Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 18

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Hi guys I’m very disappointed bcoz in the last update I got only one comment I don’t know if you all haven’t read it or what and if you haven’t read it plz read it and comment and comment on this epi also if you want me to continue bcoz its really difficult to write if no-one likes it

Let begin
All the youngsters get ready for the Goa trip they have decided to go in the jeep
They have their breakfast and leave
Kaira are sitting in front naksha and rayu are sitting back with eo
Everyone was sitting silent
Naira:arre what happen everybody why so silent if this is gonna shower then our whole trip will go in this only
Kartik:so you only tell what should we do
Trisha:yes naira whatever you do kartik will do
She teases them and get blush
Naksh:OK let’s sing
Trisha:yes good idea
Naira:yes bhabhi after all bhai gave that idea so you’ll like it only no
Now naira teased them and they blushed
Naksh:shut up naira
Raj:OK let’s begin first who’ll sing
Naksh:no way
Naira:yes way plz
Naksh gives up and removes Raj guitar and start to play it and sings the song tere sang yaara

While singing GE looks at trisha and they have an eyelock
Their eyelock breaks when everyone claps
Gayu:wow bhaiya you song awesome and bhabhi you’re so lucky to get a hubby who sings such romantic song for you
Trisha:no it’s not
Naira cuts her in between
Naira:we know what’s it. Bhabhi
Raj:now I’ll sing
Raj takes the guitar and starts singing main tuje dekhu aake bharke
Rayu have a eyelock and gayu blushes

Now it’s kartik turn so he stops the car and started singing there liye duniya chop di hai

And naira smiles at him

At evening they reach Goa and go to their rooms
At night they go to some nearby beach at some hotel to have their dinner
They sit and have their dinner while laughing and teasing eo

Then they decided to go tomorrow for sight seeing and went to their rooms

Naira came in her room and got shocked seeing
Kartik sitting on her bed
Naira:what r u doing here and how u came here
Kartik:oh my sweetheart so many questions just forget it I’ve a surprise for you
Naira:what surprise
Kartik:close your eyes
Naira closes her eyes
She feels something on the neck and opens her eyes to see a beautiful pendant with n and K written on it she smiles
Naira:wow kartik it’s beautiful
Kartik:I’m happy you liked it my love
Naira blushes and hugs him
Then she tells him to go before anyone sees him
Kartik:no I’m not going anywhere I’ll sleep with my wife
Naira:what wife we aren’t married now go
Naira:kartik do the stubborn
Kartik:OK on one condition
Kartik:I want a kiss and that too on my lips
He point at his lips
Naira:what no
Kartik:then I’m not going
Naira:OK but only one
She comes close towards him kartik leans towards her and cups her face with his hands and comes close to her now they can feel eo breathe
Both were nervous
Then kartik kept his hard lips on her soft lips and kissed her
First naira didn’t participate but after sometime she also started to enjoy
Both were engrossed in the kiss
They broke the kiss after sometime naira hugged him
Then kartik went to his room and slept remember the kiss
And naira was blushing hard after the kiss and slept after sometime

On h other hand hand trisha was walking in the hotel backyard when a hand covered her mouth
She tried to scream bit couldn’t
She turned and saw Naksh was the person she immediately hugged him he also hugged her back
Trisha:naksh what’s this
Naksh:sorry actually I
Trisha:it’s OK
Then they both were walking while walking trisha was about to fall but naksh held her

Then trisha tried to stand but her leg pained so naksh picked her in his arms and late Sher on the bed and went to his room
They also slept after sometime
Rayu were sitting in the lounge and were talking when raj saw that gayu slept so he picks Sher up in his arms and made her sleep on her bed and went to his room and slept

Precap:romance and jealousy

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