Namak Issk Ka 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Saroj plots against Yug and Kahani

Namak Issk Ka 19th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj introduces Gunjan and Rupa as her daughters-in-law to the priest. He says but only Rupa is your daughter-in-law? Saroj says no, Gunjan got married to Yug. The priest says then why she is not wearing sindoor? Saroj says her marriage couldn’t complete because of someone’s curse. The priest says her marriage won’t complete as that’s fate. Rupa says you blessed them both so why are you saying this? The priest says time changes, what was right in the past is not right in the present. Gunjan says I am sorry but Yug and I love each other and nobody can change that. The priest says but you can try to understand that Yug is not your fate but your habit, it will be difficult to leave a habit but not impossible. Gunjan says who are you to decide that? Please go from there. Rupa asks Gunjan to calm down. Gunjan asks him to get lost and don’t come back. Rupa says sorry on Gunjan’s behalf. Gunjan says no one can come in between me and Yug. The priest says fate is already in between you both. Gunjan says I will snatch him from fate. The priest says love is about patience and not about snatching, this shows Yug is not your love but your stubbornness. He leaves from there. Dadi says this is all happening because of this dancer. Yug comes there. Saroj thinks Yug and Kahani got married yesterday and the priest was here today? This can’t be a coincidence. Yug asks what happened? Gunjan says the priest came here and was saying some rubbish, I told him that you are mine and will remain mine. I did the right thing? Yug nods. Saroj thinks I know Yug well and I know why the priest was here today.

Yug tells Kahani that we might have to tell Gunjan the truth. Kahani says she will get angry, what if she realizes on her own that you are not made for each other? Yug says I can pretend to be a bad guy in her eyes and she will break up with me. Saroj calls Kahani.

Kahani comes to Saroj. Saroj says you were right, we were blaming you for Ravi’s accident but we are clear now that you were not responsible. Yug says what’s the matter? Saroj says I have called Ravi’s doctor. The doctor comes there. Saroj says tell them all. The doctor says I went to meet Ravi at the farmhouse just before his accident. His BP was high and he wrote a note. He gives the note to Yug. Yug reads that Kahani is destroying Gunjan and Yug’s relationship, I want to meet her and request her to leave the house. Saroj says Ravi wanted to meet her, I know you were staying here so Ravi will wake up and tell everyone that you are innocent but we all know you are innocent so you can leave the house now. You know we call dancers like you at the wedding to bless the couple. She makes Yug stand with Gunjan and says when they get married properly, Kahani has to come to bless them. Saroj thinks Yug thought I would remain silent? He can’t win against me with his tricks. Gunjan asks Kahani to pack her bags and leave. She holds Yug’s arm. Dadi asks to go away. Kahani asks Rani to bring a pen and paper. She does. Kahani writes something and gives it to Yug. Yug reads that my family makes me scared, only Kahani takes care of me so I want to request her to not leave this house. Yug says what is this? Kahani says I just want to say that if a leftie can write with a right hand then writing becomes the same. She tells Saroj that why you are in a hurry? When Ravi wakes up then he will tell the truth to everyone. It’s my right to prove myself innocent with respect, please don’t do favors on me. Dadi says you are not doing anything to reach the truth. Kahani says I will try, she asks Yug to go to the farmhouse and bring the CCTV footage. We will know when this doctor went and met Ravi. Saroj says it means you are saying the truth and we are not? Kahani says it depends on the proof, she asks Yug to bring the CCTV footage. Saroj asks Yug why he is silent? It feels like she is not an outsider but your wife, is there something like that? You are my son but you are silent? She leaves from there. Dadi asks the doctor to leave. Gunjan tells Yug that Kahani is staying in this house forcefully so anybody can lie to throw her out. All leave from there. Yug asks Kahani to not feel bad about Gunjan’s words, you are staying in this house with my permission and you have a right to stay here. I can live without food and air but not without you. I just want my family to stop trying to throw you out. Kahani says Maa did what she thought was right. Yug says I feel you do everything right. How did you know there is CCTV at the farmhouse? We didn’t know the address. Kahani says I didn’t know but I just said what I thought. Yug says what? I didn’t know my wife is so smart. He pulls her closer, Kahani says anybody can see us. She laughs and runs from there.

Scene 2
Saroj comes into the kitchen, Dolly is coughing so Saroj asks her to leave. Saroj says Yug is following the wrong path, how to bring him back? Rupa comes there and says Yug is part of your heart, he is with you only. Saroj says I am not blind, I can see everything. Rupa says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Saroj says I will trust your words. She asks her to not worry. Saroj thinks whatever is happening is wrong, I have to go to the place where this all started, the place where I never went.

Rani asks Kahani why Yug is scared of Gunjan? Can’t he tell her that you are his wife. Kahani says he is not scared, he just doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He remembers his father left him but he also remembers his father used to love him. He is a good man that’s why I love him. Rani says he is the best and you are too. Rani tells Kahani that anyone would be angry in your place but you are so nice and not jealous of Gunjan. You are the super best. Kahani says I am lucky to get siblings like you. Now I have got a good husband too, you will see soon the whole family will listen to Yug. Rani says you love him a lot. Kahani laughs.

Yug and Gunjan are on the bike. Yug is driving fast. Gunjan gets scared and asks him to stop. He stops. Gunjan asks why he was driving so fast? Yug says I want to tell you something, I don’t know how but it’s important. She says what happened? Yug says I always want to drive fast and I want my wife to not be scared of it but hold me tightly. If you sit behind me then you will not be happy and I will not be happy either, it will be a compromise. I don’t want to compromise, I want to love and marry which I have done. I have married Kahani, she is my love and now my wife. I didn’t want to fool you that’s why I am telling you this, you will always be my friend but I have given my heart to Kahani. I will find a good boy for you. Gunjan cries and says you married her? Do you love her? Yug nods. Gunjan takes a knife from a seller and says you ended everything, I will kill myself. she stabs herself… it all turns out to be Yug’s dream. Gunjan asks Yug what happened? Why were you driving so fast? Yug says sorry. Gunjan says let’s have coconut water, Yug says I am not in the mood. Gunjan says don’t say no, we used to go out all the time before. Yug looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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