~ Naina Da Kya Kasoor ~ (TwiNj OS)

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Heya Lovely People ?
How are you ?

This time I am back with an OS ?

Count this one as a musical shot ?

LOVE : When you meet the one who changes the way your heart beats , dance with them to that rhythm for as long as the song Lasts.

It’s beautiful.
It’s overwhelming.
It’s heart warming.

It’s when you have no more control over your heart and mind.

Same is the case with Mr Kunj Sarna who happened to fell in love with his wife after four month’s of their marriage.

Her smile enlightens his day. Her endless bickering is now a melody to his heart. Without them he is incomplete. His day seems incomplete to him. A void fills his life without her.

This arrogant , straight forward , cold hearted yet hot and s*xy businessman whose heart was surrounded by the thick walls of ” NO ENTRY ” has hopelessly fallen for his cute , hot and not so innocent wife.

But ! But ! But ! The problem is not that he fell in love with his ” Siyappa Queen ” but how to confess his love for her.

He is totally clueless with romantic ideas to vow a woman. He don’t know how to express his feelings and it was big deal for Mr Kunj Sarna.

If it was a buisness deal it would not have been a problem for him to crack. But the only thought of an idea for a sweet date and his confession of love to his wife made him fist his hairs in frustration. Why it had to be this difficult.

[ ” Arey abhi abhi pyara sa chehra dikha hai
Jaane kya kahun uspe kya likha hai
Gehra samandar dil dooba jismein
Ghayal hua main uss pal se isme ” ]

” Ugggh ! Kunj Sarna what kind of businessman you are ? Can’t even think of a simple idea to propose your wife “ Kunj muttered in frustration to himself thinking for an umpteenth time for an effective good idea.

” Why you have to be so tough with all the situations that now it’s a problem for you to think of an sweet idea “ His heart muttered daringly.

” Hufff would you stop taunting and let me think ” His mind argued with frustration.

” What good are you for ? Completely useless “ His heart muttered giggling.

Kunj huffed in anger. As always his heart and mind were at war. If they would have never been at war he would have been oblivious of his love for twinkle the love of his life. His wife !

” Naah Kunj Babu not our fault. Sab apke Naina da kasur “ His heart and mind spoke in union at the same time giggling.

[ Naina da kya kasoor ve kasoor ve kasoor
Naina da kya kasoor ve kasoor ve kasoor
Naina da kya kasoor ve kasoor ve kasoor
Ae dil tu bata re… ]

All Kunj could do was huff in anger and frustration remembering the moment’s that made him realise his love for his wife.


It was three month’s since their marriage. Twinkle wasn’t able to spend time with her mother. It wasn’t like she didn’t visited her mother or was restricted.

She visted her often but after her marriage she hadn’t once even stayed with her for a day or two. So on insistence of bebe and Usha twinkle went to stay over with Leela for three day’s as she was missing her.

But those three day’s turned hell for kunj. He had become habituated of her. Her small gestures of making him coffee before he woke up. Her habit of selecting his clothes while he took bath or the way she arranged his thing’s.

It became worse when Bebe and Usha had to return back to Amritsar suddenly. They had came to visit Twinj Mumbai. They lived in Mumbai as Kunj was settled here itself and his parents never wanted to leave their home town. They were happy in Amritsar and he visit them monthly there.

But now as they both returned back he was all alone. Even though he used to be alone before too and did all his work on his own but now he felt like he had forgotten everything in just a time span of three months.

He had become so habituated of her and now all he could do was call her to ask for even the most obvious thing like his car keys and wallet where he could have kept.

[ Naina da kya kasoor ve kasoor ve kasoor
Naina da kya kasoor ve kasoor ve kasoor
Naina da kya kasoor ve kasoor ve kasoor
Ae dil tu bata re… ]

He realised the void of not having her around him when he came back from office. He missed her hand made food but it turned bad when he laid down on his bed to sleep.

He missed her by his side. Not to her endless bicker before they go to sleep was like a haunting scary voices to him. Silence made him feel void.

He realised her presence around him was the reason of his released tension. Unknowingly her smile had became his relieve. While her embrace , his SOLACE.

Even though he would not admit but when unknowingly they cuddle up eachother at night even after making pillow borders made him feel complete.

