Nairan – “I promise to be ur bodyguard 4ever ” epi3

Hi guys I am back with the next episode. A m really very happy as u all r loving my story this much sorry if am a bit late as I don’t get time to write the story. But will sure to update soon.

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Epi 3

Naina turns back and sees him it’s Rishab ( how many of thought it’s Karan , btw Rishab is Naina’s ex boyfriend because of a reason )

Naina – Tum!! How dare u hold my hand ? leave my hand.

Rishab- Naina yaar listen for once that day I was not in my senses.

Naina – I don’t wanna talk about that again.

Rishab – But I want to talk I won’t let u go till I say u everything.

Naina – Abhi kuch baga hai . How could u do that with me. U like seriously……leave it

Rishab – yaar I know a kissed ur best friend meera that day I was not in my senses n btw she loved me also .

Naina – Ur too late Rishab I now love someone. And y didnt u come early haa now y r u coming.
After saying this Naina leaves crying

Rishab smirks and calls someone

Rishab-Kaam ho Gaya

Caller – Good Carry on

In class

Naina was sad about what happened . Rishab entered the class she was shocked

Master- students this is Rishab u all may now him he was our student last year also . U may have a sit

Rishab goes an sits next to Naina as no one was next to her.

Naina felt insecure

Master – So students u all have to do a project partner vise and teams will be made by me

Naina – God plss I don’t Rishab as my partner

Master paired everyone unfortunately Naina n Rishab were team as Rishab was new and Naina was a bright student.

Master – Does anyone as an objection

Naina n Karan at the same time

Naina n Karan – Yes sir me

They looked each other

Master – Y u both only have rest of the class doesn’t

Riya smirks n – Sir if both of them have a problem with their partners then let them be partners as rest of them are happy with their partners .

Master – yes ur right . So Naina n Karan are partners now ( how can I leave them )

Naina was happy inside n Karan Angry . Rishab was not happy as he could carry on his plan if Naina is far from him.

Class gets over .

Karan angrily- What’s ur problem ha y r u back of me

Naina – O hello I didn’t say to master that I want to be ur partner and if u would not have problem with ur partner then this could have not even happened. Btw mujhai bhi koi interest nahi hai tumharai Sath kaam karni mai ( lying Naina ?)

Karan doesn’t say anything n leaves
Naina in mind – Sorry Karan I know u don’t like me n u didn’t want a girl as ur partner but i had to change my partner.

For completing the project students were allowed to stay in college till night as the project was big

Karan didnt help Naina for completing the project first day

In chauhan house

At dining table all r sitting

Kunal- Karan bhai girlfriend banayi

Karan gets again flashback he leaves from there sandhya follows him

In room

Sandhya – Karan, kunal ki bath ka bora math banna

Karan – Nahi massi ma voh to sahi kah raha tha

Kunal enters

Kunal – massi ma kya mai karan se aakailai mai bath karsak tha ho

Sandhya leaves the room but hides behinds the door to listen their talks .

Kunal – I know Karan u don’t have a girlfriend but I guess ur going to make soon

Karan – Aap kya bol rahai hai bhai Aur mai nai aap se kaha tha ki pyaar aur en Sab kai barai mai mujse kuch math mujna

Kunal – I know paar mujhai pata hai ki tum aur Naina ek hi team mai ho

Karan – Aapko kaise pata

Kunal – kisi nai mujhai bataya

Karan – bhai voh sirf meri partner hai project mai . Voh meri dost kabhi bhi nahi ban sakti

Kunal- kyu nahi ban sakti . Bhai jo hua 1 saal pahle usae bhol ja

Karan -Voh to mai kabhi bhi nahi bhol sakta

Sandhya hears this n gets angry

Sandhya- mai Naina ko Karan kai pass nahi aanai dai sakti

Next day

Naina – why didn’t u stay. Back at college for helping me haa

Karan – Oh plss I said u before also I don’t like to be with a girl

Naina – But u have to do with me . I promise I won’t disturb u or touch u . Plss help me it’s a lot to do

Karan however had to agree after Naina explaining him. Naina in excitement was going to hug Karan but he moved back. Naina realized what she just did

Karan slowly- Yeh ladki toh abhi sai mujse chipak nai Lagi gai

Naina – Kuch kaha kya tumnai

Karan -nahi kuch nahi

They leave for library

Naina – so we will divide the work n do

Karan left without saying anything

Naina – kitna akdu hai

While Naina was doing her work again this Rishab comes there Naina try’s to go but Rishab hold her hand tightly which makes Naina cry

Rishab – Naina plss mujhe ek chance do

Naina – Rishab leave my hand it’s hurting

Rishab – Nahi

Then our hero comes there Karan feels a bit uneasy to go due to his past but he goes there

Karan- o hello y r catching her han hard leave her can’t u see she is crying

Rishab- who r u bro to interfere she is my friend

Karan – leave her hand I m warning u

Naina was surprised to see this side of Karan

Rishab didn’t leave her hand and ? Karan gave him nicely

Karan- Agar fir tumnai esse tangue kiya to fir tum soch bhi nahi sakthai me kya kar sakta ho

Naina’s bodyguard again saved her

Naina was happy
Naina – Thank u Karan

Karan realized what he just did n he left .

Karan – jo maine ach kiya voh mai jab kyu nahi kar saka.

In room

Naina gets a call from riya

Riya – Hi Naina

Naina didn’t reply as she stared crying thinking about today

Riya- Naina kya hoa

Naina says What happened with her

Riya – Yaar to es bath par ro rahi hai

Naina – Nahi yaar Tate hai maina apnai bodyguard kai barai mai bataya tha

Riya – Ha Toh

Naina – Yaar mujhe uski yath aagae
Khas voh aaj merai sath hota toh voh mujhe aaj bachata

Riya- btw Karan saved u na that’s enough leave the past . Chal bye

Naina – u won’t understand that he promised to be my bodyguard leave it ok bye ( her bodyguard kept his promise but she don’t know )

Chauhan house

Kunal- bhai tumhare hath love kya hoaa

Sandhya- Ha Karan kya hoa

Karan – Vog much nahi Naina ki help karte lag gayi

Precap – Kunal asks Karan y did u help Naina only hai u never helped a girl before.

What will Karan reply just think guys. I hope u all liked my this episode too . Plss do comment I would love to get them ?bad or good ur welcome .

  1. Make nairan realise soon that they were childhood friends

    1. Sumayya.shaik

      Yup I will but not soon

  2. Rosie25

    It’s kind of irritating the way karan acts but I’m sure he will change I loved it

    1. Sumayya.shaik

      He will change no worries

  3. Resh

    Oh my god!! You are amazing!! Just loved this episode! ❤️️? Felt so relaxed after such a tiring day! Rishab! Ex boyfriend! He is indirectly helping Nairan come closer! I just loved it! Soo nice yaar!?

  4. Naina’s bodyguard is back! But she doesn’t know. Loved the punch ? . Hope they find out soon that they r childhood friends. Keep going yaar and update soon. ?

    1. Sumayya.shaik

      Will update soon inshallah ?

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