Nairan’s everlasting love life ( episode 12 )

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Episode 12

Meghna: Oh wow ! Now I am being overprotective over MY own sister ! So now, two most important people of my life are against me….

Naina was crying.

Naina: No di…pls…listen…

She held meghna’s hand but meghna removed her hand.

Kunal: See meghna… I didn’t mean that but..

Before they could speak meghna spoke.

Meghna: All of u think me bad. Right ?

Nirmala: No beta….

Vishal: Gudiya calm down, listen..

Meghna: Listen Cheeku,  I won’t stop caring for u as I am ur elder sister even if u don’t like that….

Naina: Di pls… u r thinking wrong di…pls listen..

Meghna: No listen kunal and Cheeku…. U both think I am wrong my decisions are wrong…ok…think that… I will go away from u and I will let u stay with ur near, dear ones loved ones…. Naina u stay with karan and ur family and Kunal u stay with ur family….

Saying this, Meghna ran from there crying bitterly.

Naina: Di….

Naina was going to get down from bed and go after meghna but karan stopped.

Karan: R u mad ? U can’t even walk and u…

Dadu: Karan stop ! She is already unwell and is so much stressed and sad by meghna’s words and now you !

Karan felt sad and murmured a sorry. Naina then turned to kunal.

Naina: Jeeju, pls go she is very angry…she can do anything in anger…. pls go and make her calm.. I am feeling very worried…

Kunal nodded and ran to his room where meghna had gone. Sandhya was very happy seeing this drama.

Sandhya(in mind): See in this minor starting, so much fun has happened. The whole movie is still awaiting. I can’t wait to see more fun and sadness of naina. See naina, u destroyed my plan and I will destroy ur life. No one can never know that I gave money to that man to injure naina and I let him in to the house through the back gate.

Everyone then soon left to go to meghna.

Nirmala: Naina beta, take care and don’t stress urself. Meghna is a bit angry. She will calm down soon. U take rest and don’t think about that. Call us if u need something.

Naina nodded.After they left, naina turned towards karan.

Naina: Karan…

Karan removed his hand from her hand and went out.

Naina: Karan listen…

She then cried thinking about meghna and karan.

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