Nafrat se pyaar tak (3)

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Part 2 Here

A big decorated area is shown..

Yug is shown standing without any intrest at a corner.. Yash & Yug’s maa is inviting the guest and Yash was on his bluethoot discussing business.. Yug walks towards his mom..

Yug : Yeh party bahut boring

Maa : Chup.. aaj tumhari bhai ki saggai hai..

Yug : Hum.. i know.. mom.. did you like the arragements..

Maa : Ofcourse.. bahut khubsoorat hai..

Yug : Khubsoorat kaise nahi hoga.. after all i choose this eventmanagement company.

Yash : Of course.. mehnath yeh log kar rahi hai.. aur credit yeh le rahi hai.. but.. it is awesome..

Maa : Yug zaara event manger ko bulakar lekhar aao.. i wanna thank her …

Yug : Ofcourse.. Abhi aaya..

Yug goes and gets the event manager.. Yash & his mom turns to see her.. Yash & the event manager(EM) gets shocked..

Both @ sametime : You..

Maa : Kya tum dono ek doosre ko jantae hai..

EM : Nahi..

Yash : Ha.. maa.. i Don’t know her.. I will just… go I have somework..

The EM talks with Yash’s maa… yug goes to yash..

Yug : Bhai .. yeh wohi hai na resturant wali..

Yash : Tumhe kaise pattha…

Yug : Aap ki expression…

Yash hold his shoulder..

Yash : Aaj kal bahut … Sabhan chal raha hai tere…

Yug :Vaise…Misha hai kamal ki… she is something..

Yash : Kaun Misha???

Yug : Resturant wali girl … apki shadhi ki event manager…

Yash & yug’s maa calls them to do the saggai as time was running..

kiya came ttheir wearing a beautiful lehengha..

Yash was going to wear the ring to Kiya … but someone hits him.. and the ring fells down and rolls.. it and ends near Misha’s feet

Maa : Misha .. woh rings lekhar aana..

Misha : Ji.. ma’am..

Misha gets the rings.. and they exchanges.. it..

Yug : Comeon bahi.. ek dance ho jaye..

Yash : No.. you know.. i don’t dance..

kiya : please.. yash mera liye..

kiya & Yash dances on Mile ho tum hum ko bade naseebon se….

Yug asks Misha for a dance.. and they both starts dancing… and also some guests starts dancing.. as it goes.. Yash & Misha becomes pair…

They starts dancing but.. both feel embaressed.. Misha runs away ftom the floor..

Kiya again takes hold of Yash..

Yash & yug’s maa was talking to Mish about the arrangement of other function.. kiya also joints them.. Yug and yash was also making their way..

Kiya : Hai.. you.. listen from tomarrow i want you.. with me as my dog..

Mish gives her a look..

Maa : Kiya..  yeh.. tum kya bol rahi ho..

Kiya : Mera woh.. matlab nahi tha.. i just meant ki… sab colour coordinated hoga.. toh meri aur meri hubby ki.. dress se lekhar shoes tak.. tumhe bhi humare saath hona chaihye..

Misha : Ji.. ma’am don’t worry about.. that i will be with you..

Yash (to yug) : Oh.. no.. that means i have to tolerate her for …

Yug : I fon’t think it will be diffcult for you.. as you can easily tolerate.. kiya.

Maa : Kya baat chal rahi hai..dono ki beech..

Yug : Nothing.. maa.. Bhai aap sab chale jao.. its getting late..

Maa : Aur aap janab..

Yug : Aaaj meri bhai ki saggai thi.. I have to give party to my friends..

Yash , and his maa.. goes.. kiya also goes..

Yug : Do you like her..??

Misha : Ji..

Yug : Mujhe toh woh bilkul pasath nahi… she is such agold digger..

Misha : Woh.. tumhari hone wali babhi hai..

Yug : I know… but something is really wrong in her…. Anyway.. kal milte hai..

He goes..  Misha looks at Yash.. who was aslo leaving..




JANAKI MALHOTRA : yug & yash’s maa



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  1. Jasminerahul

    again yash misha was so nice.ring reaching near misha was so nice.will hug too fall for her?I hope not.i am happy to see karanwir sj as a pair.i love them.waiting for pic updates updates you have finalized the actors

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