Namah 19th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Devi Laxmi is Reborn

Namah 19th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi Laxmi asks Devi Yogmaya to erase her memories from Narayan’s brain as she doesn’t want him to remember her in pain. devi Yogmaya asks if she knows what she is requesting. Devi Laxmi says she knows. Mahadev asks Devi Laxmi how can she erase her memory from Narayan’s brain as her memory and live him in much pain. Devi Laxmi says Narayan is forgetting his duty in her memory, so she wants him to follow his duty first; today he couldn’t hear devraj Indra’s plea and may not hear whole world’s plea, so it is better he forgets her and perform his duty. Mahadev says she will forget Narayan after she is reborn, but Narayan may not remember her again. Devi Laxmi says he will remember when time comes, but now it is important that he performs his duties.

Narayan prepares flower gajra and brings it for Devi Laxmi. He sees devi Yogmaya and asks where is Devi Laxmi. Devi Yogmaya asks who Laxmi. Narayan imaging Devi Laxmi says one who is born from his heart, whose feet turned Vaikunta into greenery, who is present here in 8 forms, who helped in as Kalyani in his matsya avatar. Yogmaya says it is just his imagination and he needs deep sleep. She touches his head and erases Devi Laxmi’s memories from his brain.

Devi Laxmi walks to Narayan. Narayan asks who is she. She says she is Mahadev’s sister and came to take his permission as she is traveling far away. He asks why is she taking his permission. She says since he is Mahadev’s respectable, she is taking his blessings and permission. He sees her without bangles, kajal, etc., and asks why her make up is incomplete. She says someone has promised to complete her makeup. Narayan hears someone pleading for help and leaves with his Sudharshan chakra. Mahadev sadly tells Yogmaya that he is very sad seeing Narayan and Devi Laxmi separating. Yogmaya says if they both together walk 7 steps, their memory will be back, but they will be separated for centuries before that.

Narayan gets busy fighting with asurs and protecting devtas. Raja Bali tells Shukracharya that he looted devtas’ wealth and let them powerless, Narayan is busy fighting with asurs. Shukracharya shows him stones instead of wealth and says without Devi Laxmi, wealth is of no use and they need to find out where is Devi Laxmi. Devi Laxmi is reborn. Narayan fighting with asurs feels something is happening to her heart. Laxmi’s grandfather Samudradev holds her and says she is apple of her eyes and he will not let her meet Narayan as Narayan killed his son. Laxmi cries and her mother shows her shank. Narayan kills asurs by playing shank. Samudradev says Laxmi is Sri now and he will not let her even hear Narayan’s name and not let anyone pray Vishnu/Narayan in Samudralok. Raja Bali with Shukracharya enters and says he is right, such a beautiful girl should be protected. Samudradev asks what should he consider an uninvited guest. Bali says he came congratulate him for his newborn. Shukracharya realizes girl is Devi Laxmi and says he came to bless her, but seeing her divine form, they want to take her blessings. Bali tries to touch her feet and she kicks him. He gets angry. Shukracharya informs him that she is Devi Laxmi and needs her blessings to be alive and powerful.

Brahmadev continues his story that years passed and asurs continued attacking devtas, Narayan got busy protecting them. Narayan protects Indradev against asurs.

Precap: Narayan senses Devi Laxmi’s presence and asks Narad if he is missing something. Mahadev and Narad get tensed hearing that. Devi Lakshmi as grown up Sri runs around her ocean place.

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