Namak Issk Ka 23rd February 2021 Written Episode Update: Yug locks Kahani in his room

Namak Issk Ka 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ronak says what is going on in this house? Ronak tells Kahani that Gunjan has been crying so tell us. Gunjan tells Yug that you have married Kahani and proved that you want her. You have forcefully stopped her here. Yug says we have married each other, we made a relationship so she will stay here. Ronak says why do you both have to share a room? Yug says it doesn’t matter as we are married. Gunjan says it does matter, if you accept her as a wife then accept her fully. Dadi says I think Kahani should leave with Lucky and Rani. Lucky says don’t say anything to my sister. Yug tells Ronak that you were asking if I should stay with Kahani as a husband? Kahani starts to leave but he stops her. Yug tells Kahani that your siblings will sleep in the guestroom from now on and you will sleep in my room. Kahani says why? They will stay with me. The servants take Lucky and Rani from there. Yug lifts Kahani in his arms and takes her from there. Ronak says Yug has no shame. Dadi says he has lost all shame.

Yug is taking Kahani to their room. Kahani looks on. He puts her on the bed and says sleep here silently. Kahani says I will leave. Yug stops her and says you have made my life hell so I have a right to control your life. Kahani says you have forcefully married me, you treat me like an animal. Yug says you have forced me to act like that. He closes the room door and puts a sofa in front of it. He sits there and says you will sleep in this room only, I will not let you destroy my life anymore. Kahani says oh God where am I stuck? They glare at each other.

Gunjan looks at the showpiece and says Yug gifted me this. She looks at the soft toy and says I asked Yug to bring this to me, he was so awkward when he was giving me this but I hate this now.. She throws gifts around and says he threw me out of his life so I will throw everything he has given me away. Saroj comes there and asks her to calm down. Gunjan says that dancer took my life and you want me to calm down? Saroj says I understand your situation. Iravati comes there and says your son is doing all this, tell him to stop all this otherwise I will answer him back. Saroj says even I don’t want that dancer Kahani to stay in this house but I had to remain silent because Yug is being stubborn. Iravati says I won’t let my daughter cry like this. Rupa says I trust Yug, if he is doing all this then he must have some reason. Gunjan claps and says he saved your marriage so you trust Yug now? He has broken my trust and heart. Saroj says Yug has broken your trust but not me, trust me that Yug will be yours. She asks Iravati to calm down for some time and I will make everything fine. Iravati says if you are asking then I will give you some days but you know how I am right? Make your son understand that he is wrong. Saroj nods and leaves. Iravati tells Rupa that you are advising others but control your husband first, it’s a woman’s weakness if her husband is not in her control even if the woman has a scar-like you. Rupa leaves from there. Iravati tells Gunjan that I know you want Yug so wait for him but if you lose patience then tell me and I will end the reason of your tears. Ravi thinks that Yug is Gunjan’s challenge now. I just hope that Yug and Kahani remain together.

Yug calls his friend and says I have to sleep on the sofa in my room now. Kahani takes the phone and says you locked me in this room and you are backbiting about me? He asks her to give his phone back. She says I am not going to. Yug tries to snatch it from him. Oh Sajnawa plays as Yug pulls her closer and takes the phone from her hands. Kahani gets shy and moves away from him. She gets angry at him and throws a pillow at him. He pushes them away.

Iravati says Gunjan has patience but not me. That Kahani has made my daughter cry so I will not spare her. Iravati starts doing some black magic and throws color at Yug’s photo. His photo falls down. Otherside Kahani is beating Yug with a pillow, Yug’s photo is about to fall from the wall but Yug pulls Kahani away from it and saves her in time. Yug falls on top of Kahani. Otherside Iravati sees that nothing happened and says that the dancer got saved again? I have to do something about her. Kahani and Yug look at Yug’s photo in the room which is broken. Kahani moves away from Yug and says how did it fall down? Yug says you must have touched it. Kahani says I didn’t touch it. Yug says then it must be a ghost. He asks her to sleep. Kahani says I will go and check on Lucky and Rani. He says no, they are fine so go to sleep.

Lucky and Rani are jumping on the bed in the guestroom. Lucky says this is such a soft bed, we should thank God. Rani says this house is nice but people are bad here, why people are bad with Kahani didi? Lucky says Kahani can win their hearts easily. Rani says we can help her, we can give flowers to everyone in the morning. They both go to sleep.

Scene 2
In the morning, Lucky and Rani bring some roses to the house. Rani goes to bring water. Harsh comes there and asks Lucky what he is doing? Lucky says I am plucking thorns from it. Harsh says we can become friends, I will help you. Ronak comes there and throws the flower away. Harsh says I was helping him. Ronak says you are this house’s heir and this Lucky is the dancer’s brother so throw him out of the house. Lucky says we will leave. Harsh says it’s bad to push people away. Ronak asks Lucky to get lost with his flowers. Lucky leaves from there. Ronak tells Harsh that these kinds of kids are useless, you can push him. Harsh glares at him. Ronak says do you remember how your Yug chachu was talking to Kahani? He was pulling her because she is not a nice girl so her brother is not nice as well. You want to be like Yug right? So go and push him hard. Harsh nods and pushes Lucky forcefully. Lucky falls down and cries. Rani comes there and asks if he is fine? She asks him to not cry. Lucky says I am hurt.

Kahani is still in the room, she asks Yug to wake up, he is fast asleep and doesn’t wake up. Kahani says Lucky is crying outside. She throws water at Yug and says good morning, she pushes the sofa and leaves the room.

All family members come in the lounge and ask waht happened? Ronak says Lucky was hurting Harsh so Harsh pushed him away and he fell down. Lucky says Harsh wanted to be my friend but Ronak provoked him. Iravati says good going Harsh, they don’t deserve any respect. Dadi tells Harsh that they are nothing in front of you. Iravati tells Harsh to push them whenever he wants. Kahani comes there and says wow you are teaching nice things to the kids.

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