Namah 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Devi Lakshmi’s Strange Request

Namah 18th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rishi Durvasa curses Devraj Indra that he will lose all the luxuries he is boasting of by tonight and disappears. Sukracharya thinks his plan is successful. Indra’s all luxuries disappear. Devi Lakshmi says wherever Narayan is not respected, she cannot stay there. Indra apologizes and pleads devi Lakshmi not to leave. Sukracharya thinks all god’s luxuries are gone because of Indra. Indra then pleads Narayan to help him. Narayan says they are all born via him and they will lose only luxuries, but he will lose his Sri/Lakshmi itself.

Narayan walks to Lakshmi and sits next to her. Lakshmi asks him not to say it is a test, if it is, then why she always has to pass through tests. Narayan says they have to bear separation now and before vaikunta will be devoid of her completely, he wants to gaze her till he is satisfied and will get her ready himself and say her goodbye from Vaikunta. He reminds her where she used to play, where she used to stay in her 8 avatars, from where she came as Kalyani when he called her in Matsya/fish avatar. Narayan gets Lakshmi ready and says he will have only her remembrance and her footsteps. He says he will always hope that she will return and whenever it is unbearable to be without her, he will remember her. She says he should perform his duties peacefully without her presence. He says their separation is for centuries, how will he be in peace.

Devtas tel Indra that they are powerless without Sri, what will they do now. Raja Bali enters and laughs on Indra what will he do without Sri. Indra angrily calls his varja, but it does not appear. Bali kicks him down and says without sri, he does not have any power or weapons at all. He laughs and asks Indra to call whoever he wants. Indra calls Narayan for help.

Narayan tells Lakshmi that he will prepare flowers for her and walks away. Lakshmi thinks if her memory will trouble Narayan, how can she be in peace. She calls Devi Yogmaya. Yogmaya emerges and says during these tough moments, she has to be with Narayan. Lakshmi says Yogmaya is responsible for memories, she should erase her memories from Narayan’s brain.

Precap: Devi Lakshmi takes reincarnation. Narayan forgets devi Lakshmi.

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