Nakchadi Ch 12 (SwaRagini)

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A leap of 2 years.
“Thank you” he said as he collected his passport and Visa.

///“Give me a chance Ragini please don’t do this with me” Raj was on his knees in front of Ragini.
“Yeah give you a chance and let you break my heart again. Sorry Mr. Rajbeer Khurana I can’t handle one more heart break in my life. I’m just done” she walked passing him. He stood and held her hand and she stopped closing her eyes. “Please” he said and twirled her and she landed on his chest and they stood touching each others forehead with tears rolling down their faces.///

He walked passing the waiting area of the airport. Planes taking off and landing could be seen from the glass walls of the airport.

///“I love you” he pecked her lips as they stood close to each other feeling each others emotions. “I don’t love you. I don’t” she pushed him and stormed away from there.///

He stood out of the airport as the sun pierced his skin.

///“Please once listen to me” Ragini wiped her tears sitting beside him on his hospital bed and fed him the medicines. “Still you think I’m just playing aren’t you?” his painful voice made her stop for a moment. “If I could think Raj. If I could.. You have made my mind numb” she looked at him.

“You broke her you moron. Do you even knew how much she loved you” Ravi punched Raj in his stomach.
“Bhai” she whispered Ravi to stop.
“You still love me don’t you? And I know you will never stop doing that. Thank you Nakchadi. And now I will win you back at any cost. And that’s Rajbeer Khurana’s promise to would be Mrs Ragini Rajbeer Khurana” he smiled through his bleeding jaw looking at Ragini who was walking away.

“I don’t believe in this marriage” she stopped holding the Mangalsutra and stood blank. He smiled through his tears. “I know this happened without our wish but then it is marriage. You will be always my wife you believe it or not your heart knows it” he back walked looking at her.

“Lado” she hid her mangalsutra inside her suit and covered her neck when she heard Supriya approaching her room.

“Either he or me” Supriya held Ragini from her elbow. “Maa” she whispered. She looked at Raj who was standing at the door and he gave her a weak smile and walked out.

“She will never come back to me dad. I lost her. I just lost her. I can’t stay here anymore” Rajbeer looked at Sanjay helplessly. ///

A tear drop developed in his eye as he removed his shades as the past surfaced. The hot sun evaporated the tears and he walked with his memories. Memories of her his love, his wife. Can life be so complicated. He never knew it when he was taking life so casually.

“Maa” he looked at her hopefully. She just walked away without uttering a word. “Raj” said Sanjay descending the stairs and hugged him and he smiled. “Finally you are back my son” he patted Raj’s shoulder. “Only for some days dad. You said na some company deal” he walked with Sanjay.

“Michu” Ragini twirled the one year old kid in her hand. “Lado bass kar. Aaja khana khale Usko chakkar ayenge(Enough come have food. He will feel giddy) she stopped when she heard Supriya’s voice and walked to the dining table.

“Waise kuch bhi kaho jaise Michu ko Ragu sambhalthi hai waise koi ni kar saktha” Niya smiled serving food to Ravi. He smiled at her and then his eyes moved to Ragini who was smiling playing with her one year old nephew. “Perhaps that’s the only happiness she has in her life” he looked at the wall where Swara’s photo was hanging. “We miss you chipkali” he thought in his mind. Ranjit walked to the table and sat for the breakfast.

Mishal his one year old son who was in Ragini’s arms touched his shoulder and then bit his hand. Ranjit moved his eyes to look at the toddler.

“Sorry Mr. Ranjit. We could only save your kid” Ranjit collapsed on the bench. Supriya sat beside her and placed his head on her chest and patted his head to console him. “Maa Shona Shona” he cried like a small kid. The nurse brought the kid outside and held it in front of him. He pushed her and she stumbled but was saved by Ravi. “Bhai What is wrong with you?” he said looking at Ranjit.

Ragini took the baby in her arms uttering a sorry to the nurse. She nodded her head and walked away. “Bhai he is your son” Ragini sat beside him. “He killed my Shona. He killed” he sobbed hugging Supriya. She nodded her head to Ragini who took the baby away.

Ragini looked at Ranjit who had his break fast without any reaction and walked out. “At least he doesn’t behave rude now” Rajesh smiled looking at Mishal who was in Ragini’s arms.

“So biwi ji my tiffin box” Ravi screamed standing in the hall. Niya rushed out with his tiffin box. He kissed her cheek and she opened her mouth shocked. He winked at her and walked out waving bye to her. She blushed and rushed inside the kitchen.

Ragini fixed her Mangalsutra properly and touched it. “Wherever you are Raj. You are near my heart”

“Arrey Raj araam se”Dadaji patted his head when he choked while having the food. “I know you must be remembering me Nakchadi. Bass be happy wherever you are” he thought as he gulped the water.

