Nairan’s everlasting love life (episode 23)

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Episode 23

They reached home. Nirmala was near the living area and saw four them coming with naina’s head having a bandage.

Nirmala: Naina beta, what happened ?

Naina: Maa woh….

She explained everything.

Nirmala: Oh ! Now u r feeling better right ?

Naina: Yes maa… I am now fully fine…

She smiled cutely and nodded her head.

Meghna: Cheeku, go and rest…. stop moving ur head it will pain…

Nain: But it is not paining…

Meghna glared at her.

Naina: OK…. ok.. I am going..

She went to her room and all others also went towards their room.

Naina was arranging her books near the table when karan came in. Naina smiled at karan but karan looked upset and worried.

Naina: Karan tum…

She was interrupted by karan’s words.

Karan: U r not well… U should rest..Why r u doing all these..

Naina: Karan I am fine… no need to worry karan…

Karan: I am sorry…

Naina: Why r u sorry?

Karan: Because of me u…

Naina: Karan… Sit there

Karan sat on the bed as naina indicated and looked on sad. Naina bent in front of him.

Naina: Now listen to me… It was not ur fault… The truck was coming in the opposite direction. We were in the right path. And karan did anything serious happen to me ?

Karan: No…but u were hurt…

Naina: us just a small injury.. I am fine… then why r u…

Karan: But…

Naina: Karan, U r thinking about di… Karan see di has always been protecting me from anything and everything so she got tensed seeing me hurt and karan u know that she is a very angry person…. So, karan she was just being tensed and nothing else… So, now stop blaming yourself… Right ?

Karan nodded and smiled at karan. Naina cupped his face.

Naina: That’s like my karan….

Karan pulled her and she fell on his lap.

Karan: U always find positivity in negativity…. U always support me… U always understand me…. U always care for me… U can always make me understand…. U always sustain the pain i hace given u…U have given me confidence… U have cured me…U taught me how to live…And most importantly how to love… and I don’t know how to thank you…

Nairan were emotional with tears in their eyes.

Naina: No…U should not thank me… I didn’t do this for you…

Karan was confused and naina giggled.

Naina: I did this for me love !

She blushed while karan was very happy.

Naina: I did this for me friend chate wala akdu…

Naina chuckled while karan frowned. But then he smirked.

Karan: So, u love chate wala akdu ??

Naina blushingly: Hmm… Yes…

She looked down while karan was gazing at her. She looked up and their eyes met. They were coming closer and closer and now could feel each other’s breathe. Naina had her hands around his neck while he had grabbed her waist. Their lips were about to meet but the door flung open and Kunal came inside. Nairan backed away and looked down.

Kunal teasingly: Oh ! I am very sorry to interrupt u two love birds….

Nairan blushed.

Karan: Bhai…

Kunal: No karan… I understand… U both r just beginners in romance…

Naina blushingly: Jeeju….

Kunal: But… U should remember one thing that is to lock the door otherwise ur romantic moments would be interrupted…. Btw, I don’t mind seeing my brother and saali romancing…..

Nairan blushed.

Karan: Bhai just shut up !

Kunal: OK ok… I had just come to discuss about the arrangements for our picnic but seems like I am just at the wrong timing… I will come later… And u both please continue and do lock the door….

He spoke on stressing ” lock the door ” in a teasing manner.

Karan: Bhai…

Kunal chuckled and went. Here, nairan were embarrassed and went to the living area.

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