Namah 13th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi Faces A Challenge

Namah 13th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Namah tells Narayan that nobody can escape from the karma/deeds, be it Narayan or his children, he will remember this lesson forever. Narayan says he still has to go through challenges and disappears. Mahadev tells Devi Lakshmi that Narayan showed that even gods have to go through the pain of losing children for the betterment of the world. Devi Lakshmi says just like a potter moulds mud and makes a pot, Narayan moulded Madhu-Ketab back into good people. Satrupa tells Raja Manu that storm has stopped and asks till when they will sail as they don’t see any land nearby. Manu says Narayan will help them again, he will pray Narayan and fly birds; if there is land, they will not return, and if there is no land, they will return. Birds return with a straw of grass. Manu says they found land nearby and informs Narayan’s Matsya/fish Avatar.

Narayan’s matsya avatar drags Manu’s boat towards shore when water level depletes and it fights for water. Manu asks him to reduce its size. Matsya says even he has restrictions and needs help and cals Chanchala and Kamala. Devi Lakshmi watching that asks Mahadev to help Narayan. Mahadev says his duty is destroyal, and since Devi Lakshami is Narayan’s better half, she should help him. He disappears. Devi Lakshmi requests Narayan to emerge and show her a way to help his matsya avatar. Narayan emerges and says he will get help from Vaikunta itself and takes her to a new part of vaikunta. Lakshmi asks which part is this which she has not visited yet. He says he will get help from his friends. Lakhsmi sees women inside and asks who are they, why did he kept her in dark. Narayan says sometimes one’s lack of knowledge will become troubleseome for themselves. He shows Devi Lakshmi’s Adilakshmi, Dhanlakshmi, Dhanyalakshmi, Veerlakhsmi, Santanlakshmi, Jayalakshmi, and Vidyalakshmi avatars and says they are part of her and will help him. Devi Lakshmi smiles, and all the avatars help Matsya avatar swim away till shore. Manu tells Satrupa that Narayan showed that husband and wife combined can do anything impossible.

Matsya avatar takes Manu’s boat to shore. Narayan emerges and asks Manu to start a new life here. He gives moral gyaan that one should never fall for praising words and should analyse the person and situation thoroughly before making any promises. He then with Devi Lakshmi leaves for Vaikunta.

Precap: Guru Shukracharya tells Raja Bali that Devi Lakshmi is Narayan’s strength and they need to separate Narayan and Lakshmi. He makes a pious man curse Narayan to lost his most dearest thing.

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