Namak Issk Ka 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Rupa and Ronak get divorced

Namak Issk Ka 28th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sceme 1
Rupa says divorce papers? Ronak says I have signed, you too sign as well. Rupa gets teary. She signs them. Patanga sees them and says why is Rupa signing divorce papers? Ronak says thanks for signing the divorce papers. Patanga drops things. He says bhabhi.. You are divorcing? Rupa laughs. Ronak says we were joking. Patanga says I am not a fool. You’re marrying and getting divorced. Rupa says listen.. Calm down. He says I won’t. I came here to give the gift I got surprised myself. He leaves. Patanga comes downstairs. He comes to his wife and says it’s something very important. She says I have a lot of work and leaves. Saroj comes. She also goes to work. Patanga says I am trying to talk. Dolly says he’s joking about romance again. They leave.

Kahani sneezes. She has a cold. Kahani recalls Yug saved her. She says one day or other someone will find out. Patanga comes to her and says no one listens to me here. People think I am an idiot. Please listen to me. Ronak is marrying Rupa on one side and he asked her to sign divorce papers. Kahani is shocked. He says it’s shocking right? Everyone takes me lightly. No one was listening. Please tell everyone. They would listen to you. Kahani says how can I.. He says please come. He takes her downstairs. Patanga says come please didi. He says Yug.. Patanga says Kahani wants to tell you something. Please tell him. Rupa and Ronak come there as well. Kahani looks at them. Yug says tell me what is it? Patanga says let me tell you. Saroj says Yug.. Your dadi and Juhi came. Patanga says to Kahani why didn’t you tell? Ronak says come with me Patanga.

Scene 2
Dadi and Juhi come. She takes a photo of the house. Saroj says I hope you came easily. She says I don’t mind small trobles. She asks Ravat still here? Saroj says Barki didi is Iravati, not Ravat. Iravati says you’re an elder otherwise I would remind you my name. Dadi says the house my son Rishikant made looks like a house from the outside and an orphanage. So many things are inside the house, outdoor things don’t look good in the home. Iravati says it’s the old stuff that bothers you. They make noise. Right, Saroj? Saroj says come Yug meet dadi. He meets and hugs her. Dadi gives blessings to Gunjan.

Ronak brings Patanga to aside. He says I told Kahani everything. Ronak says she knew everything already. Patanga says what is happening? I will tell everyone. Ronak faints him. Rupa says what are you doing? Patanga faints. Kahani says what did you do? he says didn’t die. He will stay like this till I am married.

Saroj says Amma, where is Juhi? Juhi pops confetti and says I am here. She meets Saroj. Saroj says my baby, how are you? You have become so weak. She hugs and meets Yug and Gunjan. She says where are Ronak and Rupa? Iravati says welcome to our house. Ronak says hide him somewhere. Dadi comes in and says what are you doing there? Ronak touches her feet. He sees Patanga’s head. He points to Kahani. Kahani stands in front of him. Dadi says God keep you both blessed. Juhi says to Ronak your love is an example. People in our age keep making up and breaking up. Gunjan holds Yug’s hand and says love only happens once. Dadi asks Kahani who are you? Rupa says she lights up the happiness. Iravati says tell directly, she’s a dancer. Rupa says yes. But she saved my life as well.

Dadi comes to Kahani. She’s scared someone might see Patanga. Kahani touches her feet. Dadi steps back. Dadi says the family is given blessings not market people. Do your work and leave. Saroj says amma let’s go in, get fresh. Saroj asks Dolly to set food. Juhi meets Kahani. Ronak says go get fresh.

Scene 3
Ronak brings Patanga to store. Kahani says what was his fault? Why did you do this to him? Ronak says why are you worried for him? She says you’re disgusting. you kidnapped my siblings, hurting Ronak and did this to Patanga.. I am only helpless because of Lucky and Rani otherwise.. Rupa comes in. She says are you forced to marry him? What were you saying? What did you mean? She looks at Ronak. Ronak says I forced so she can take money from me and educate her sister and treat her brother. I had to force her to take my help. Rupa says is there anything? You can tell me. I am getting this marriage done because you and Ronak love each other. You can tell me if there’s anything. Kahani gets teary. She says no bhabhi. There’s nothing else. Ronak is right. He loves me a lot. I am marrying him with my choice. Are you trying to stop our wedding by asking these questions? Rupa says I won’t do this wedding if I had to break it. She leaves. Ronak says wow, your performance was amazing. As long as I have your siblings, you will marry me. Kahani leaves.

Yug stops Kahani and says I was looking for you in the entire house. Tell me. She says what? Yug says what you came to tell with patanga? Kahani recalls what Patanga said.

Episode ends.

Precap: Dadi throws divorce papers on Irawati and asks her to keep proper updates on her daughter and son-in-law. Irawati is shocked seeing divorce papers. Family asks Rupa for a reason. She says Ronak’s affair. Irawati is furious.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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