Namah 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Laxmi, Narayan’s Divine Bond

Namah 26th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Narayan walks to Laxmi hearing her playing bansuri. She asks what is he doing here as her sister had called him. He says yes, but he couldn’t resist himself after hearing her divine music and says her music is incomplete and let him complete it. She hands over bansuri to him. Narayan plays bansuri which Sri enjoys. Mahadev with Parvathi hears Narayan’s bansuri and stands up. Parvathi asks where is he going. He says Narayan and Sri have started music, someone has to go there to dance. Parevathi says she is his wife and will not let him go alone. Mahadev says let us go. They reach the venue as common human couple. Parvathi seeing tears in Mahadev’s eyes asks reason. He says these are tears of joy and his yes were waiting to see this scene from ages. He plays drum while Narayan and Sri dance together in their imagination. All gods enjoy their raasleela/dance. Alakshmi seeing Narayan and Sri together angry breaks kheer plate and walks away. Sri and Narayan get conscious. Sri asks what is she doing here, she shouldn’t have been here. He asks if she will not feed him. She agrees and seeing broken plate says didi had prepared kheer with so much love, but plate is broken now. Narayan says even a bite can make him satsified. She feeds him. He enjoys and says it is so tasty, even she should taste it. He extends kheer to her when she realizes Alakshmi must be angry and rushes back towards home.

Alakshmi back home angrily breaks things. Sri returns and nervously says she.. Alakshmi shouts she trusted Sri, but Sri snatched everything since child and today she is snatching her love Narayan from her. Sri says it is not true. Alakshmi asks then why did she interfere between her and Narayan and asks her to promise Narayan will be only Alakshmi’s love and Sri will never come between them. Sri promises her.

Mahadev walks to Narayan and asks if he will not feed his disciple. N arayan says she has gone already. Mahadev says if she has gone, he can go to her. When Alakshmi is sound asleep at night, Sri sees a fly disturbing her sleep, so he catches fly saying this is not her place and leaving it outside palace asks to go and enjoy in jungle. Narayan emerges and says he had to take fly’s help to reach her. Alakshmi wakes up not finding Sri and hearing someone speaking outside walks to them. Narayan seing his idol says someone has made it with shells with so much love, who is it. Alakshmi walks in and says she prepared it and asks Sri to speak. Sri says didi prepared it by just imagining him even after not knowing who he is. Sri says she thinks of only Narayan and asks him to accept it as a gift and take it to Kailash. Narayan accepts it. Alakshmi asks a return gift. Narayan agrees. Alakshmi says let us go back before father wakes up. Samudradev seeing them with Narayan and thinks he will not let Narayan trick him again.

In Kailash, Narayan prepares flower veni. Narad walks to him and asks why is he preparing veni. Narayan says it is for his disciple Alakshmi and asks him to go and gift it to her.

Precap: Samudradev arranges Sri’s swayamvar and says whoever’s gift she likes, she will get her married to him. He meets Narayan and asks him to promise that neither he will attend Sri’s swayamvar nor he will send her any gift. Narayan promises.

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