He felt contended to see her sleep in his embrace. Her smiling face in the morning was his energy booster. Everything without her felt incomplete.

[ Dil ko hazaron baandhe thhe dhaage
Par paaji nikla ye humse aage
Huaa kya hai
Huaa kya hai humko… haaye! ]

That was the day he realised what she meant to him. Her grin when she was about to fall and he would save her from falling down but to escape his scolding she would act all innocent with puppy face to reduce his anger and scolding’s on her.

Even though they would fight like kids and she would mess up his thing’s in anger. A realisation made it’s way through him that how much he had pampered her. He never knew how much easy and childish he was with her.

The posessivness he had for her , the admiration he holds for her was all he realised today when he missed his wife. He reminisced all those small lovely moment’s where he had handled her like a kid.

(Flashback mein Flashback ? This can only happen in my story ?)

Twinkle twisted herself in the sheets of their darkened room. Outside was nothing but moon speckled darkness, but at least it was not the kind of utter blackness that swallowed a person whole, it was instead a shadowy world painted in grey-scale.

She was always scared of thundering and darkness. She turned her face to look at other side of bed to see her sadu husband sleeping peacefully oblivious to the storm outside. His hand was wrapped around her waist and his back facing the ceiling.

Just then this darkness wasn’t enough to make sleep difficult for twinkle she heard clouds thundering violently scaring her more. She had fear of lightning and thunder since childhood.

She snuggled closer to Kunj and tried her best to shrug of her fear and sleep but thunder sounds became stronger than before.

She moved closer to Kunj and shook him slightly. He hummed in his sleep still not waking up , another crack of thunder and twinkle shuddered in fear.

She once again shook him and this time Kunj opened his eye’s slightly irritated but as soon as he saw the fear and sweat on her face he got up in panic and cupped her face.

” What happened twinkle ? Is everything okay ? ” Kunj asked getting up a bit from his lying position and sat on bed comfortably half lying.

” A..actually.. I.. I am not able to sleep due to thundering and storm noises outside “ twinkle spoke cutely fumbling. Kunj smiled at her childishness and spoke teasing her.

” So what do you want me to do for you Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna ? ” Kunj spoke with a teasing smile. Twinkle frowned cutely and spoke in childish anger.

” Huh Kunj Sarna you are so bad. Jao I am won’t talk to you. I will sleep al…(alone) “ before twinkle could complete her not so scary threat once again clouds thundered making twinkle shriek with fear.

” Kunjjjj ” twinkle spoke in trembling tone ready to cry like a baby when kunj was by her side in a minute.

” Shhh twinkle it’s okay. Look nothing happened. ” Kunj spoke cupping her face and kissing her forehead. Twinkle hugged him out of fear sobbing like a cute kid. Kunj embraced her calming her. Kunj sighed and shook his head with a slight smile.

After a while twinkle calmed down. Both twinj were lying down on bed in each others embrace. Twinkle’s head cushioned against kunj’s chest and her hand wrapped around his waist while Kunj was gently stroking her hair.

She fell asleep peacefully in his embrace after sometime. Kunj placed a kiss on her forehead and cuddled her more to himself and fell asleep.

Next morning that brat woke up in his embrace and could not help but blush a dark hue of red at the closeness they shared.


[ Itt pal ye daude
Utt pal ye bhaage
Honi ho jaaye tab naina jaage
Huaa ye hai
Huaa ye hai samjho… ]

His wife was a unique combo of matureness and childishness. She was easy to please. She would fight with him over the smallest thing’s and get angry yet even the smallest gesture like giving her flowers or chocolates would made her smile.

She would throw her childish tantrums at him to irritate him but would he ever admit that how much importance these tantrums holds in his life.

They say ” Life is unpredictable “.

Full of surprises and series of changing emotions…..!

All a person can do is go with the flow. They can’t hold back on their emotions even if they want. Everyone has to bend against fate and so was the case with Kunj Sarna who hopelessly fell in love with his wife.

He remembered the first time he met her. Just like his siyappa queen their first meet was also unique yet so beautiful. What he heard about her from his Maa and Bebe including the facts how she is now. He didn’t expected to meet her in an orphanage playing with the kid’s.

