Nairan’s everlasting love life ( episode 13 )

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Episode 13

Naina was sad thinking about karan and meghna. Then she saw kunal going.

Naina: Jeeju !

kunal turned and came in and found karan nowhere.

Kunal: Oh ! Naina u r awake. I thought u were sleeping so didn’t bother to disturb u and where is karan ?

Naina: No. I wasn’t sleeping. And karan has gone outside. Di ?

Kunal then tells her what happened.

Fb starts……

Kunal went to his room andsaw that the room was locked from inside. he knocked it many times but no reply came.

Kunal: Meghna ! Meghna ! Pls open the door.

Meghna: Go away kunal !

By then all others had gathered around kunal and they started asking about what happened and all. kunal signed them to leave and that he will convince meghna. all agreed and left. Kunal called again and again but same reply came. He was upset then an idea struck to his mind.

Kunal: Meghna open the door ! I need to use the washroom….Fast !

Meghna: Go to some other washroom!

Kunal: Why will I ? It is my room! u go somewhere else to cry and open the door!

Meghna was hell shocked. She went to open the door. She opened the door and was about your go to but kunal grabbed her hands and pulled her inside and locked the door.

Meghna: What r u doing ?

Kunal: Meghna pls listen to me… u r thinking it wrong…

Meghna: Just stop it kunal and leave me…..

Kunal tried a lot but she was reluctant. At last, Kunal pulled meghna towards him and pressed his lips again to hers sharing a passionate kiss for a minute. After they parted, Kunal intensely looked at meghna.

Kunal: Meghna pls….

Meghna nodded.

Kunal: Meghna listen…. whatever happened there was none fault in it. And meghna do u really think naina was wrong. It happened in the night and ur presence would hv not stopped that as ur would be even sleeping. U r not wrong ! Ur care for naina is not wrong ! U r her elder sister. U hv the right to get worried but blaming urself and others. Do u think it was right ? Meghna, only u were not tensed… karan, me, maa, dadu and all were also tensed for naina. Naina is also something to us. We also love her and care for her ! Naina thinks u as of her own person…. she was already unwell and u said her all those things. .. just think about her… this is our family and everyone loves and cares for each other…..

Meghna realised her mistake and broke down.

Meghna: I am sorry kunal… I really am.. how could I ?

She cried. Kunal consoled her.

Kunal: It’s okay meghna…… I understand but for now u should apologise to naina and karan and others for saying like that……

Meghna: I know I should but how will I face them….. will they forgive me ?

Kunal: No meghna…. now u r making them not of ur own…. they understand u meghna…. they hv already forgiven u but to make ur heart light u should apologise….

Meghna: ok….. Let me get fresh till then u pls check on naina that whether she is awake or not ?

Kunal nodded and went out of their room.

Fb ends….

Naina: Oh ! Okay… Di ?

Naina saw meghna standing near the door. Kunal turned.

Naina: Why r u standing near the door ? Come inside and here sit with me……

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