Nairan’s everlasting love life ( episode 14 )

Hey guys ! So, I am back… I had said that I will post soon but I know it has been a quite long… but I couldn’t help it… I was not getting enough time to write as I hv my school, then my exams and some personal problems… Please forgive me and guys I am very happy with ur response and very happy that silent readers r commenting…. thanks a lot all… Keep reading, enjoying, commenting and liking my posts… and yeah this ff will be a very long but I will post very short updates for which I am sorry…

Meghna came in and sat next to naina. She held her hand.

Meghna: Cheeku…..I am really sorry… I am really very sorry… how could I ? How could I?  I was so rude and…..

She broke down.

Meghna: Please forgiv….

Before meghna could complete naina interrupted.

Naina: No di pls stop this…. I understand u di….but how will I forgive u ?

Meghnal were shocked.

Meghna: Cheeku…

Naina laughed and pulled her ears and mouthed a sorry. Meghnal were confused.

Naina: Sorry di… But I wanted to say that how can I forgive u ? When I am not angry on u only ! How can I be angry on my meghu di… I know my di is a pretty angry bird and di I know u and ur care for me… I know ur anger also… so di..I am not upset with u and ur words… and now stop crying and hug ur Cheeku…

Meghnal smiled and meghna hugged naina while kunal was smiling seeing their bond. Both the sisters talked a bit and then meghna was about to go for apologising to others when karan came in. Meghna went to karan.

Meghna: Karan I know u will be upset with my words… I was worried about Cheeku and I am really sorry for that Karan….Pls forgive me….

Karan: No bhabi ! It was not ur fault…I understand.

The other three smiled.

Karan: it was all my fault.

All were shocked.

Naina: no Karan…

Karan: I didn’t take care of her… I broke my promise… promise of keeping her safe… I broke it.. I…

Naina: KARAN ! Stop it ! What r u telling ? It was not ur fault.

Naina started crying.

Meghna started to cry as she thought karan was taunting her.

Meghna: Karan I am sorry…

Karan: No bhabi…. I know u must be thinking that I am taunting u but no bhabi I sm not I am serious…. That I couldn’t keep her safe…

Meghna: No karan…it is not like that… as long as cheeku has u nothing can happen to her…. karan this was just  a accident and nothing else…. it was none fault…. I believe in u….

Karan: But…

Kunal: Karan listen… u….

Karan went away sadly before kunal could complete. Naina was crying and meghna went to comfort her.

Meghna: It’s okay…Cheeku he is just a bit tensed about u…

Naina nodded.

Kunal: Yes Naina….it’s okay… he will be normal soon… and if he troubles my cute beautiful saali more say me and I will see him…

Kunal tried changing her mood. Naina and meghna smiled.

Meghna: Flirting again my hubby ?

Kunal and naina giggled and Kunal went for some work he had. Meghna and naina chatted a bit and then it was time for dinner. Meghna helped naina to go down where all were present in the dining area except karan. Naina’s eyes were searching for karan. Meghna made naina sit.

Nirmala: Naina how r u feeling beta ?

Naina: I am better ma…

Dadu: Good

Kunal: Akhir saali kiski hai !

All giggled. Meghna stood up.

Meghna: I wanted to apologise to u all… I.. I was just a bit worried for Cheeku and…

Nirmala: It’s okay beta…. we didn’t mind at all…right ?

Dadu all nd nk nodded.

Dadu: Yes beta…

Nk: We know ur care for naina and it was obvious… now let’s start eating….

All nodded and started eating but naina was not eating.

Meghna: What happened cheeku?  Why r u not eating and playing with ur spoon ?

Naina: Woh… Di….karan…

Nirmala: Haan karan kaha hai ?

Kunal: Oho…. Yeh ladka bhi na… sabko worried karvake hi rahega…. abhi mein usse dhondkar late hu….

Sorry guys for the short update… posting soon… keep loving my ff………

  1. Sankitta

    Great episode
    I was a silent reader so you won’t know me

    1. Meronmioneh

      thanks… I wasn’t knowing u earlier but now I know u…… Pls keep reading, enjoying, commenting and liking my posts…..
      Loads of love

  2. Great episode.. Scene b/w karan naina and meghna was awesome and the two sisters r soo close…
    Loved it
    Post soon

    1. Meronmioneh

      thanks a lot dear….. I am happy u r liking my ff their special and unbreakable bond…. Pls keep reading, enjoying, commenting and liking my posts….. Posting soon…
      Loads of love

  3. Aafiya

    Superb.. Was waiting for a long.. Take care.
    Post the next update as soon as possible…

    1. Meronmioneh

      Thanks…..Sorry to keep u wait….Keep reading, enjoying, commenting and liking my posts…… Posting soon…..

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