That was the first time a genuine smile appeared on his lip’s since he saw her smiling and playing with kid’s just as if she was one of them. The way she consoled the two year old crying Kid played with the chords of his heart but he realised this now.

The first time he met her she had made a commotion in his life. That was the start when he started changing yet failed to realise until he saw his wife near to death did he realised how much he loves her. What she means to him.

Although he was the one hurt in that process *giggles* but he could consider that one of the best day of his life after all they shared their first kiss that day.

[ Dil dil ke milte saanche aur khanche
Jo hai banaata upar se jaake
Batti hai na dhoop na kafur kafur
Naina da kya kasoor ve kasoor ve kasoor
Naina da kya kasoor ve kasoor ve kasoor
Ae dil tu bata re… ]


They were both invited in a party by one of Kunj’s colleague businessman. That day she was dressed in beautiful purple netted silver border saree looking beautiful and elegant playing havoc on his senses.

She looked extremely beautiful and divine to him. Whom he wanted to capture in his mind , soul and arms forever.

They had a great time in the party but what made kunj uncomfortable and jealous was the attention his wife received from the guy’s around. He wanted to punch those perverts in their eye’s but his wife seem oblivious to them.

This made him so angry but he had no choice but to gulp his anger. As the party was over they started their way back home but kunj ignored her all the way. All the time when she tried to make a conversation between them he would gave no reply.

Or even if required he would just answer in syllabuses of ” Yes ” or ” No ” which seems to irritate twinkle and she finally spoke up making Kunj suprised.

” Stop the car ” twinkle spoke sternly.

” What !! Why ? “ Kunj exclaimed with irritation.

” I said stop the car “

” Why ? “

When he did not stop she angrily pulled the clutch applying sudden breaks to car. But it resulted in an almost accident. She would have hit the dash board and hurted herself badly or could have even crushed into mirror which could have resulted in fatal injuries but kunj protected her by keeping his hand as a shield.

They both were shocked for a while. Twinkle didn’t expected this to be the outcome of her stunt. She was angry with Kunj’s ignorant behaviour and then his denial to stop the car made her act impulsive.

Twinkle gasped in shock , fear apparent on her face. Kunj turned to look at twinkle if she was fine. Kunj cupped her face gently and asked ” Twinkle are you okay ? Have you hurted yourself “ He spoke glancing at her from head to toe to sigh in relief she was fine.

Twinkle merely nodded her head still in shock and fear but then her gaze fell on Kunj’s hand which acted as a shield for her protection. It had hit into the decorative glass piece that rested on the dash board and it broke due to force. Some piece of glass pierced into his left arm resulting in blood loss which now covered his white shirt.

Twinkle panicked seeing the injury and held his hand carefully. Kunj winced in pain but yet tried to comfort her seeing tears forming in her eyes. ” Twinkle ! I am okay. Don’t worry. “ He was hurt yet her tears were the one that pierced his soul.

” I…It ha…happened because of me.. I… I should not…h…have acted impulsively “ twinkle spoke in a breaking tone on the verge of crying.

” It’s okay twinkle. I am fine it’s just a minor cut and nothing else. “ He tried comforting her.

” You call this a small cut Kunj ! Are you mad ? Look how much blood is ozing out from the wound. ” twinkle yelled at him within tears.

” Kitni idiot hun main , ek dum duffer.. why did you kept your hand as a shield to save me.. I would not have die…(died) ” Twinkle could not complete her words as a pair of rough lips smashed against her. Her eye’s widen in shock.

She was stunned by his sudden act. She was numb for few seconds. She looked at him who was kissing her roughly with fierce passion. His eye’s red with anger and frown visible on his face.

Twinkle wrapped her one hand around his neck pulling him closer while other was caressing his hairs softly to calm him , she was kissing him back slowly and passionately.

Her passion was invading his senses , his eye’s closed and he was bit calmer than before completely lost in her and unaware of his actions Kunj pulled her closer by her waist and kissed her back with same passion and love.

They were so invaded in eachothers passion that they forget about their surroundings. Kunj pulled Twinkle more closer to him such that she landed on his lap. His hands travelled to her bare waist and rubbed against her soft skin making her moan into their kiss.

They were snuggled against eachother as a jigsaw puzzle , his hands caressed her bare waist ever so slightly and sensually making her moan his name between the kiss and that’s when Kunj realised what he was doing.

