nairan ~~my best freind becomes my man “fate said” – Part 1

When the drunk man was about to touch naina someone hit the head of the drunk man head and they fell
Naina: turned around and saw a old man
Oldman: are you okay did anything happend to are you okay I hope nothing happend
Naina:I’m okay but thankyou if u weren’t there anything could happen but who are you
Oldman: I am vevansh I can tell the future and help any one out do you want me to tell your fate
Naina:yes please (naina was curious she don’t belive in fate) but just as soon as he was going to talk karan started screaming naina

Karan: naina where are you
Naina where are you please tell me your okay
I’m getting scared please come back where are you
Naina: vevansh I have to go karan is calling me she ran to karan
Karan:where we’re you I got so scared I couldn’t
find you anywhere never leave out of my site and went to hug naina
Naina:I’m okay dw karan you get scared too
much don’t you
While they were hugging vevansh saw
everything and gave a smirk
Vevansh: naina your so lucky your best freind
will become your future and man never let him
go but itz time for there future as it says in naina kundali she has to get married 1 week before her birthday. Vevansh goes…

Naina breaks the hug
Karan:offfo were late we need to go home the
party is tomorrow right and we need to sleep and get ready for tomorrow
Naina:ha karan come let’s go

Karan: I’ll pick you up right
Naina: Haa baba pick me up if you don’t watch
how I break you face
Karan: I better not cross the line or madams gojng to break my face?

Naina: gave him a death stare
Karan: ok sorry chalo let’s go home
Karan drops of naina and they both say bye
Karan went home and was thinking about naina
Karan: since itz the party tomorrow I better look handsome and I shall tell naina my feeling and
oh yeh next week is her birthday but tomorrow is
my birthday naina better remember she didn’t even talk about it today but leave it she still a batchi very cute one tho

Naina room
Naina: I feel like I’m forgetting something
tomorrow’s the party but what else I am really
forgetting something.
Naina was pacing around the room thinking and thinking then karan called and she remember

Naina: itz karan ka birthday omds how can I forget karan must’ve felt bad ok I better pick up
the call before he get angry naina picks up the
Karan: what took you soo long to pick up
Naina: rude no “hi” or “hello”
Karan: hii

Naina: hello (sulky voice)
Karan: wat took you so long naina

Naina:vo mein I was thinking about your birthday

Karan: (he got happy) I was thinking that you forgot my birthday yoy remember your so sweet na.

Naina: ha?.
Karan:byee na don’t wanna make you late na for tomorrow .

Naina:ha byee
They cut the call and go bed

Next morning

Naina wakes up really early and says karan birthday

Naina: I ddint get anything for karan arre karan will be really sad ph yh I can make cake she
goes down to the kitchen and starts making

Vishal comes down
Vishal: chiku wat are you baking so early in the morning

Naina: vo mai karan ke birthday cake well acctually I forgot amd I couldn’t biy anything so Im making it

Vishal: let me help chiku
Naina: thankyou bai your the best.
They finish making the cake and Naina goes up
to get ready
Naina is wearing a long pink dress her hair out wearing rings,earing and necklace she is looking lyk an angel

Naina holds the cake and there’s a knoco on the door
Naina: I’m comin bhaii open the door

Vishal:ha chiku wait
Vishal opens the door amd sees karan

Karan is wearing blue blazer and trouser and white shirt with black tie.

Karan: hello bhai where naina
Vishal: she’s here
Naina:hii karan happy birthday .

Karan: thankyou karan was mesmerised by her beauty he was lost in thoughts and Vishal clicked his finger

Vishal: were you lost at looking at my sister
Karan:noo I was just day dreamin
Vishal: u better be

Naina: bhaii your scaring karan aways and if he goes whose going to take me bhai I’m going byee

Vishal:byee chiku
Close the door
Naina: happy birthday Karan here I made you
Karan: I’m I 10 or what
Naina: it took me so long to make this and your sayin this

Karan: I’m joking naina I love it cant wait till I try it itz chocolate cake aswell mmmm
Naina: hope you like it

Karan and naina go into the car
They arrive there and eveyone say happy birthday to karan and Naina let’s the cake and pit it on the table it is as happy birthday Karan finally @20
Eveyone sings happy birthday while he cuts the cake
Karan:Karan cuts the cake and gives naina one piece
Naina : I don any or ill go moti
Karan: your already motI naina just have it
Naina: not fair karan after this I will go on a diet ha I’ll eat it for you happy
Karan feeds her
Karan:ha I’m very happy
Naina feeds him
Karan: now I’ll go moti
Naina: haha very funny
They give the cake to eveyone the enjoy and the party at the end they all hug eachother and say byee as they might not see eachother

Naina and karan go in the car
Karan: naina it doesn’t matter if I dont see the the other but I have to see you
Naina:your so sweet
Naina gets pit of the car and all she walk on the road
Karan: stop naina your gonna get hurt itz the road
Naina: dw karan
Out of nowhere a car comes in speed and naina gets hit by the car and falls down karan goes rushing towards her

I’ll stop it from here guys tell me if you guys liked it and plz do comment if you guys want any scenes and 0lz help me ??❤

  1. Pratha

    Hey vidya I loved d concept.
    Please can u check d spellings it really make some sentences…..????
    Keep writing n Pl. provide with a recap

  2. Aarzu

    Hey it was damn gud I love it….. ? ? ? ? ? keep writing ? ? ?

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