NAIRAN – My Stupid Love Story (Episode 8)

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Hi guys . im back with a new epi. And thanx for ur sweet cmnts. Luv u guys.. 

They went back their home.naina was unaware of meghna’s marriage date as she payed no attention towards things happening around. She was hell shocked to know that the next day was her beloved sister’s engagement. She was happy for her but at the same time was sure that relatives will begin to fire her with questions about her bitter past. And she can never tolerate that. So she took a big step. … all sharada and meghna was running here and there to complete the arrangement. Meghsha was shocked to see the scene. Naina was holding her luggage and was headind towards the door.
Sharada: naina where are u going?
Naina: I don’t want to attend this marriage so im leaving
Meghsha was shocked at the statement
Sharada: but y beta?
Naina: u know na aunty. I just hate these marriage and all. It always remembers me of that day. And also people will insult my family which I cannot withstand. I may even beat them. U know na how I have no control on my anger so I don’t want to create any scene in this marriage. So I have decided to leave from here and will not return until this marriage is over.
Sharada: but beta……
Naina: no but vut I have decided and im not ready to change my decision.

She was going but meghna came in between.
Meghna: how can u leave like that naina. Its ur di’s marriage.
Naina: I don’t have time to waste. So move aside.
Meghna: no
Naina: (with littile rage) move… aside
Meghna; I will not
Naina : (losing her patience she shouts at meghna) I said move aside.
Meghna gets scared. Naina pushes her aside and leaves. Sharada feels sad about her decides that she will not even touch food until naina comes back. Next day was meghna’s engagement. Karan and kunal was eager to see their lady love. Karan searches for and ends up at ystrdy’s incident he feels sad. On the other had kunal was unhappy seeing meghna sad for her sis and mom.2 days went by. But naina not even tried to contact them and was not ready to answer any of their calls. It was meghna’s sangeet day. Morning , sharada was busy in arrangements. Suddenly she feels dizzy and fell unconscious. They rushed her to hospital.meghna came to know about naina’s hotel and she contacted them. Naina gets to know about sharada’s condition and rushes to hospital. She enters to her room as a storm. She was looking hell angry.
Naina: (yells at her) what do u think aunty. Ur not a child to play around . u should care about ur health. What if smtng happened to u. what will I do then. I have only u by my side na. even after knowing that u didn’t considered it necessary to look after u. and u meghu di(turning towards meghna) u should take care of her. She is ur mom.u should have forced her to change her decision.

Sharada: bas naina. U don’t have to worry about me.
Naina: what do u mean by that. Am I no one for u.
Sharada: I consider u as my beti. But u don’t consider me as ur mom. If u really feel like that u would have never left or u would even try to contact me. But u didn’t do it right.
Naina: (a bit releaved) so u want me to come back. What was the need for doing this. U should have orderd me right. Don’t act like a child. Do u get me?
Sharada: s rani sahiba
Naina smiles at her. Meghna was amazed yet happy to see her smile.
The function starts. Naina was feeling unwell with such large crowd. And she was standing in a corner. Sm1 pats on her shoulder. She turns and finds sharada smiling at her.
Sharada: y r u standing in this corner beta?
Naina: im feeling sick with this crowd it will be gud if I stay away from it.
Sharada: par aise kaise. U r dulhan’s sis so come. Come…

She drags her into the function. Karan who was searching for his ladylove atlast found her. He was mesmerized to see her. Nk and sandhya was confused to see her wih sharada as they hadn’t seen her before. But smtng was cooking in his mind. Meghna comes down to the stage and requested naina to dance but she refuse. Meghsha made puppy face. Naina agreed. Meghna welcomes her to the stage.
Meghna: ( in her ears) nainu dance for sun sathiya plz.
Naina: what? But whats the connection between this and marriage.
Meghna: I don’t know this is my fav song. So u’ll have to dance.
Naina: but..
Meghna gets down. The song plays . she starts to dance who was then joined by the end of the song nairan get meghnal on stage and dance. Naina smiles at meghna and hugs her. Meghna gets teary eyes seeing a big change in her sweet sis.
Meghna to karan& kunal: yaar naina have changed. I can’t believe this.
Kunal: what do u mean by changed?
Meghna : who mujse seedi muh baat bhi nahi karthe de. But now she smiled at me and danced for me.and u know she didn’t allowed me to hug her. But now she herself hugged me?
Kunal : shut up meghna . yeh bhi koi badi baath hothi hai.
Meghna pouts. the brothers laughed at her…..

It was meghna’s wedding day. Nk was not happy with it yet he controlled. Nk was sitting on couch in the function’s plce.rohith(meghna’s cousin) was taking juice to the guests when nk intentionally makes him fall. The juice falls on nk and his dress get spoiled. He slaps him. Naina and sharada reches there.he insults sharada. naina was fuming in anger. Nk ask sharada to apologise to him by falling on his feet.sharada was going to do so when naina stopes her. She gives a tight slap to nk. He was shocked by her reaction. His cheeks become red. Nk , being insulted, announced that the marriage will happen only when naina agrees to marry karan. She refuses it and went inside with sharada at her heels.
Meghna: what? This marriage will not happen . I cant without him mom. Do smtng naina. Plzz I beg u.
Naina: tumhare shaadi ho ya na ho , mujhe unse koi farak nahi padtha.
Saying this she went outside the room. Meghna runs towards nk and sharada followed her.
Naina: (to herself)no naina, u have to do this.tum apne akka keliye kuch nahi kar paaya. Kum se kum meghna di keliye kuch karo.and u also owe ur life to aunty ji.
She runs outside. She saw meghna sitting down and crying. The chauhans were leaving . she calls out but they didn’t stop. She runs behind car and then took a short cut. She comes in front of the car and broke the front glass of the car with a log. the car looses its balance and stops. Nk comes out of the car.
Nk: what the hell r u doing
Naina: im ready for this marriage.
Everyone gets shock but karan was a little happy.
Nk : but we don’t want this relation……

So guys were it interesting? what u think. Will naina able to save her di’s marriage. Share ur thoughts. And plss do cmnt. Bye…..

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  1. Wooowwwwww awesome epi. But i can’t see Naina like this she is so angry please change her to her usual self soon i think she’ll be able to save her akka’s marriage
    Can’t wait for next episode post soon
    Have a lovely day ☺?

  2. Nice episode. Plz keep writing & update as soon as possible?


  4. Threemaimai

    i like rude naina it’s really fun to read how she react to every situation in angry mode… 🙂

  5. Thanku guys for ur cmnts. And soon naina will come back to what she was before. Sry guys i will not be post next epi tmrw sry sry sry….

  6. NainaSharma

    i’ve been loving your ff! sorry for not commenting, been very busy. i can’t wait for the next chapter, please update soon! x

  7. Pratha

    Loved d way u showed Naina’s heroic character…..

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