Kunj seperated himself from Twinkle in shock , Twinkle herself was shocked , embarrassed and completely red due to shyness. Twinkle hugged him to hide her flustered self.

She was shocked with his sudden act but what surprised her more was her response. She equally and passionately responded to his kiss.

[ Naina da kya kasoor ve kasoor ve kasoor
Naina da kya kasoor ve kasoor ve kasoor
Naina da kya kasoor ve kasoor ve kasoor
Ae dil tu bata re…
Haaye haaye haaye… ]


Kunj was snapped out of his dream world when he heard the doors of his cabin opening without his permission. He knew there was no one else than his wife who held the authority of barging in his cabin or life without his permission.

She came in dressed in a floral frock upto her knees , her beautiful smile adorning her face. He could not stop himself from staring at her like a lost puppy.

” Twinkle you here ? ” Kunj asked as she marched towards him.

” Woh I was getting bored at home alone so I thought why not to visit you. If you are free then we can have our lunch together. “ Twinkle replied with uncertainty if he liked the idea or ain’t.

To her surprise her sadu husband mumbled a simple “Okay” and stood up from his seat and walked towards her. ” Come let’s go ” Kunj spoke holding her hand in his. He had decided what he wants to do and how he wants to confess his love for her.

” But where Kunj ? Aren’t we having lunch in your office ” Twinkle asked as they would usually have lunch in his cabin only when she came to his office.

” Nope I have a surprise for you “ Kunj replied.

Twinkle jumped in happiness and excitement like a kid at the mention of ” Surprise ! Wow surprise !! What is it Kunj ?! “ Twinkle asked in excited tone.

” You will come to know soon siyappa queen. If I will tell you know than it won’t be a surprise anymore. ” Kunj replied but twinkle frowned cutely but still followed him.

She was acting like a baby. Kunj smiled at his childish wife. As they sat in car kunj drove towards the restaurant. It took them 20 minutes to reach the restaurant. Before leaving the office Kunj messaged someone and instructed few thing’s.

Car came to a halt infront of twinkle’s favourite restaurant and she squealed with happiness like a baby. Kunj smiled at her childishness. His wife was a unique piece.

” Kunj this was your suprise ? “ twinkle asked him. ” yeah a kind of ” Kunj replied maintaining the suspense.

” A kind of means ? It’s not the suprise ? “ twinkle asked suspiciously excited that more was to come.

Kunj nodded in ‘I don’t know’ making Twinkle irritated.

They took their seats at the reserved table for them and ordered their food. All the while till food arrived on their table twinkle was chirping happily about anything and everything. While kunj was busy admiring her all the time.

As their lunch arrived they started having their meal talking randomly. After finishing their lunch and paying their bill twinj left back to their destination.

However this time Kunj didn’t took the turn toward’s his office nor their house to drop of her but to her surprise he drove toward’s the outskirts of the city.

” Kunj where are we going ? ” Twinkle asked surprised and confused.

” It’s a suprise for you “ Kunj replied with a smile.

” Wasn’t lunch at my favourite restaurant a suprise? “

” Nope it was just a small treat for my wife from me “

” For what Mr Sarna ? “ Twinkle asked in a teasing tone.

” For messing up my mind successfully ” Kunj replied unintentionally without realising what he said.

” What ?! “ a high pitched question come reply came from twinkle making Kunj realise what he said.

” Uh Huh !! Nothing “

” No explain me what did you just said ? “ twinkle questioned glaring him.

* No reply *

” Kunj “

* No reply *

” Kunjjjj “

* No reply *

” Kunjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj “

” Can’t you keep for a while ? ” Kunj finally spoke breaking his silence.

” Just explain what you mean and I will keep quite. ” Twinkle replied.

Kunj gave her a glare and Twinkle immediately went silent. She looked away murmuring cutely in anger. Kunj smiled seeing her antics.

Soon car came to a halt and Twinkle raised her head looking at Kunj with questionable expressions.

Kunj smiled and came out of car without answering her. He opened her side of door and held out his hand for her.

Twinkle gave her hand in his and stepped out of car , it was a beach where they came but why he took her here was the question ringing her mind.