“Phir se hichkiya(Again hiccups)” Simi patted Ragini’s head and handed her a water glass. She relaxed and drank the water.

“Niya bacha” Rajesh called standing at the hall. “Ayi papa” she handed him a tiffin box. He smiled at her and walked out.
“Bye Bhabi” Ragini walked out waving bye to her. “Ragu tiffin” “Opps” Ragini smiled at her. Niya rushed to kitchen and came out with a tiffin box and handed her. Ragini smiled and walked out. “Chotu” she hit her head and walked inside. “Bhabi I’m not chotu any more” Nikit screamed from inside.

“The way Niya handled the house seriously we got the best girl for our Ravi” Supriya smiled sitting on sofa beside Simi. “Kash our Lado’s life will get back to normal” Simi looked emotionally. “I think we had enough discussion about it Simi.” Supriya walked away.

“I know Jiji. You understand our Ladoo is incomplete without her Gudda. I hope everything sorts out soon and she has a normal married life” Simi smiled looking in Supriya’s direction.

“Fish the meeting is in 10 minutes and I’m stuck in this stupid signal” Raj hit his steering wheel frustrated. He jumped the signal and crossed the zebra cross and stopped his car suddenly he found a scooty in front of him. He looked blank at the road the girl screamed at him and passed driving.

His past passed in front of him when he remembered how he saw Ragini that and meeting Swara. Ragini who was in signal just behind him looked at his car and cursed “Blind driver” Suddenly her first meet with Raj flashed in her mind and she stood blank.

The honking noises brought both of them to reality and they drove off in different directions.


“Ragini come to my cabin” Arjun(Arjun Bijlani) peeped from his cabin. She nodded her head and walked with her notepad and pen. “I don’t know what magic she is has done but Boss always gives her more importance” said a girl. “Shhh. If someone heard and told Boss na he will kick us out like that Maya” said the other girl.

“So…” he paused when he found her with her notepad. “Ragu behave informal sometimes at least” said he looking at her. “No way Boss. You are my jeejs out of the office not here. And I think I made you clear this when I was joining the company” she smiled at him. “Who can win over Ms Ragini” she looked at him. “Oh I’m sorry Mrs. Ragini” she smiled at him and he guided her some official works which she noted down and headed out of the cabin. He looked at her smiling.

“Fish” Ragini got down her scooty when it stopped just out of the office. A car stopped beside her. Arjun spoke lowering the car window “Ragini what happened?” “Stupid scooty jeejs. Don’t know what happens to it” she pouted looking at him. “Driver get the scooty repaired and park it in the office. I will take the car” he moved his head to Ragini “Come now. It will not listen to you anyways” She walked and sat beside him and he drove the car.

“Shall I ask you something” he looked at her. She smiled nodding her head. “You never told me your Surname why so?” her smile faded. “Hey its okay if you don’t want to answer. I was just curious” he smiled at her. “I don’t mind answering if I could find the answer first” he looked at her confused.

Their car stopped at a signal and Raj’s car was beside her. They both missed seeing each other again and Arjun drove the car to Ragini’s house. She got down from the car and waved him bye and walked to her home.

“Don’t you think Supriya’s daughter is slipping out of her hold now a days” a neighbor spoke. “But she was so good before her marriage with that rich fellow. After that everything spoiled. And if you let your married daughter stay at your home this is bound to happen na” the other lady. “Why should we bother” they both walked to their respective homes.

Rajesh who heard them walked sad to his house. He entered the house and walked to his room silently. “Kya hua?” Simi asked worried sitting beside him. “I’m the worst Simi. I’m the worst” he was at the verge of crying. “Ji” Simi held his shoulder. “I couldn’t prevent my family from scattering. I couldn’t fulfill my Gudiya’s one wish. And I don’t know why she is still holding the past and doesn’t want to move on” he looked painfully.

“Aap apni Lado ko nai jaanthe. She loves him and someone else in his place? She will die but will not think of it” Simi smiled through her tears. “But I don’t know when Jiji will realize this. I know he did mistake but it was due to some confusion. I don’t understand how Jiji failed to recognize the love in his eyes” Simi closed her eyes painfully. Rajesh side hugged her and rubbed her shoulder. “Hope everything turn backs to normal. I can’t see her like this anymore” Rajesh spoke in cracking voice and Simi nodded her head.

“Awww Michu. Maa aagayi” Ragini sat beside Mishal who was sitting on the bed and playing with his toys. He smiled looking at her and hugged her and she lifted him in her arms and patted his back smiling.

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