Namah 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Narayan Liberates The Vedas

Namah 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Horse from raja Manu’s boat jumps into ocean. Shristi asks Brahmadev who was this third horse. Brahmadev asks what are horse’s qualities. Shristri describes its speed, power, etc. Brahmadev says horse’s one more quality is to check depth and speed of water, Narayan took horse Higriv’s avatar to free vedas. Horse swims and reaches deep under see venue where Madhu and Ketup have kept vedas captivated. Madhu and Ketup get greedy seeing a beautiful horse who can swim. Ketup says he will gift it to maharaj Bali and get reward. Madhu says its his horse and when he tries to catch horse, horse disappears. They both try hard to catch horse, but it disappears repeatedly. They both decide to catch it together and then gift it to maharaj Bali and become senapati together. Madhu catches horse and asks Ketup to bring rope soon.

Vedas chant Om Namo Narayan and discuss that Narayan will definitely come to help them. Madhu and Ketup bring horse, tie it, and laugh on vedas that Narayan will not come to help vedas and they will end vedas now. Madhu asks Ketup to bring his weapon. Ketup says he forgot it. Madhu says they will bring weapon and kill them, they both walk away laughing to bring weapons. Vedas continues praying Narayan. Horse says he came to help them and is Narayan, it is time to take them back to their creator. Shukracharya while meditating notices this and thinks he will not let Narayan free Vedas. Before he reaches venue, Narayan takes Vedas with him. Madhu and Ketup return boasting that they are very intelligent like guru Shukracharya says. Shukracharya scolds them that horse was Narayan and took vedas by trick.

Narayan hands over vedas to Brahmadev. Vedas run and hug Brahmadev. Brahmadev requests Narayan to get into his real form from Higriv form. Narayan says knowledge is to share with everyone, one should analyze whom they are helping and not fall prey for the tricks like Madhu and Ketup did. Madhu and Ketup fall on Shukracharya’s feet and apologize. Shukracharya says it is not their mistake as Narayan tricked them and took vedas with him. Madhu and Ketup go into flashback where Narayan rests peacefully and Devi Lakshnmi says she will wait until he wakes up. She hears Madhu and Ketup troubling people and people pleading Narayan for help. She punishes them to turn back to dirt as they are born from dirt. Out of flashback, Madhu and Ketup fume that devi Lakshmi didn’t spare them at all. Shukracharya suggests them to kill Manu and Satrupa and end humanity. Devi Lakshmi senses that and tells Devi Saraswati that even Narayan has to go through tests to prove himself.

Precap: Lakshminarayan go through tests to prove themselves.

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