Nairan’s everlasting love life (episode 20)

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Episode 20

Naina went to pick up the call. She saw the call ID and became happy.

Naina: Hello mumma…Aap kaise ho ??

Sharda: I am all good and u all ?

Naina: We all r also good….Really mumma I talked to u after so many days….

Sharda: Same here…I had first called Gudiya but she didn’t pick up so called you…I miss u both a lot…

Naina: I guess di must be busy or must be sleeping… Ya we too miss u a lot…

Sharda: And ya in all this is forgot the main topic only… How r u beta ? Ur health ? Vishal said u were attacked by someone…U r okay right ?

Naina: Haan mumma… I am alright.. Everyone is there to care of me here… U don’t worry, it was just a small accident…

Sharda: OK…beta take care… And when r u coming for pagphera… Bauji said u will be coming with vishal and khyati but as u were unwell u didn’t come. So, inform me when u r coming so I can get everything ready..

Naina: Ya mumma I wanted to go but as I was unwell I couldn’t… I will talk to dadu tmrw and inform u.

Sharda:OK. .beta.. Go sleep… Gn

Naina:Bye…Mumma… Goodnight…

She cut the call and looked towards karan to find him gazing at her. Naina moved her hands in front of his face.

Naina:Kya hua ?

Karan’s trance broke.

Karan:Oh…wo..Nothing…Let’s sleep… Tmrw is a big day…

Naina: What day ??

Karan: Oh ! Nothing nothing let’s sleep.

Saying this, he lied on the bed. Naina found it unusual but ignored her thoughts and went to her side and lied down there. Here,karan mentally slapped himself.

Karan ( in mind ): Karan… U r mad ! U were just about to spoil the surprise… Now stop thinking and sleep… Tmrw u have to prepare a lot…

Next morning,

Naina woke up to find karan nowhere. She was surprised but then got fresh and went down to find karan there.

In the dining table,

Naina: Karan u came here early ?

Karan: Ya… I woke up early and as u were sleeping peacefully I didn’t disturb you…

Naina smiled at him. After breakfast, Naina was in the kitchen when she got a message from karan.

“Come to our bedroom”

She was confused as why karan messaged her to go to the bedroom. She then went to their bedroom and didn’t find karan anywhere.

Naina: Now see this… Called me into the bedroom but himself not there… Great.

She was about to move out when her eyes fell on a packet. It was a beautiful silk netted orange colour saree with a card on it.

“To my Pretty wife.

Please wear it and come to xyz place.        

                                            By ur husband Karan”

She blushed. Then wore it with just a ornament on neck with minimal makeup and looked gorgeous.

( U can view the saree by the above link actually Idk how to put pictures here so giving the site. And if anyone knows how to put pictures pls tell me )

She then went to that place. It was a restaurant. She saw it was very crowded. She then enquired the manager about karan.

Naina:Excuse me ? Could u help me with finding Mr.karan singh chauhaan ?

Manager: Oh ! Are u Mrs. Naina Karan Chauhaan ?


Manager:Ma’am pls go to that room beside the lift that u will find after a right turn from here.

He guided her the directions. She thanked him and went there.

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