Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 19

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Hi guys sorry for late update but what to do my internet was not working and sorry for not replying to your comments but I’ve read them all thanks for your comments and many of you haven’t read the 17 epi I guess so old check it on by going in the members list

Let’s begin
Next morning all the boys came to the lobby and saw that the girls haven’t arrived yet
Naksh:these girls I tell you the take so much time to get ready
Kartik:yeah but at the end they look beautiful
Raj:yeah it’s true
Naksh :I agree

Their heartbeat stopped when they saw their girls coming towards them
Naira was wearing a short blue color dress best for Goa
Guyu was wearing a knee length yellow color beach dress
Trisha was wearing a red and white sleeveless and backless short dress

All the boys were flat seeing them they came in their senses when naira called
Naira :come let’s go
And all of them had their breakfast and went to a famous beach in Goa
There all of them decided to give privacy to eo and so all the couples went in different directions
Naira:kartik this scenario looks so beautiful
Kartik:not more then u
He whisperes in her ears by coming close to her
And naira blushed
Naira:I always wanted to come here
Kartik:hmm come let’s go in water
They go in the water and splash water at eo and enjoy
Then naira started running and kartik runs behind her to catch

On the other hand
Naksh and trisha are sitting on the sand and looking at the sea
Then some girls wearing swimsuit came to naksh and sensuously asked him to take their pic and naksh agreed
Here trisha was fuming with anger and may be jealous
Trisha(monologue):huh they asked and he agreed as if he was waiting for this only but why I’m feeling like this am I jealous no that can’t be
And she looks at naksh who is coming after clicking their pic
Naksh came and sat beside trisha then he saw that some boys were staring at Trisha with bad eye and were coming towards her

Boy1:hey sweetie getting bored with this boy come with us we’ll make you enjoy
And he laughs
Boy2:yes baby you’re so se*y come to me
And he try to touch her bare back but he got a tight punch from naksh
Naksh:how dare u badmouth her she is my to be wife get that
And he fight with them
Trisha was crying and stopped him
Naksh quickly hugged her
After sometime they broke the hug and naksh covered her back with his jacket
Naksh:what is the need to wear like this clothes I never saw u in this type of clothes
And he keeps on scolding her
And then both walk on the beach silently

On the other hand
Rayu were just walking on the beach when someone kept his hands on gayu eyes and told
Man:who am I
Gayu smiled:vivan
And she turned and hugged him making Raj jealous
Vivan:gayu what are u doing here
Guyu:just like Thai for trip
And they continue talking
Raj:gayu I’m going to hotel you call me and tell me when to pick you up I’ll come I know you’re busy now bye
He tried to tell this as good as he can and turned to go but gayu stopped him
Gayu:wait let me introduce you both so Raj he is vivan my best friend and vivan he is Raj my bf
Both Raj and vivan were shocked
Vivan:wow congrats OK I’ll leave now I’ve some work
Raj was looking to her in disbelief
Gayu:what don’t you love me I know everything
Raj was shocked as to how gayu came to K of he loved her

On the other hand kartik catches naira by her waist and kisses her shoulder making her shiver and blush
He turns her around and makes her look into his eyes
Kartik:naira you are the most important part of my life I love you alot
Naira:I love you too
They hugged eo and them kartik kissed her neck sensuously without anyone notice
Naira:kartik what r u doing
Kartik:it’s your fault
Kartik:you r so beautiful I can’t control myself seeing you
And he winked at her

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