Namah 31st October 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhu, Ketup Kidnap Vedas

Namah 31st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi Lakshmi asks Narayan how will she identify him in new avatars and requests to enlighten her with his avatars. Narayan says when sins increase betwee Satyug and Kalyug, he will take avatars and showing his different avatar says its time to take his first avatar. Vedas are busy playing with ball under the protective barrier when Madhu and Ketup walk to them. Ball falls out of barrier, and they request Madhu Ketup to throw it to them. They ask to come out and get it themselves. They say they cannot get out of this barrier. Madhu and Ketup say they will come to them and try to enter barrier, but are thrown away. They then start fighting with each other and Ketup falls down injured and pleads vedas to come and help him. They say they cannot cross their barrier. He says they are also same like his illiterate asur brother. Rig tries to walk out when other 3 vedas stop him and asks not to go out as it may be Madhu and Ketup’s tricks. Rig says even then they have to follow dharma and walk out with other 3 to help Madhu. Madhu and Ketup kidnap them and throw them in jail. They ask if vedas are not afraid of them. Vedas say they are scholars and are protected by Narayan, they are sure Narayan will free them.

Devi Lakshmi asks Narayan if he will not help vedas. Narayan says his duty is to fight with adharma and make people realize about their inner power to fight with evil, but he will not end evil. Mahadev starts tandav/dance seeing vedas being jailed. Devi Lakshmi requests Narayan to stop Mahadev, else he will destroy whole world with his anger. Narayan reaches Mahadev and stops him. Mahadev says when vedas and darma are captured, there is adharma all over the world and it is better to destroy the whole world. Narayan says he is following his duty, but should calm down and give him 7 days to change the world. Mahadev says he will respect his requests and will give him 7 days, but even after that if adharma increases on earth, he will create flood and destroy world.

Raja Manu with his wife disguised as common citizens walks in his dynasty and sees adharma allover with people Poojari not letting poor inside temple and allowing only rich people in. When questioned poojari says wealth is dharma now and shows how pooja flowers are being sold, women are harassed, water being sold, etc.. Manu sadly walks towards his palace when Narayan as potter stops him by addressing his name. Manu asks how does he know its him. Narayan says seeing his concern by watching praja’s adharma. Manu says he will go to palace and send army to punish all adharmis. Narayan says he can punish the body but not mind and gives an example of misshaped lamp because of overused wheel, so he has to correct wheel or change it. Madhu reaches palace and gives responsibility to his son and goes in exile to pray Narayan to seek help from him.

Precap: Narayan as fish gets into Manu’s hand. Manu keeps fish in a pot, fish’s size keeps increasing due to wand it asks Manu to keep it in a much bigger place.

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