Namah 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Samudradev’s Unbirdled Fury

Namah 27th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Narad asks Narayan whom he is preparing flower veni for. Narayan says it is a gift for the one who prepared his idol with shanks/seashells by collecting them one by one and asks him to give it to Samudradev’s daughter Alakshmi. In palace, Alakshmi sees many beautiful jewelries and gifts coming to her room and thinks it may not be mother’s, then Narayan must have sent these gifts. Sri walks to her parents, Samudradev says he was waiting for her, since she has grown up he has arranged her swayamvar and asked all contenders to send special gifts and whoever’s gift she likes, he will get her married to him. Shankaracharya and Bali say it is father’s duty to get his daughter married on time, so she should let her father perform his duty. Sri agrees. Alakshmi gets jealous and fumes that her father did injustice to her and is getting her younger sister married instead of her. Narad emerges and says Narayan has sent a gift for her. Alakshmi excitedly asks to show it. Narad shows veni. Alakshmi gets more angry and throws veni away shouting she prepared Narayan’s idol with great hard work, but he sent her this cheap veni. Narad says if she cannot respect Narayan’s gift, Narayan cannot be in her heart.

Samudradev meets Narayan and says they both crossed their limits by visiting each’s places uninvited and he is sorry for that. Narayan asks him not to be apologetic. Samudradev says tomorrow is Sri’s swayamvar and Narayan shouldn’t either attend or send gift to her. Narayan promises.

Maid pass by Narayan’s veni carrying flowers for swayamwar and drop flowers on veni by mistake. They pick veni with flowers and keep it at the venue. Lady who decorates flowers sees veni and throws it away which falls in swayamwar gifts and maids keep it along with gifts. Sri’s mother gets her ready and asks if she will not complete her alankar as usual. Sri says maybe today she will complete her alankar with swayamwar gift and select her life partner. Once she leaves, Bali tells Alakhsmi that Sri will be married and Alakshmi will get Narayan.

Swayamwar starts. Bali hopes Sri choses his gift. Sri checks all gifts and seeing veni and its pleasant smell picks it. Narayan senses it and thinks he can smell something which he knows well.
Samudradev says his daughter selected her life partner and whoever he may be, he will get him married to Sri; he shouldn’t be Narayan though. He touches veni and via his superpowers realizes its Narayan gift and shouts Narayan tricked again and sent his gift. Narad emerges and says Narayan didn’t trick anyone, he sent veni to Alakshmi and not Sri. Sri asks Samudradev why he hates Narayan whom whole universe prays. Samudradev says Narayan killed her elder brother shank.

Precap: Lakhsmi confronts Narayan for killing her elder brother shank and decides not to see his face in life.

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