He blindfolded her by a silk cloth as she stepped out of the car surprising her. He held her shoulders firmly to lead her toward’s the place , once the reached their destination.

He opened her blind fold as soon as Twinkle observed her surroundings. She was left astounded by the sight infront of her.

It was a secluded part of beach beautifully decorated for a night date set up. The red and orange hues of sun painted sky in beautiful colours. Weather was serene and beautiful. It was drizzling slightly.

Twinkle was astonished to see the set up . ” Kunj! This is so beautiful.” She exclaimed happily. Kunj stood behind her and smiled.

Twinkle was astonished and surprised seeing the beautiful setup and as she turned around she found Kunj on his knees with a ring. Twinkle was shocked would be an understatement. It was something beyond her expectations.

” Twinkle ! I am not really good at expressing my feelings but I will try today for the first time just because of you. I don’t know cheesy lines and can’t even fake them. I just want to say ‘I LOVE YOU TWINKLE’. I love you with all my heart. You are the woman who has messed up my heart this way. You are the only person whom I can never argue back. I just don’t know what happens to me everytime I feel you close to me. That feeling is weird but beautiful and I realised I love you. I don’t promise you that I would not let tears come in your eyes or any pain but I promise to be the person to always wipe those tears away. I promise to be by your side forever. I know I have been a rude and strict towards you but will you love this arrogant , rude person back ? ” Kunj spoke.

Twinkle was in tears hearing his confession. This was something she wanted to hear from him for so long. She had loved him since the day she saw him on television during an interview.

His style , his expressions , his way of handling situation and questions had totally drawn her towards him and the day they for the first time had totally made her fall for him.

They officially met and talked was the day she had to meet the boy her mother had selected for marriage and he turned out to be that boy. Her heart raced seeing him and nothing could have shocked her more.

Three months into their marriage and she fell for him deeper. As they got married he had told her on the first night of their marriage that he had married her for his family. It broke her heart but he promised her to try his best to give this marriage a chance and to love her.

They started their marriage with a friendship. They didn’t consummated their marriage on their wedding night.

Each day with him was worth cherishing for her. She had seen his anger , his calmness , his possessiveness and his love.

” Twinkle ? Where are you lost ? Answer please. My knees are paining. ” Kunj said snapping Twinkle out of her thoughts.

She looked at him teary eyed and sat on her knees facing him and hugged him suddenly ” I love you Kunj. I love you too. ” Twinkle replied.

Kunj hugged her back with a huge smile adorning his face and kissed on her temples.

” Thank you Kunj. Thank you for this amazing surprise. I love you too. ” Twinkle said still hugging him.

Kunj broke the hug and slid the ring on her finger and stood up along her.

They looked at eachother intensely and leaned in closing their eye’s , their lips met in a passionate kiss full of affection , love and care , there lip’s moulded against eachother as a jigsaw puzzle.

she was caressing his hairs while he was caressing her bare waist making her moan. They were completely lost and invaded into eachother.

They broke the kiss breathing heavily and rested their heads against eachother closing their eyes cherishing the moment.

Twinkle opened her eyes and looked at Kunj his eyes still closed and a contended smile playing on his lips.

Their arranged and forced marriage had turned into a beautiful love story. An already smitten Twinkle and adamant Kunj to not fall in love made a perfect match.

Pens down for this episode ?

So…..How was the OS ?

I have written something like this after so long and I don’t know how it had turned out to be ?

Hope it was worth reading ?

Some more short stories on the way!

Ciao gente bella a presto ❣

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      Thank You Maham ❤
      Yeah I know you had I am going to read those comments soon ☺

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      Because ‘Twinkle’ wasn’t as blind as you and Ms/Mr Modi Ji changing Username doesn’t meant no one can identify you ? Don’t play these sly games with atleast me and don’t come back on my OS won’t be good for you ?

      1. Vibhu

        Hhahaha .. kya Kamal ka muh tod jawab diya hai dear !
        More power to you darling! ?
        And you Ms. Critic, kaisi ho yaar tum mtlb haar Baar bezaati Hoti hai phir bhi wapas aa jati ho. ?

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  7. Trivisha Choudhary

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      Thank You Vibhu ❤
      There are so OS on the way ?
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      Second part of this OS is posted ☺

      1. Vibhu

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