Namah 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Kali Poisons Prajapati Daksh’s Mind

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Namah 4th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samay dev tries to freeze time. Narayan asks him what is he doing. Samay dev apologizes him and says he cannot let the unforeseen event happening, reminiscing Shakti sacrificing herself. Narayan says his duty is to move and let Mahadev and sister Shakti decide what should happen. Samay and Narayan look at moving windmill. Devi Lakshmi selects dress for Narayan and says he will look most handsome in Prajapati Daksh’s sabha.

Kali selects krodh/anger alankar mani/pearl among 6 alankar. Mrityu asks how will he get krodh alankar. Kali says his mother thinks he is incompetent and cannot find alankar, but he will get it for sure. Mrityu asks how will he get it. He says he will increase sins in the world so much that all 6 alankars, even Mahadev and Narayan became powerful with tapasya; his duty

is to multiply a simple issue into big problem. Shristi asks Brahmadev what is alankar. Brahmadev says it is the evil nature which everyone possess in small amounts, Kali wants to use it in his favor to achieve his goal. Mrityu asks Kali whom will he target. He says he will target Prajapati Daksh and make him insult Mahadev, Daksh is still angry on Mahadev as he being a aghori married Shakti and took her away from lavish life.

Prajapati Daksh orders his mantri/minister to make lavish arrangements to greet his guests. A belpatra falls in front of him. Servant picks it with great respect and shows it. Minister also respects belpatra and says it is a sign of Mahadev’s arrival. Daksh’s wife Prasuti also pays respect. Kali murmurs in Prajapati Daksh’s ears if he will respect a aghori who took away his daughter from him and is forcing her to live a tough life. Prajapati Daksh angrily throws belptra and shouts not to let Mahadev in front of him as he took away his daughter from him. After sometime, Mahadev with Shakti, Narayan and Lakshmi reaches. Shakti meets her mother who shows concern asking how she stays on Kailash mountain without any luxuries. Shakti says when half moon takes permission from Mahadev before emerging and all gods respect him, how can she be unhappy with Mahadev, she feels very lucky to marry him.

Prajapati Daksh greets his guests and touches all devta’s feet. When he reaches Mahadev, Kali brainwashes him that Mahadev is his son-in-law/SIL and should touch his feet instead. Prajapati Daksh stands up and extends his feet. Brahamadev angrily asks why is he insulting Mahadev, it is like insulting all tridevs. Prajapati Daksh says Mahadev is his SIL and should respect his FIL, let him see if Mahadev is sanskari or not.

Precap: Daksh insults MNahadev and insists him to touch his feet, he challenges that he will organize one more sabha where he will call all scholar/gyanis except Shiv. Shiv takes his rudra avatar. Voiceover questions if Kali will succeed in getting krodh alankar.

Update Credit to: MA

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