Namak Issk Ka 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Saroj meets her husband’s other woman

Namak Issk Ka 20th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj comes to a house. She thinks my husband left me for this place and now I have to go inside. I never wanted to see this woman, today I have to confront her because of Yug only. Saroj sighs and goes into the house. In the house, a woman dancer Suraiya is introduced. Suraiya looks at herself and says you are still beautiful. Saroj comes to the lounge. A servant asks who she wants to meet? Saroj says Suraiya Begum. The servant comes to Suraiya and says someone has come to meet you. Suraiya comes to Saroj and says I didn’t recognize you? Saroj turns and glares at her.

Kahani comes to Yug and asks if he told anything to Gunjan? Yug says no, I tried but I couldn’t tell her, I promise you that.. Kahani says I know you want to accept me in front of everyone but you know love makes a way for itself so don’t worry. Now come and have lunch with me. She pulls him from there.

Saroj tells Suraiya that I am the woman whose husband you took, whose husband you lured and took from me. Suraiya smirks and says I don’t need to lure anyone as people fall down for me. Saroj says you are right, just to remind you that you took away my sindoor, my kids’ childhood and my family’s happiness. You won’t understand that pain. Suraiya says I wear my ghungroos with pride, beauty can make even sky bow down and you are asking the beauty to bow? How come you are here? Did you come here to get your husband back? Saroj says the person who didn’t remember us is not needed in my family. I am not here for my husband but for some other work. Suraiya asks what? Saroj says you took away father from my son but they share the same blood, it’s showing the same symptoms, he has fallen for a dancer too. He got married with her as well. My husband left me and destroyed my life, now my son is following the same path. I was silent as a wife but now I am a mother so I won’t remain silent. She opens a briefcase and throws money there.

Kahani makes Yug eat with her own hands. He feeds her too. More Piya plays as they both share food.

Saroj tells Suraiya that I will get more money for you, you just have to make my son understand that a dancer can’t make a family. You have to make that girl understand that she can earn some money by trapping my son but if she leaves him then she will have raining money all her life. She says this deal is between us so I want my son to not know about this.

Kahani teases Yug while feeding him food. Yug laughs.

Saroj asks Suraiya to answer her. Suraiya says your work will be done. Saroj starts leaving but Suraiya stops her and says you didn’t tell your husband’s name? Saroj glares at her.

Yug tells Kahani that I will make everything fine soon, then we won’t need to meet like this. Kahani says I am lucky to romance with you while hiding from others.

Saroj tells Suraiya that your house, every item here knows the name of my husband. You have destroyed many families but you don’t have conscious to feel guilty. I didn’t come here to tell my husband’s name but to make a pact with you, you just have to separate Yug and Kahani in a way that they never reunite. To be honest I trust your talent with this. She leaves from there. Suraiya looks at the money.

Yug tells Kahani that if we were friends from childhood then we would have done romance in college too. Kahani thinks we were friends from childhood but I will tell you when his family accepts me. Kahani says it’s good that we didn’t meet in the college days as you still don’t know how to romance. Yug pulls her closer but hears Gunjan coming there. She comes into the room but Yug-Kahani hides behind the door. Gunjan starts leaving from there but Yug sneezes so she starts coming back. She comes into the room to find Kahani there alone. She says what are you doing in Yug’s room? Kahani says I am eating noodles here, you people keep taunting me so I hid from everyone. Yug hides and sees all that. Saroj comes there and says why are you hiding here? Yug says uh… Saroj says did you do something wrong? Yug says no, it’s not like that. Saroj says your father started playing games which destroyed our family. You have started playing the same game, if you stop this in time then we might be able to save this family. She leaves from there. Yug looks on. Gunjan says I don’t know where Yug is. Kahani says he must be around, don’t worry. Gunjan says this world is bad but you are the worst. My Yug is lost in this house, we went for a drive and he was driving so carelessly. I know it’s all because of you, when you leave then he will become fine again. I will change Yug with time. She leaves. Kahani thinks love is not about changing but accepting a person as Yug accepted me.

Kahani gets a call from Suraiya and says Chamcham Rani you have come a sword? Why are you destroying Yug’s live? Kahani says who are you? Suraiya says just come and meet me tonight otherwise I will get you. Kahani says why tonight? just tell me where to come right now. Suraiya tells her the address.

Yug gets a call from Suraiya who says that if you want Kahani safe then come to this address. Yug says who are you? Suraiya says just meet me in some time. Yug says I am coming right now. He leaves from there.

Saroj says I will forget every insult, pain from Suraiya and bless her if she does this work for me.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I think Kahani should tell Yug atleast that they are freinds 😍😍😍😍.

    1. Yea… Same here so he will have more reasons to stand by her

  2. the new caractere Sauraiya is it a positive caractere or negative ?

    1. Ogwuche ogboji Victoria

      Suruiya is a positive character

    2. Ogwuche ogboji Victoria

      Suraiya is positive

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