Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 17

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Guys I’m so sorry for not updating for long but I was really very busy as my school has started

Let’s begin
Kartik and naksh go to naksh room and discuss something and come out and go straight to the kitchen
Naira and Trisha are confused
The boys start cooking by seeing videos from
The girls enter the kitchen and are shocked seeing them cooking and the kitchen a complete mess in just 10 mins
Naira:what is this kartik
Kartik:I’m cooking for you nairq

Trisha:and what are you doing naksh
Naksh:I’m cooking for neighbors fiance
Naksh:so I’ll tell like this only no of course I’m cooking for you
Trisha:and you think we’ll be convinced by this
While talking naksh doesn’t see milk boiling and it falls on his hand he shouts loudly
Trisha and naira get tensed bad run towards him
and kartik also goes towards him and in this process his hand gets cut by the knife which he was holding tight in his palm and he also shouts
They girls get very worried and cry
Trisha takes naksh to room and nairq take kartik to room

Trisha does his first aid and cry’s while he looks ta her lovingly
Trisha:what was the need to all that now see you got hurt
And she keeps on telling and to stop her naksh hugs her trisha gets numb but hugs him back
They were in their own world

On the other hand naira was doing kartik first aid and was crying
Naira:what is this kartik how dare you hurt me
Kartik:but I got hurt
Naira:yes and when you get hurt I also feel the pain so don’t you dare hurt yourself
Kartik:OK done so am I forgiven
Naira:on one condition you’ll never do like this stunts
Kartik nods and they hug eo
Same happen with naksha

Then they all came down to the kitchen and saw the mess
So trisha and naira cleaned everything and made food for everyone
EVERYONE came from mandir and asked about naksh and Kartik bandage
They made some some excuse

Akshara:kids we’ve decided some
Nairq:what mumma
Naitik:that you all will go to goa for spending time with eo and to know
Aksara:yes and gayu Raj we want to ask you both something raj we K of that you don’t have anyone except ashna and she is also going to marry and go to Australia after 3 months so we were thinking if you and gayu we mean if you both feel comfortable you both can turn friend ship into relationship

Rayu were shocked and looked at eo
Akshara:do t worry you both take your time go to goa and understand eo and then tell us your decision and if it’s a yes then we want you both to marry before ashna for ago Australia

Rayu nods
All they youngsters are excited for Goa trip while rayu are confused
Raj come to gayu room
Raj:gayu I know you loves kartik and so don’t stress yourself we have time to decide
Gayu:raj I want to give it a chance let’s see if we are compatible with eo I know that you would have some dream but after knowing that I loved someone if you’re not comfortable then it’s OK
Raj:no no gayu infact I’ll be vet happy to have a girl like you so pious
They smile and go to sleep bcuz they have to leave to Goa tomorrow
It ends with all youngsters smiling face in their sleep

Precap:Goa trip and couple moments

Plz comment if you wants to continue it’s. A request

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  1. Nice epi…but eagerly waiting for nxt episode…please add some romantic moments between kaira.

    1. Summaya

      Thanks nabila and I’ll try to add some romantic scenes of kaira

  2. Hales

    Hey summaya …i dont know how this one got missed if i would have seen this i would have commented coz i really lyk this ff …i was wondering aftr tht ice cream episode y u havent posted ….coz this one was somehow missed coz i cgecl the main yrlkh page of tellyupdates everday ! Sorry yr …but this one is super awsum! N i think like me most ppl missed seeing this one so maybe give the link of this in ur latest one u posted by commenting!! Gr8 going yr ??

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