Nairan’s everlasting love life ( episode 4 )

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Episode 4

Nirmala: Sandhya !

Nirmala smiled at sandhya who had come from some office work. She had left after vishyati arrived. So she didn’t know abougt the picnic discussion and all.

Sandhya: Ya but where r others ?

Nirmala and meghna told her about the picnic and all discussions she was not part of.

Sandhya faked a smile.

Sandhya ( in mind ): Here I am planning for chauhan’s destruction and they are planning for happy trips. Well, go and enjoy. This will be the last good trip for u cause after this chauhans will never be happy. And naina u will be my first target. I can’t let u stay happily for long. U and ur happy life will be shattered. I will destroy ur life naina.

Sandhya: Oh great !

Nirmala: U r also coming right ?

Sandhya: Oh sorry ! I got a msg right now that there is some urgent meetings tmrw so I can’t come. U all enjoy I will be happy.

In the storeroom

Naina and karan were busy searching for things and arranging them.Naina was bringing some snacks from the down shelf. She suddenly got up and her hand hit the other shelf which had heavy cartons. The cartons lost their balance and were about fall on naina.

Karan: Nainaaaa…

Karan pulled naina and they rolled down a shelf. They were so close that even there was no space for air between them. Karan was on top of naina holding her securely while naina had her eyes shut due to the sudden incident. The place was very clumsy.

Karan: Naina

Naina: Karan

She hugged him very tightly as she was scared.

Naina: Thanks karan for saving me.

Karan: Till how much I am alive nothing can harm u naina. I will always protect u. I can die to save..

Naina kept her hands on karan’s lips.

Naina: No karan don’t say like that…

She had tears in her eyes. He saw it. He wiped the tears.

Karan: Don’t cry.. I am always there with u.

Naina: Karan how do we get out ?

Karan tried to kick the boxes but they didn’t even move an inch. He shook his head in disappointment.

Naina: Karan what r u doing ? There is not even enough space to give a had kick.

Karan: I know but what do we do ??

Naina: Call someone with ur phone na to come and take us out.

Karan: Ya good idea. I am such a dumbo.

Naina smiled looking at him as he was being cute.

Karan took his phone out.

Karan: Oh shit ! The battery is 0.

Naina: Karan… u didn’t even charge ur phone.. u didn’t pack.. u r so careless karan. If I am not there. What would u even do ?

Karan: Shut up ! U r never leaving me. U will always stay with me by my side. U can’t leave me. I won’t let u go away from me.

Naina smiled.

Karan: I know I didn’t charge my phone but u hv charged it right ! U take out ur phone…

Naina: I don’t hv it.. I don’t hv a pocket.. how do I carry it ?

Karan: Oh!  Now what do we do ?

Naina: God knows.

Nairan were waiting there. They waited for nearly half an hour. Nairan had an eyelock. karan was leaning forward and they could feel each other’s breathe. Naina didn’t stop him. He leant more forward and pressed his lips against hers to share their first kiss. They stayed like that for a minute and broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen.Naina was blushing hard and turned her face to the other side.

Meghna: Chiku chiku karan

Kunal: Karan naina

Khyati: Karan bhai Naina bhabi

Vishal: Chiku karan jeeju

Nairan heard this and responded.

Naina: Di we r here under the shelf.. pls remove cartons… we r stuck here..

Kunal and vishal removed the cartons. They say nairan on top of each other so close.

Meghna: Oh ! Again romance..

Nairan blushed.

Nairan then rolled together and came out. They dusted themselves and explained everything.

Kunal: Oh! U r alright ?

Nairan: Yeah


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    1. Meronmioneh

      I am very happy u r enjoying it and being interested. And the picnic will be safe apply and joyful one with nairan romance…. and sweet moments… Sandhya’s plan will be executed in coming episodes…

  3. Resh

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