Namah 20th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Laxmi Receives A Gift

Namah 20th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Brahmadev continues story that years passed, powerful asurs continued to punish weak gods, so Narayan to maintain balance continues to fighting with asurs and saving gods. An asur is about to attack Indra dev when Narayan kills asur with sudarshan chakra and saves Indra. Indra with other gods thank him. Narayan returns to vaikunta after spending whole day fighting and feels something is missing there. He senses Lakshmi’s presence and her voice. Narad comes to meet him and he asks Narayan if he has forgotten something here. He picks dry Laxmi’s flowers and says these flowers are dry, but their smell is still intact and whose flowers are these; he feels as if someone used to stay here, but now all rooms are empty and nobody swings on swinger. Narad says he knows well that time cycle repeats and goes on, one that was flowing here must be flowing somewhere else.

Laxmi as Sri is seen running in her ocean land and picking shanks happily. Maid calls her saying food is ready. Sri hides shank under flowers and walks to her parents. Her father Samudradev asks where was she. Her elder sister Lakshmi says she has gone to the restricted area. Sri pleads not to say anything and shows flower basket. Father praises Sri which irks Lakshmi who makes father angry. Father walks away without having food. Mother scolds Laxmi and asks her to go and serve food to Sri. Laxmi fuming walks to Sri’s room with food thinking she even has to serve food to Sri. Sri is busy making Narayan’s idol with shanks. Laxmi asks whose idol is this. Sri says she doesn’t know. Laxmi says she knows father hates shanks.

Mahadev asks Parvathi till when Narayan and Sri have to be separated, when will they meet and walk 8 steps. Parvathi picks a flower and asks what he feels about it. He asks why is she asking this. She asks him to just answer her question. He says it is odorless. She says flower is picked before time, hence it is odorless, similarly time has to come for Narayan and Sri to meet.

Sri is busy decorating idol when her parents walk in with Bali and Shankaracharya. She hurriedly hides idol room and walks out. Father says Raja Bali brought her a gift. Bali says for a beautiful lady, he got beautiful pearl necklace. Laxmi asks where is her gift, even she stays here, there should be equality. Father scolds her not to insult guest. Sri offers her necklace. Father praises Sri and scolds Laxmi more. Laxmi says they don’t know what Sri is doing and shows shank idol. Father fumes that he warned shanks are not allowed in his palace, Sri disrespected him and broke his trust. He continues scolding Sri while Laxmi smirks.

Precap: Devi Parvati invites Narayan for Kailash utsav/festivsl to meet Lakshmi, but Bali creates hurdles. Voiceover asks if they both cross hurdles and meet.

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