your right? Rupa leaves from there. Saroj says when you were running behind that dancer then you didn’t remember Rupa? If you do this again then I will break your other leg as well, I am filled with anger so if I blast then it will be trouble for you, I can’t even look at you, she shouts at him to leave. Ronak leaves from there. Saroj cries and says God is being unfair to me.

Kahani comes to her room and checks her bag. Lucky tells Rani that he is hungry. Rani says you can spend some time being hungry. Kahani finds some coins in her bag and is tensed. She thinks I won’t get anything with these. Lucky says Yug is like his family, why did you marry him? Rani gives water to Lucky. Kahani tells them that we will play a game. She ties clothes around their tummies and says you have to keep wearing these clothes. I will come back soon. She leaves from there. Lucky says I am hungry, I don’t want to play. Rani stops him and says she tied this cloth so we are not hungry, she is already worried so don’t give her tension.

Kahani starts leaving and is worried about her siblings. She looks at Bhole Nath’s idol and asks him to show a way to her. Yug comes there and sees her crying. Kahani looks away from him. Yug looks at Lucky and Rani, he offers money to Kahani and asks her to bring food for them. I will ask Patanga to bring food for them. Kahani says I don’t need them, why didn’t you give me money downstairs? Yug says because you were asking for the right of being my wife which I can’t give to you, I am helping you right now so you are alive and I can throw you out of this house. Kahani says thank you but I don’t need it. Yug says you were asking for money before too. kahani says I was asking for my right and I would have happily accepted it but now this is a charity and I never take charity. Yug says dancers have honor too? Kahani says you can’t even honor sindoor. Yug says you don’t have a sindoor, it’s just red color, you know I married you because you trapped my brother, destroyed my family so you can’t have any right over me. Kahani says you won’t see what I think and see because you are blinded by money. I am leaving now to get food for my siblings. She leaves from there. Saroj comes there and eyes her. She tells Yug to come for lunch. Yug leaves from there.

Scene 2
All are eating at the dining table but Yug is not. Gunjan asks what happened? He says I am not feeling well and leaves from there. Saroj says I will take food for Yug. She leaves. Iravati says this is all happening because of that dancer’s shadow in this house.

Yug murmurs that she thinks I am giving her charity but she can make money by dancing for other men. Saroj comes there and says dancers have a beauty that can trap men, they can trap men with beauty, poor, or hunger. Men will fall into that trap and think she is the right one, that’s how your father left us, for a dancer. She cries and tells Yug that my own family is against me. First, my husband left me and then my elder son has destroyed his family because of a dancer, I had hopes for you but you are also getting worried about that dancer? If you decide to leave me then I will leave this world. Yug says I am with you, I just got worried about those hungry kids. Saroj says you are playing with fire and it can destroy this house. Yug looks on.

Kahani comes to the market and looks around. She sees a dance club but ignores it. She sees a man bringing God’s idol there. Kahani prays to it and says people respect skills by seeing their money, I am poor so they call me a cheap dancer but if I was rich then I would be called a dancing teacher. I don’t doubt my skill so just give me strength. She finds a speaker there and says God has given me an idea. She comes to the seller and asks if he can play speaker to call out of the buyers? He says I played it but no one came to buy anything since morning. Kahani says just play it, whatever you earn will be yours and whatever is thrown on the flood will be mine. The seller says I accept.

Saroj offers food to Yug but he doesn’t eat. Saroj is stunned. Yug says there are many hungry kids in the world but Lucky-Rani live in this house and they are hungry, I don’t know about others but it does bother me. He leaves from there. Saroj sighs and says he is bothered?

The seller plays music and Kahani starts dancing in the middle of the road. All by-standers start watching her. They start clapping for her and throws money at her. Some goons come there and start dancing around her. Kahani gets surrounded by men and gets a little hesitant but keeps dancing. She tries to move away from them but they come closer to her. Kahani is fainting and a man grabs her. The seller asks him to leave but the goon pushes him away. The goon tells Kahani if she was waiting for them? They eve-tease her, Kahani screams to leave her alone. Kahani pushes them and starts running from there. The goons follow her. Kahani is running and strikes with Yug. He glares at the goons. Kahani is stunned to see him there.

Precap: Yug beats up the men and explain them importance of a wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Sruthi sharma is such a phenomenal actress. So much talent wasted for a crap show

  2. True , this show is meaningless

  3. Yes. Stop this show. So much negligence and violence on kids. If a show shows that to promote awareness, it is at least understandable, but this has no purpose. Only in the name of cheap entertainment. Surprised this is a Gul Khan show, no humor, dull chemistry.

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