Namah 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Narayan’s Narasimha Avatar

Namah 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hiranyakashyap challenges Prahlad to call his Narayan if he is everywhere, even in the pillar. Prahlad prays Narayan. Narayan’s Narasimha avatar breaks pillar and comes out of it. All guards run away in fear. Narasimha frees Prahlad and asks Hiranyakashyap if he told stone idol cannot have god in it, he came out of stone. Kali’s girlfriend watches that and tells him that she is eager to see a fight today. Kali says Hiranyakashyap’s end is for sure today, and I will gain ahankar/arrogance alankar via Hiranyakashyap. Hiranyakashyap boasts that he is god and not Narayan and orders Narayan to pray him before everyone and inform that Hiranyakashyap is god and not him, only then he will spare him. Kali’s girlfriend tells Kali that Hiranyakashyap got an immortality boon from Brahmadev, so Narayan cannot kill him. Kali says she forgot about the boon that Hiranyakashyap cannot be kill either by animal or human, so Narayan has come as half human and half animal and will kill Hiranyakashyap for sure.

Prahlad requests Hiranyakashyap to accept his mistake and seek forgiveness from Narayan. Hiranyakashyap boasts that he got a boon that neither human nor animal, neither daitya nor devta nor asur, neither inside house nor outside house, neither in day nor in night can kill him. Narasimha drags him saying he is neither human nor animal, neither daitya nor devta nor asur, it is neither inside house nor outside house, neither in day nor in night and he is not using any weapon and pierces his nails into Hiranyakashyap’s stomach. Hiranyakashyap falls far down. Prahlad requests him to at least seek Narayan’s forgiveness. Narayan emerges in Narasimha and says Hiranyakashyap can get mukti only if he drops his arrogance and praises Prahlad for caring for his father even after he tortured him. Hiranyakashyap apologizes Narayan and seeks his blessings, he praises Prahlad for his devotion to Narayan and he is lucky to have a son like him. Narayan gives him mukti.

Brahmadev continues his story and informs Shristi that Narayan also had to face problem after giving mukti to Hiranyakashyap and took his arrogance in himself. Kali’s girlfriend informs him that Narayan took ahankar alankar into himself. Kali gets angry and says he knows how to get it. Narasimha calls his respectable Mahadev who emerges. He then provokes Mahadev to fight with him. Mahadev escapes his attacks and then holding his hand says only Narayan can fight with him.

Precap: Mahadev provokes Narasimha that Narayan will end his arrogance. Narasimha asks Narayan to come out and fight with him. Narayan emerges out of Narasimha.

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  1. Why is YJHJK turning into a usual a*sh*le saas-bahu drama???, where the whole sasural will be IN DANGER, when their superstar rajnikant bahu WILL EMERGE from nowhere and save everyone!!!?????
    Why is this supernatural show turning into the usual saas-bahu drama all to make Roshni Mahaan???,
    Okay I get Roshni is some ANGEL who acted like LUCIFER TILL NOW????‍♀️, but there should be some better way to develop her character.?‍♀️?‍♀️?
    The only thing I liked in tis episode is Jinn’s acting, Arhan behl with the monosyllabic diagloues and evil grin is doing awesome work as a JINN. ???

    1. ***Sorry got typed in the wrong serial’s page

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