Namak Issk Ka 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Kahani meets a lawyer

Namak Issk Ka 25th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ravi tells Yug that I want to do something for my kids but it can’t be done here, I have given pain only to Kahani. If Iravati, Gunjan and I stay here then you both won’t have peace. So let us go. Yug says we are one family. Ravi says we were but now everyone is playing a game, I want Kahani to have a good life with you. I have never done anything for her so don’t stop me now. Yug says don’t take a hasty decision, I will find a solution. Iravati hides and hears all that.

Kahani meets the lawyers but no one is ready to take Rupa’s case. She says only one lawyer is left. Let’s go and meet him.

Iravati says to herself that I won’t leave this house. It was a mistake to keep him alive, Ravi wants to give his wealth to his first wife and daughter? I wanted to get all this wealth but my husband is my enemy. I tried to kill him but it was all useless. She finds Ravi’s photo with a lawyer. She says this lawyer Bhisham Singh never took a bribe from me, this lawyer destroyed my life that’s why I had to throw Ravi’s car from the cliff, I can never forget that lawyer.

Kahani comes to a lawyer’s office, it’s the same lawyer that Iravati hates. Bhisham Singh asks her to leave. Kahani says I wanted to talk about a case. He says I have left law years ago. Kahani says no lawyer is ready to take my case, can you please just hear me out? He asks her to sit and talk. Kahani says my sister.. she had a fight with her husband, she slipped and her baby died. I want to file a domestic violence case for her husband. Bhisham says the court will consider it as an accident. I had an accident too and it took me 5 years to recover, that accident destroyed my career and peace. My life got stopped there but my feet didn’t stop. Whatever happened with your sister was an accident so just move on. Kahani says accidents happen because of some people.

Iravati looks at Bhisham’s photo and says I hope he remembers the punishment I gave him. The flashback shows how she had sent goons behind Bhisham. Iravati says at that time, this lawyer came in my way of life but now this Kahani is stopping me from getting this wealth.

Kahani requests Bhisham to take her case but he says that you need a competent lawyer which I am not.

Iravati burns Bhisham’s photo and smirks. Yug comes there so she hides the photo. Yug says you look tense? Iravati says my daughter destroyed someone’s marriage so I am hurt. I don’t understand what I did wrong with Gunjan that she cheated her best friend. I am a mother whose one daughter is a cheat and another daughter has a bad fate. She cries. Yug asks her to not cry and goes from there. Iravati thinks I know he came to tell me that Ravi wants to leave this house but I don’t have time for all this.

Yug thinks Iravati is already worried, if this house breaks then no one will be happy.

Ronak is watching TV in his room. Iravati comes there and asks if he is enjoying it? You are so useless. Ronak says I am so sad, I just want to eat something, can you sponsor my lunch? Iravati says you lost your baby but you still have foolish thoughts? Kahani is going to file a case against you. Ronak says what? She wants to file a case against everyone around. Iravati says no lawyer will take her case. Kahani is trying to jump high but she doesn’t know she will get hurt.

Yug is looking around for Kahani and asks Rupa but she says don’t worry, she must be around. Yug calls her but Kahani ignores his calls.

Kahani is walking away from Bhisham’s office when feels someone following her.. She starts walking faster and is about to call Yug but her phone drops. A man comes there and is about to attack her.

Yug is worried about Kahani and prays for her safety. He keeps calling her but Kahani comes back home. He finds red color on her hand and asks what is this? She says a kid threw color on me. I dropped my phone so couldn’t call you. Kahani thinks I can’t tell him about the lawyer.

Bhisham keeps thinking about Kahani’s words and how she requested him. He takes out some files and recalls a flashback. He told Ravi to not destroy his family for a dancer (Iravati), he shouldn’t leave his wife and kids for a dancer, why did you give these daughters birth if you didn’t want to be with them? Ravi says you are right, I was about to do a sin. Can you make a will on my wife and daughters’ names? The flashback ends. Bhisham says it means Ravi had an accident too, is he even alive? Kahani’s words had some meaning, I have to help her. He takes out the address she gave him and says I will go and meet her.

The episode ends.

Precap: Family has gathered for dinner. A man rings the door bell. Yug asks who is it at this time? Iravati says she’ll check. She says in her mind, enough drama of daughter-father. She’ll need to do something. She opens the door and is shocked seeing the man.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Don’t even have words on how bad this serial is…

    1. Wenn du das so empfindest, dann schaue sie doch nicht an.

    2. Optimistisch wie immer

      Diese Serie ist mehr als schlimmer. Die weibliche Protagonistin wird zeitweise sogar von ihrem Mann gefoltert und misshandelt. Sogar jeder steckt die ganze Zeit hinter Verschwörungen, hinter dem Rücken der weiblichen Protagonistin. Welche Serie ist schlimmer als diese?

    3. @ Optimistisch wie immer
      Exactly! Thank you for responding. I appreciate!

  2. Hi sir my self mohd habeeb from Hyderabad so I request in a job for serial

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