Namah 15th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Rishi Durvasa Curses Indra

Namah 15th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raja Bali checks weapons and tells Sukracharya that as per his plan he got Narayan cursed by forcing him to kill Shank, now he is eager to kill devtas. Sukracharya says today he will turn Indra’s happy gathering into mourning. He reaches Indra’s sabha. Indra tries to felictate Sukracharya with garland, but Sukracharya stops him. Indra asks him to experience how winners celebrate. Sukracharya stops him again and asks where is winner. Indra says he is the winner. Sukracharya says he is in delusion and real winner will arrive soon. Narayan with devi Lakshmi walks in and all devtas greet them. Sukracharya taunts Indra that Narayan is the real winner, Indra is just for namesake. Jealous Indra greets him and walks away fuming.

All gods take their seat while Brahmins perform havan and ask Devraj Indra to come in front and let Tridev perform aahuti. Indra remembers Sukracharya’s taunt and performing Mahadev/Parvathi’s aarti ignores Narayan/Lakhsmi and walks to Brahmadev/Saraswati, then performs only devi Lakshmi’s aarti irking all gods. Devi Lakshmi asks why is he performing only her aarti. Angry Mahadev asks what kind of misbehavior is this. Narayan asks Mahadev to calm down as Indra must be having something in mind. Indra says they all know they get wealth via Lakshmi and as Narayan himself says Devi Lakshmi can be prayed before him. Narayan says Indra is right and performs aahuti.

Guru Durvasa enters holding garland and greets all gods and says he got garland to felicitate the most powerful god. Indra says he is most powerful here. Durvasa warns him and says trilok are most powerful and asks Mahadev to describe who is most powerful among trilok. Mahadev praises Narayan via a song and says he is most powerful god. Indra forcefully asks Durvasa to give him garland and throws it in front of his elephant which crushes it under his feet. Indra then laughs. Durvasa fumes that he insulted Narayan. Indra says Durvasa insulted him by praising Narayan. Durvasa curses him to lose his dominance as king of gods.

Precap: Devi Lakshi takes reincarnation. Narayan forgets Devi Lakshmi and fights with asurs.

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